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6 Reasons You Need Security for Your Private Company Party

Hiring party security in Hayward for your private company event can ensure the affair goes off without a hitch. The presence of a well-trained guard can deter several unpleasant activities. While you might not expect altercations or other problems at your event, guards can serve as a stabilizing presence while supplying a wealth of surprising benefits.

1. Keep Tabs on Your Guest List

Private company parties are usually hosted solely for active employees and a select number of family members or personal guests. With a security guard on hand, it will be possible to monitor your guest list closely without making authorized attendees feel uncomfortable. Best of all, you’ll never be in the awkward position of having to personally ask an uninvited person to leave.

2. Control the Crowd

Fires, electrical outages, and other developments or threats that require guests to evacuate venues are hardly things businesses expect when planning company parties. In the event the unexpected does occur, you’ll have trained professionals on hand to provide crowd control while calmly guiding everyone to the necessary exits. Crowd control can also be important at the beginning and end of a private party, particularly for large-sized company parties with a lot of people in attendance. 

3. Meet the Requirements of the Venue

Many venues require their clients to hire security guards as part of their rental contracts. This is especially common in instances where alcohol will be served. Whenever guests have access to cocktails, there’s always the potential for things to get out of hand. Guards are incredibly adept at mitigating tense situations and ensuring confrontations never have the chance to spiral out of control.

4. Escort Guests

If your private company party will continue late into the evening, guards can make sure guests make it safely back to their cars. These professionals can walk your employees and their loved ones through the parking lots or parking garage. More importantly, having guards onsite may deter thieves and vandals from targeting these areas.

5. Make Your Group Feel Safe

Often, the whole point of throwing a company party is to show employees how much they are valued and appreciated. Hiring an American guard in Hayward is an important part of these efforts because it shows your team you’re concerned for their wellbeing and safety. Attention to this key detail is another way to increase loyalty for your organization.

6. Handle a Crime or Accident

In the unlikely event a fight breaks out or a car gets vandalized, trained security guards will know just how to handle the situation. Security guards can ensure developments like these have the smallest possible impact on your corporate affair. They will also collect all the necessary accident or crime-related information, contact the proper authorities, and thoroughly document everything of importance. Not only can this preserve the perfect party atmosphere, but it can also help crime or accident victims successfully seek recourse.

If you are throwing a company event and need to hire trained, professional security guards, get in touch with ADS Guards, a leading provider of patrol security in Hayward. We also offer security for commercial and residential spaces. Call 1-800-794-1550 today for a free quote.

6 Breaches in Security & How to Prevent Them

A security breach is defined as any action that results in unauthorized access to business systems, data, applications, or services. In most cases, a breach is a contravention of existing policies or a deliberate attack that takes advantage of an organizational security weakness. Current news coverage about security breaches tends to be focused on the intrusion of computer networks by cybercrime operatives seeking to steal data and disrupt operations, However, it should be noted that many of these reported data breaches have been prompted by breakdowns in physical security.

Here are some common business security breaches that can be prevented or mitigated with the help of security companies in Hayward, California.

1. Physical Data Leaks

The leaks of classified information perpetrated by former U.S. Army Specialist Chelsea Manning and former technical contractor Edward Snowden were respectively facilitated by smuggling data hidden inside a Lady Gaga CD and a Rubik’s Cube. These days, both the NSA and the Army have strict security checks of personnel and their belongings upon exiting their facilities. Businesses should implement similar practices.

2. Stakeouts

Sophisticated criminals will conduct surveillance if they have vantage points such as parking lots. However, they are far more likely to move on to a different target if they see a Hayward unarmed security guard on duty or if they realize their approach could be monitored by surveillance cameras.

3. Dumpster Diving

One company’s garbage can be a treasure trove for cybercrime groups that deal in network penetration and identity theft. Many employees who write down data on napkins that are quickly discarded never imagine they are compromising their companies. Assigning security personnel to keep an eye near dumpsters can discourage diving.

4. Ineffective Decoys

The strategy of posting signs warning about the presence of surveillance cameras is still valid, but only if the signs deliver on their messages. Fake signs and decoy cameras are not effective for long because criminals have become accustomed to testing them. For example, criminals planning break-ins could test exterior cameras with skateboarding, loitering, or simulating graffiti. If they do not see a response from security guards, they may continue with their plans.

5. Third-Party Threats

Outside contractors can infiltrate a business for theft or corporate espionage purposes. Let’s say an office building manager retains various contractors to paint interior walls, replace the carpeting, and exchange furniture. These crews should not only be properly identified but also escorted and monitored by security guards to ascertain they are not there for ulterior purposes. 

6. Insider Attacks

Two of the most common attack vectors leading to security breaches originate from within companies. Social engineering refers to probing by outside attackers who surreptitiously gain the trust of employees. This threat can be minimized by means of training. In the case of employees who have either infiltrated the organization or turned against their employer, they can be detected by security personnel if they exhibit suspicious patterns of behavior.

If you need commercial, residential, or party security in Hayward, reach out to ADS Guards. We have been serving the Bay Area for nearly two decades, offering reliable and highly trained guards to keep properties and people safe. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to speak with one of our friendly representatives and receive a complimentary quote.

How to Determine If You Need Security Patrol for Your Business

Security often plays a critical role in the success and failure of a business. Inadequate security can encourage theft and property damage, leading to huge losses. However, employing the services of a security patrol agency can reduce the potential for loss and ensure public safety. Here is how to tell if your business needs security patrol. 

You Operate in a High Crime Area

Businesses located in highly insecure areas need more security patrol. Bay Area cities such as Oakland and San Francisco have high rates of burglary and property damage crimes. Oakland ranks as the third worst city for burglary with a crime rate of 1,683 per 100,000 residents. Other places considered highly insecure in the Bay Area include North Richmond, San Pablo, Ashland, Marin City, and Tara Hills. If your place of business is in one of these areas, you might need security patrol experts to help you keep criminals away from your premises. Even if it isn’t in one of these areas, it could be extremely beneficial to hire professional security. In Hayward, CA, highly trained guards are readily available to protect commercial spaces.

The Security of Your Parking Lot Is Weak

Parking lots can be hotbeds for thieves who hide between the cars and attack people. If you or your employees feel insecure in the parking lot, you might need security patrol services. Having security patrol onsite ensures your staff and customers are safe, and it also prevents property damage.

Employees Might Be Stealing

Employee theft is a common occurrence, and it can be very difficult to control because the employees may be collaborating with one another to remove your suspicions. A security patrol expert located on the premises can prevent employees from stealing inventory. 

There Is a Delay in Police Response

Police officers may sometimes take a lot of time to respond to emergency calls. These delays may be due to lack of proper logistics or poor coordination. Rampant cases of police delays in your area is an important factor to consider when determining if your business needs a security patrol guard. Hayward trained security guards can respond to burglary calls in the same manner as police officers, which can reduce the potential losses caused by burglary and property damage.

You’re Concerned About Liability Issues

Liability claims from customers and employees involved in security emergency situations can destabilize your business. It is important to come up with various measures to prevent these emergencies. Employing a security patrol expert may provide a visual deterrent to criminals. 

Some of Your Employees Work Late

The 24-hour economy in the Bay Area allows businesses to operate during the day and at night. This comes with security risks, especially for employees who leave work late at night. A professional security guard can provide employees with the security they need when working at night.

If you need one or more professional security guards to patrol your business premises, get in touch with ADS Guards, a leading provider of commercial security in Hayward. We also offer armed and unarmed guards for residential properties as well as special events. Give us a call at 1-800-794-1550 to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable representative and receive a free quote.

4 Ways to Prep for an Active Shooter Situation

Active shooter events are becoming more common these days. You hear about mass shooting events on the news regularly. It’s important for business owners to know what to do to prepare yourself and others if this type of emergency ever arises. The staff at ADS Guards, a leading Hayward security service provider, shares 4 ways to prep for an active shooter scenario.

1. Offer Training

One of the most important steps your company can take is participating in training scenarios with your employees. It’s essential to recognize the sound of gunshots, call the emergency number in your area, and react quickly. If you hear gunshots, you may need to safely evacuate the area, hide, or fight the shooter if that’s the only option you have to survive. If there is a Hayward armed guard on site, alert him or her right away.

If you hear gunshots, the first recommendation is to run. You’ll need to use the safest route to evacuate the building if possible. It’s ideal to get as far away from the scene as you can so you can reach safety. If you decide to run during an active shooter event, leave your belongings behind, try to help other people escape if possible, and don’t attempt to move wounded people.

If you decide to hide during an active shooter event, you’ll need to try to lock doors and barricade them with heavy objects such as furniture, turn off lights, close windows, move away from windows, remain silent, and plan your escape.

If you have no choice but to fight the shooter, you’ll need to be aggressive. Throw items at the person, yell, and try to work together as a team to fight the shooter if other employees are nearby.

2. Put Together an Emergency Action Plan

It’s essential to create an emergency action plan for your business. The plan should include:

  • How to report incidents
  • Evacuation policy & procedures
  • Escape procedures
  • Route assignments
  • Emergency notification system
  • Local hospital information

The emergency notification system should alert people near the incident, law enforcement, and local hospitals. You may want to consider creating a plan that notifies people of danger using alarms, emails, text messages, and calls. You’ll also need a plan on how you’ll notify the media and families of the victims after the incident. Make sure to inform families as soon as possible if their loved ones are safe, in the hospital, or deceased.

3. Hold Drills

Drills should be held regularly. Before you conduct a drill, be sure to announce it and let law enforcement advise you on the best escape routes. After drills are completed, try to give people feedback on how they performed.

4. Perform Safety & Security Checks

Walk around the building to make sure nothing is broken. Everyone should have easy access to radios, floor plans, first-aid kits, and flashlights. Consider hiring Hayward guard security to keep the area safe on a regular basis.

After the Shooting

Make sure you know who’s missing and who isn’t missing, notify families of the incident, determine if people need help, and create a plan on how to get back to normal operations after the shooting.

Having a professional guard on the premises may deter an attempted shooter. Get in touch with ADS Guards today to see how our highly trained guards can keep your business safe. We also offer armed and unarmed guards for residential properties and special corporate events. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to speak with one of our friendly representatives.

What Services Does a Personal Bodyguard Provide?

In the media, the life of a bodyguard is often glamorous. However, many personal security professionals work in less public positions providing support to individuals who need protection in their daily lives. Whether they are guarding a celebrity or flying with a corporate executive, the role of a bodyguard can change depending on the circumstances, and these are just a few of the many tasks personal security professionals may perform when they are on duty.

Defends Against Physical Harm

Hayward bodyguards spend a great deal of time keeping themselves in top physical shape, and their physique is often enough to deter criminals from pursuing targets. However, if necessary, guards can use force to protect their clients. They can also sense danger before it begins and guide their clients to safer locations.

Plans Safe Routes

The average person is often unaware of the many dangers that exist in public spaces. Before traveling to a new location, a bodyguard can assess things such as traffic flow patterns, crowd control methods, and private routes that can be used in an emergency. This type of planning allows guards to easily get their clients where they need to go while keeping them as safe from danger as possible. If a threat to their client’s safety does arise, bodyguards can simply move to their backup plan to reduce the possibility of harm.

Assists with Personal Tasks

Since bodyguards spend a great deal of time with their clients, it is common for them to help with personal tasks. For example, bodyguards may perform their duties while driving a client who prefers to take the passenger seat or needs to handle other tasks such as phone calls. When clients prefer their bodyguards to be undercover, they may also assist with tasks such as shopping so they can blend into the environment.

Participates in Event Planning

In Hayward, security services can be used for a variety of purposes. Personal bodyguards often work with security teams in other areas to develop their safety strategies. For example, a personal guard for a celebrity making a public appearance can speak with the event staff at the facility where the celebrity will be performing. During this type of planning, a guard can identify private passageways, assess safety features such as locks, and learn about emergency evacuation plans that are already in place. Once the event begins, the guard may communicate with other security officers regarding the movements and safety of the client.

Provides Support for Special Needs

It is also common for clients of security guards to have special needs that require professional assistance. For example, a bodyguard may help a client who has difficulty standing for long periods or needs support climbing in or out of a vehicle. Since a client’s physical safety is always the highest priority, guards can remain alert for signs of health issues such as low blood sugar or illness so they can get their clients the necessary medical help.

If you need a personal bodyguard, get in touch with ADS Guards, a leading provider of unarmed and armed security. Hayward residents claim they feel much safer with our professional guards on the job. Call 1-800-794-1550 today for a free quote.

5 Reasons to Have Security On-Site When Your Business Is Closed

As important as it is for most businesses to have some form of security during their hours of operation, a case can be made that after-hours security coverage is just as important, if not even more so. Here are five of the top reasons for having on-site Hayward guard security during the hours your business is closed. 

1. Provide Peace of Mind

Having a security guard on duty when your business is closed and no other employees are there can provide a certain peace of mind to management and company owners. Knowing a trained guard is watching over the darkened premises may instill confidence in employees. Depending on the type of business, off-hour guards can act as the eyes and ears of the company and help maintain a safe and secure workplace. 

2. Prevent Crime

Statistics shows most crime occurs under the cover of darkness. Most businesses, aside from those that run 24 hours a day, are closed during the overnight hours. Having a security guard present during the down hours can be a great deterrent to crime. Most thieves will avoid breaking into a place with uniformed guard protection. However, professional guards know how to spot suspicious activity. Their training teaches them to quickly analyze threatening situations and how to react to security breaches. Camera surveillance can be helpful in deterring criminal activity, but a human guard provides a much better visual deterrent. If your company has the proper signage posted around the perimeter stating armed guards are on duty, this alone may deter criminals from attempting entry. 

3. Handle Crimes in Progress

Security guards are trained in the proper ways to respond to crimes. In some cases, the guard might be instructed to simply write down the details of a criminal act and call the police for action. However, some companies want their security guards to take a more active role and detain the intruders. The guards who are trained to do this type of work are usually armed. In many cases, off-duty police officers from the area are hired to do this level of guard work. In our litigious world where people sue businesses at the drop of a hat, it’s important that the guards who are authorized to make arrests and detain suspects are thoroughly trained. 

4. Call for Help in the Event of a Fire

A night security guard in Hayward can also be a strong defense against fire consuming a closed business. It’s hard to beat the eyes, ears, and sense of smell of a trained human in sensing a fire, locating it, and reacting by containing it and/or calling the fire department. 

5. Lower Insurance Premiums

Employing security guards to protect your building and its contents against burglars and fires during off-duty hours may result in lower property insurance premiums for the company. Check with your commercial insurance company to see what types of discounts are available.

If you need a highly trained security guard to watch over your business during off-hours, get in touch with ADS Guards, a trusted provider of commercial security in Hayward. We also provide professional security for residential properties and special corporate events. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.

4 Benefits of Having Security at a High School Football Game

The complex and trying times we live in are prompting us to consider stronger security measures, even when we would not typically believe safety would be compromised. 

In 2016, at least two high school football games in the United States took place amid tight security measures. Police officers were brought in to guard a game between South Lake and East Ridge high schools in Central Florida due to racial slurs and threats of violence posted on social media prior to the sporting event. A similar situation unfolded in North Carolina after two shootings took place in the community days before a Friday night game, and in Cincinnati a bomb threat forced school administrators to cancel a game and reschedule it with increased security. 

In some cases, school administrators and district officials have specifically contracted private security guards to bolster safety measures based on specific risks. Such was the situation in January 2017 at Peninsula High School in Southern California after a series of Instagram messages suggested the possibility of an armed attack. In this case, school administrators made the decision to hire security specialists after consulting with the local sheriff’s office.

With the above in mind, here are four benefits of having security at high school football games.

1. Promote Safety Awareness

Most American schools have their own security staff or even police officers on duty during normal school hours. This security measure should not stop after the bell rings. School district officials are known to coordinate private security companies in Hayward with police departments ahead of games between rival schools, but many law enforcement agencies are not able to provide officers for all games. The idea is to promote a culture of safety awareness, which starts with consistently having a security presence. 

2. Manage Emergencies

Hayward security guards do more than just prevent crimes from happening. They are also trained to assist in case of emergencies and accidents. Since the presence of medical staff at high school football games cannot always be guaranteed, having security personnel trained in basic life support and first-aid is the next best thing.

3. Control Crowds

Swarm attacks and mobs are unfortunate side effects of the proliferation of mobile devices and messaging networks. In April 2017, disruptive teen mobs carried out attacks and caused mayhem in Coney Island and San Francisco. Security analysts believe these swarm attacks were partly organized by means of using mobile messaging networks and sharing digital photos of public places that were not guarded by security personnel. The mere presence of uniformed guards may dissuade unruly mobs from acting out.

4. Deter Violence and Terrorism

The thought of a terrorist attack at an American high school football game is not far-fetched. The 2013 Boston Marathon attack is a grim reminder that terrorist organizations can target athletic events. The United States is no stranger to school shootings, either. Shootings and other acts of violence at public events are less likely to happen when security guards are present.

If you are interested in hiring professional security for your high school sporting events, get in touch with ADS Guards, a leading provider of event security services in Hayward. We also offer highly trained guards for residential and commercial properties. Call 1-800-794-1550 to speak with one of our friendly representatives.

6 Ways Security Guards Keep Crime-Ridden Neighborhoods Safe

Having security in a crime-ridden neighborhood can make a world of difference. Not only are professional guards adept in defusing a number of potentially dangerous situations, but their presence alone can be a major deterrent for thefts, vandalism, and other criminal acts. Following are 6 ways these professionals can help keep communities safe.

1. Rapid Reporting of Problems

Whether it’s domestic violence, attempted burglary, or vandalism, Hayward security guards can quickly contact the appropriate authorities to bring crimes to a halt. This reduces the chances of criminals having the time to cause sufficient harm or property loss before they’re apprehended. Although a lot of trained guards are capable of accomplishing this on their own, they also know when it’s best to reach out to local law enforcement agencies.

2. Increased Sense of Safety for Community Residents

People tend to feel safer with a Hayward armed guard around. They know criminals are less likely to act when there’s a strong chance of intervention. Security guards often drive marked cars and wear distinguished uniforms. As such, having them present in neighborhoods that are prone to crime is a great way to keep criminal activity to a minimum.

3. Less Fighting

Beyond theft and vandalism, fights also occur frequently in high-crime neighborhoods. Security guards can work to defuse tense situations before they escalate to physical confrontations. Trained guards make a point of positioning themselves in areas that are most likely to experience physical confrontations. For example, in front of establishments that sell alcohol or in other places that attract large numbers of loiterers.

4. A Better Reputation for the Neighborhood

Communities that regularly have a security presence tend to have better reputations overall. As such, fewer undesirables tend to enter these neighborhoods, and property owners have a greater ability to attract financially qualified and high-quality tenants. In fact, neighborhoods and the homes and apartment buildings they contain can become far more marketable overall when communities invest in security.

5. Increased Ability to Apprehend Criminals

Unlike everyday citizens, trained security guards have a better ability to report key details of crimes to law enforcement agencies. Their diligence in collecting license plate numbers, accurate descriptions of assailants, and details pertaining to actual criminal events not only makes it easier for police to catch vandals, thieves, loiterers, and other ill-intentioned parties, but they also make it easier for prosecutors to successfully pursue charges as well.

6. Ongoing Monitoring

One of the major benefits of having a security presence in a crime-ridden community is access to constant monitoring of residential and commercial areas that are designated as being targets for crimes. These professionals organize their routes according to areas of greatest priority. As a result, when problems do arise, there’s always a high likelihood of having a trained professional on hand to mitigate them. This is far more effective for limiting the severity of crimes than having to contact off-site law enforcement agencies and waiting for help to arrive.

To learn more about the advantages of hiring security for a residential area, reach out to ADS Guards, a trusted provider of professional guard services in Hayward. We also offer security services for commercial spaces and special corporate events. Call 1-800-794-1550 to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.

Addressing the Gender Gap in The Security Industry

Despite the increasing prevalence of women in the workforce, there is still a considerable bias and lack of female employees in certain industries. This is especially true in the security industry, which is commonly perceived as being a physically taxing and potentially dangerous field. Men tend to dominate in security roles, and yet there are real benefits to gain by having more women working as private security in Hayward. Fortunately, there are a number of effective ways to successfully address the gender gap.

Make Leaders Aware of the Unconscious Bias

Because leaders within the security field are predominantly male, there tends to be an unconscious bias in the hiring process. This is something hiring bodies should be made aware of so equal opportunities are offered. This is both true at the entry level and in terms of the ability to attain promotion from within.

Seek New Talent

Many security companies may find their former methods of outreach for attracting new talent are not suitable for obtaining an acceptable mix of genders. When advertising open positions, companies should use language that is equally inviting to both men and women. They can also seek out advertising platforms that are more likely to be seen by both genders and are known for being inclusive of this important demographic.

Encourage Female Employees to Pursue Leadership Roles

The security industry currently needs more female employees in leadership positions. Having women fill these roles is a great way to encourage female employees at the entry level to aspire to advancement. Make sure the appropriate forms of training are freely offered to both genders so men and women feel as though they’re being equally invested in. For instance, women should be equally considered to work as Hayward armed security guards. Balance is always key to avoiding preferential treatment and a disparate amount of advancement opportunities.

Let Go of Antiquated Notions of Traditional Gender Roles

There are still antiquated notions of traditional gender roles, and these can impact attitudes and policies that affect female security guards in ways they do not affect their male counterparts. Diligent education and communication are both essential for eliminating these stereotypes. Encouraging team members at every level of the organization to do away with traditional expectations of women and their roles in the household can give female guards a greater opportunity to prove their abilities in this field.

Offer Flex Schedules

Modern men and women are moving closer toward managing an equal share of housework and other household responsibilities. This allows women more time to focus on their careers, even when these professionals are responsible for young children. Offering flex hours to all employees gives security companies the ability to draw in more loyal and driven applicants, irrespective of the nature and structure of their households and the related familial duties.

At ADS Guards, we believe women and men are equally capable of providing high-quality security services. If you’re looking for patrol security in Hayward, whether it’s for a residential or commercial property, trust in ADS Guards to provide the services you need. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to learn more and receive a free quote.

5 Corporate Crimes Professional Guards Can Prevent

Effective corporate security is a matter of risk management, protection, and prevention. To this effect, security guards can play an important role in preventing certain crimes from happening. By virtue of its complexity and economic importance, the corporate world is often impacted by crimes that can be significantly reduced or altogether avoided by opting for corporate security services in Hayward. Here are 5 specific corporate crimes that private security guards can help prevent.

1. Intellectual Property Theft

Two of the most spectacular leaks of classified information involved the perpetrators sneaking past security checkpoints that failed to detect data containers. U.S. Army Specialist Chelsea Manning stole military information in a compact disc disguised as a Lady Gaga album. Former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden used a Rubik’s cube to hide a flash drive containing espionage materials. These two incidents have prompted security firms to train guards for the purpose of preventing data theft situations.

2. Corporate Espionage

Trained security guards can discourage and prevent potential corporate espionage situations by means of their presence and observation. Janitorial staff members who act suspiciously, pizza delivery drivers who insist on entering the building, and journalists who arrive unannounced and demand to speak to someone are just a few examples of situations that may lead to corporate espionage. Security guards are trained to deny access to suspicious individuals, notify supervisors, and assist with law enforcement investigations.

3. Hacktivism

With insider threats multiplying these days, security guards can play an important part in the prevention and reduction of hacktivism, which is often facilitated from within by employees who have either infiltrated through the hiring process or those who have gone rogue. The Panama Papers is an example of a hacktivism attack on a major scale, and it involved terabytes of confidential documents leaked over time by an insider. Security guards are trained to spot suspicious behavior such as employees acting furtively around certain coworkers or working late hours when they are not supposed to.

4. Blackmail

Protecting life and preventing bodily harm are the most important principles of professional security guards. In the corporate world, blackmail crimes can include serious threats of injury or damage to property. Should a blackmail situation escalate in the workplace, the presence of Hayward armed private security should be enough to dissuade people from carrying out threats. Moreover, guards can also step in to protect employees, clients, partners, and associates should they ever be in danger.

5. Fraud

Similar to hacktivism, potentially fraudulent situations can be investigated and thwarted based on the observations of trained Hayward security guards. Some examples include IT staff trying to install networking equipment in unauthorized areas, employees constantly requesting new ID badges to replace lost ones, and visitors who are seen taking photos of office interiors and documents with their smartphones.

If your company needs professional corporate security services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with ADS Guards. We also provide trained guards for special corporate events. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to learn more and receive a free quote.