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5 Benefits of Hiring Security Guards for an Auto Dealership

The automotive sales sector is one of the most lucrative in the United States, but it can also be one of the most stressful for two reasons. First, regional competition between dealerships can be fierce to the point of turning the sector into a cutthroat business. Second, there is the delicate security angle to consider. Here are five reasons the security plan of an auto dealership should include guards on premise.

1. Dissuade Professional Thieves

The inventory kept by auto dealerships can easily be valued in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars. Aside from the vehicles on the lot and showroom, dealerships with service centers, an auto parts shop, and customer cafeteria have even more valuable equipment to protect. This information is certainly known by sophisticated thieves who may not even be interested in the vehicles. The presence of security guards can dissuade criminals who take pride in avoiding detection and confrontation. 

2. Prevent Vandalism

Gleaming new cars on the lot can become tempting targets for disgruntled employees, unhappy customers, and even unstable competitors who wish to vent their frustrations in a destructive manner, but they will likely rethink their intentions if they see the dealership has retained security guards.

3. Make Customers Feel Safe

Sharp and courteous guards who wear crisp uniforms can be posted in areas of the dealership where customers can see them. This strategy lets visitors know the business owners care about them. The dealerships that are more likely to benefit from this strategy are those located in major metropolitan areas where criminal activity tends to be higher. Moreover, guards can also escort night shift employees off the lot so they feel safer as they leave. 

4. Deter Other Types of Crime

Auto dealership owners should not view security in Hayward, CA, solely as an exercise in loss prevention. As with any other business where large amounts of money are transacted and financed, dealerships can be vulnerable to fraud and money laundering. In March 2017, detectives in Maryland made several arrests at a large Honda dealership where customers in the service center conducted drug deals while they waited for technicians to finish their repair work. Security guards are trained to spot suspicious activities such as fraud, drug dealing, auto parts theft, and coercion.

5. Maintain Order 

Car dealerships attract customers from all walks of life, and not every transaction is guaranteed to close smoothly. Disputes between staff members and customers may occur from time to time, and they may even escalate into physically aggressive situations. For this reason, security guards are more commonly seen at dealerships located in jurisdictions where gun laws provide an easy path to ownership. A Hayward armed security guard can also provide peace of mind when sales managers organize special events.

If you need professionally trained guards for your auto dealership or another business, reach out to ADS Guards, a trusted provider of commercial security in Hayward. We have been serving the Bay Area for nearly 20 years. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to speak with one of our friendly representatives.

7 Important Duties of Corporate Security Officers

In the 21st century, the corporate world has become more visible due to its closer integration with other sectors. Former President Barack Obama appointed various business leaders to his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Similarly, the Trump administration also formed an advisory group of CEOs to shape the future of American business. As corporations expand their public outreach and become more influential, their security needs have increased. As such, the duties of corporate security guards have become more complex. Here are seven of the main duties of guards providing corporate security services in Hayward.

1. Protect Life and Property

In the past, security guards were mostly tasked with ensuring proper order was maintained at corporate facilities. These days, their focus is more closely tied to physical security. Executives who are in the public eye tend to stir emotions among individuals and groups who may not agree with a corporation’s vision and actions. For this reason, security guards keep a close eye on situations that may lead to aggression and vandalism.

2. Project a Corporate Image

Security guards on corporate assignments are often tasked to reflect the image of the company they protect. When they interact with visitors and members of the public, they must provide proper greetings and assist individuals who either are seeking information or who have business to conduct. Projecting a corporate image may also require guards to keep their uniforms looking sharp.

3. Provide Emergency Response

In case of accidents or medical emergencies, corporate offices now expect their security personnel to handle these situations accordingly. For this reason, every Hayward unarmed guard should acquire basic lifesaving and first aid skills. 

4. Control Access to the Building

This is a primary duty of special interest to corporate offices. Under the current threat environment, individuals who have not been properly screened prior to entering a facility could pose various threats, which may include violence, sabotage, and corporate espionage. 

5. Patrol the Building

Not all corporate security guards will be assigned to stationary posts throughout their shifts. Some may be assigned to roving patrol posts they have to cover in security cars, on bicycles, or on foot. Roving patrols are intended to dissuade loitering, vandalism, and sabotage. Furthermore, guards on patrol instill a sense of safety among employees, visitors, and the community.

6. Conduct Surveillance

The massive leak of legal documents dubbed “The Paradise Papers” is a reminder that corporate security needs to be more tactical. Personnel tasked with conducting surveillance may review video feeds and investigate situations whereby employees, partners, or journalists try to conduct espionage or leaking operations.

7. Act as a Law Enforcement Liaison

Incidents that require the involvement of local police departments may require corporate security guards to work with law enforcement officers and detectives in terms of documentation, communication, and preservation of evidence.

If you need corporate security officers in Hayward, reach out to ADS Guards. We have been providing highly trained security guards for offices, buildings, and corporate events for nearly two decades. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to speak with one of our friendly representatives.

5 Pieces of Equipment That Are Crucial for Security Guards

The duties of a security guard in Hayward cannot be properly carried out without the right equipment. When professional security guards are assigned to their posts, they are equipped with the gear they need to perform their jobs effectively. The equipment they wear and carry depends on the environment, mission, and risk assessment. Similar to soldiers and police officers, security guards often rely on their equipment to provide protection, investigate situations, and stay safe. Here are five important pieces of gear security guard professionals often carry, wear, and utilize.

1. GPS Tracking Device

These are personal devices that may or may not work in conjunction with smartphones. They are small, discreet, and often carried by security guards assigned to riskier posts where they are expected to work by themselves. Should a guard get into a situation whereby he or she is not able to communicate and seems to be in danger, the tracking device could determine the outcome of the situation. These devices are also used to monitor several guards who are expected to conduct crowd control situations at concerts, conferences, and other major gatherings.

2. Tactical Uniform

The uniform is not supposed to make the security guard. It is designed to help the guard carry out his or her job. In this case, “tactical” means the uniform corresponds to a plan. In a corporate building, guards may wear uniforms that resemble office attire. A guard providing construction site security in Hayward might have to wear a hard hat and utility uniform. Adequate footwear is crucial to getting the job done. Shoes must always be comfortable enough to withstand long periods of standing and walking, and they must also allow guards to sprint if the need arises. 

3. Smartphone 

Although two-way radios will probably never be fully replaced by mobile devices, smartphones are increasingly being used for security guard communications as well as for other functions. One of the advantages of using smartphones for security work is that they can also replace the need for guards to carry digital cameras and notepads. However, these two items may still be included in a guard’s kit. To this effect, rugged Motorola smartphones manufactured for the security industry feature push-to-talk technology and special apps. 

4. Flashlight

Smartphones can serve as illumination devices in some situations, but their range is limited. A sturdy flashlight can come in handy not only for investigations and mobility but also as a weapon, and not necessarily in the blunt object sense. A powerful flashlight has the power to temporarily blind an attacker lurking in the shadows, and it may dissuade sophisticated intruders wearing night vision optics.

5. Sidearm

This is the one piece of equipment most guards providing private armed security in Hayward hope they never have to use. In some cases, it may be a semiautomatic pistol, a revolver, or a shotgun. All sidearms require extensive training before they can be carried.

If you’re looking for expertly trained guards to protect your commercial or residential space, reach out to ADS Guards today. We have been a leading provider of security services in the Bay Area for nearly two decades. Call 1-800-794-1550 today for a free quote.

Why You Should Hire Security for Your Medical Marijuana Dispensary

As the marijuana industry continues to settle in various American jurisdictions, security incidents are on the rise at dispensaries and other places where cannabis is transacted. In recent months, two dispensaries were robbed at gunpoint in Sonoma County, a jurisdiction not generally associated with a high crime rate. In June 2017, the Cannabis Buyers Club Berkeley on Essex Street was also the subject of an armed robbery.

It is far too easy to assume dispensaries are more likely to be targeted by criminals because cannabis is often associated with vice. The reality is that this industry is on the rise. Therefore, more crimes can be expected as more dispensaries appear. Here are a few reasons dispensaries in the Bay Area need to retain Hayward guard security on their premises.

Provide a Safe Atmosphere

As with any other retail storefront business, the success of a dispensary is directly related to the customer experience. Cannabis buyers need to feel safe not just because of news about robberies but also because societal attitudes are changing. The last thing customers want to endure is a group of protesters assembled in front of a dispensary. 

Offer Protection in Dangerous Locations

The stigma still being attached to dispensaries forces some business owners to open their stores in areas where they are more likely to be exposed to crime. Municipal ordinances in some jurisdictions place too many restrictions on where dispensaries can be located. This situation will hopefully get better soon, but the ideal solution for the time being is to increase overall security with the help of trained personnel.

Prevent Loss

The risks associated with operating a dispensary tend to be greater than for many other types of businesses. The lucrative aspect of the cannabis industry can bring about a certain degree of temptation among employees, customers, and partners. For this reason, dispensaries should operate with greater security awareness to prevent losses. Even the best loss prevention strategy will not be effective without active monitoring, which is something a Hayward armed security guard can handle.

Maintain Business Continuity

Since operating a dispensary is not a typical business undertaking, many operators tend to be inexperienced in terms of managing a retail store. To this effect, some dispensary owners and managers neglect to formulate and implement business continuity plans in case of a break-in, earthquake, flood, power outage, or accident. Security guards are not only trained to protect life and property in these situations, but they are also familiar with what needs to be done in case of emergency so the business can continue to operate.

If you run a medical marijuana dispensary or another type of business and need professional protection, get in touch with ADS Guards, a leading provider of commercial security services in Hayward. We have been serving the Bay Area for nearly two decades. Call 1-800-794-1550 to speak with one of our representatives and receive a free quote.

5 Things Security Guards Are Prohibited from Doing

There is often confusion regarding the actions that can be taken by private security guards in relation to their duties and interactions with the public. In the State of California, there are restrictions and laws in place to protect private security guards, the companies that employ them, and the private citizens they serve or encounter. Any entity that utilizes private security guards is bound by the laws that govern their state. The staff at ADS Guards, a leading provider of Hayward security services, has put together a list of five actions security guards are not allowed to take in the State of California.

1. Impersonate or Act in the Capacity of Police Officers

Public and private security guards are not police and do not have the authority or training police officers have. Impersonating a police officer or threatening to perform the actions of a police officer is a crime in the State of California.

2. Investigate Crime

Although a private security guard can gather information for internal reporting purposes for the company that employs them, they do not have the power to investigate crimes. They are bound by law to notify the proper authorities in the event of a crime. However, their main purpose is to protect the crime scene for law enforcement authorities.

3. Expand Their Authority

Private security guard authority is restricted to the property or person(s) they have been contracted to serve, and they must follow the rules of engagement as set forth by their employer. Private security guards are members of the public. Only while within the boundaries of their contracted property may security guards have all powers and responsibilities of the property owner and conduct themselves with such authority.

4. Perform a Search and Seizure

Hayward armed security guards are not allowed to conduct searches on people or their property to find evidence for making a citizen’s arrest. However, they may detain suspected persons for law enforcement. According to The Bureau of Security and Investigative Services 2015 Power to Arrest Training Manual, private security guards may only conduct searches if they have reason to believe their lives are in danger or if they believe a weapon is involved.

5. Make an Arrest

Because private security guards are not police officers, their detention and arrest powers fall under the regulations that govern citizen’s arrest. A common mistake private security guards make is thinking their authority is more than it is under the law. According to California Penal Code 837, a private citizen may arrest another when:

  • A public offense has been committed or attempted in his or her presence
  • The person arrested has committed a felony, although not in the private citizen’s presence
  • A felony has been committed, and the private citizen has reasonable cause for believing the person arrested has committed it

Despite the above limitations, highly trained security guards can be invaluable resources. If you’re looking for residential or corporate security services in Hayward, reach out to ADS Guards. We have been protecting the Bay Area for nearly two decades. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to receive a complimentary quote.

5 Reasons People Make Citizen’s Arrests

Essentially, citizen’s arrests occur when an ordinary person who is not a legal official detains someone suspected of having committed a crime until police arrive. Under specific circumstances, all fifty states allow citizen’s arrests, but it’s not always clear when and why you can perform one. Here are the top five reasons people might make citizen’s arrests.

1. Protect Others

Using the right of citizen’s arrest, some people have prevented beatings or kidnappings or have held murder suspects in custody. Confronting an aggressor who has committed a violent act is clearly dangerous. However, a professional Hayward armed security guard trained in firearms and proper use of force could detain the suspect more effectively and safely than an untrained citizen.

2. Prevent Shoplifting

Theft costs U.S. retailers 44 billion dollars a year. One type of citizen’s arrest is called the “shopkeeper’s privilege,” which is the right of a retailer to detain a customer whom they believe has committed theft. However, some retailers may be elderly, disabled, or simply afraid to confront shoplifters even if they appear unarmed. Security guards with training in inventory control and deterrence can prevent crime or legally restrain a person suspected of theft and recover lost merchandise.

3. Keep the Peace

A citizen’s arrest may be made for breach of the peace for events that need immediate intervention such as a fight or the dangerous and irresponsible use of a weapon. However, few people should directly confront a neighbor shooting off a semiautomatic. Security guards trained in situational de-escalation and firearms can neutralize a potentially deadly situation by handling an armed and irrational individual.

4. Prevent Drunk Driving

A citizen’s arrest can take a drunk driver off the road. In 2015, a man named Jared Sheppard spotted a drunk driver heading in the wrong lane on a bridge. Until police arrived and arrested the driver for DUI, Sheppard detained her at an intersection, but this was obviously risky. Security guards in bars and restaurants can physically restrain impaired and even belligerent customers, preventing them from endangering others by being behind the wheel.

5. Stop a Burglary in Progress

A citizen may arrest a suspected felon who has committed a crime such as burglary, and in California, one only needs “reasonable cause” to believe a felony has been committed before taking action. However, it’s important to be careful, as the suspect may not be a robber, but a homeowner without his or her keys. Security guards trained in Hayward security services are aware of what a real burglary looks like and can deter robberies or safely detain a suspected burglar until the arrival of law enforcement.

If you’re looking for reliable, expertly trained security guards, look no further than ADS Guards. We are a leading provider of residential and commercial security in Hayward, and we also offer highly trained guards for special corporate events. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to receive a free quote.

6 Benefits of Hiring Security Patrol for a College Campus

The year 2017 has brought national awareness to the important issue of security on college campuses. In the Bay Area, politically divisive rallies at UC Berkeley have underscored the need for effective security protocols to protect not just faculty and staff but also visitors and the communities served by higher education institutions. With more controversial rallies on the horizon for UC Berkeley, the Chancellor’s office has increased security patrols and other safety measures ahead of the event. Here are six reasons colleges should hire patrol security in Hayward and other parts of the Bay Area.

1. Raise the Institution’s Profile

University administrators who wish to increase the profile of their institutions should consider implementing roving patrols. Two examples in this regard are Marshall University in West Virginia and Hunter College in New York. Both are listed by among the safest institutions in the United States, and they both have security patrols.

2. Enforce Rules and Bylaws

In Oklahoma, security at East Central University is handled from an enforcement point of view. Over the last few years, this college has adopted a zero-tolerance policy against drugs and alcohol on campus, and administrators have found that security patrols are the most effective method of enforcing this important policy.

3. Deter Crime

Administrators of Oakton Community College in Illinois have discovered that security patrols can work wonders in terms of reducing crime. For would-be perpetrators, the presence of security guards on campus can be discouraging, even more so than squad cars from local police departments that only enter the campus a few times a day.

4. Integrate with the Community

Top security companies in Hayward do their best to assign personnel who live in nearby communities to college security patrols. This often includes military veterans and former police officers who are interested in continuing to serve their communities in some capacity. For even greater integration, guards may also take classes offered by the university’s extension departments.

5. Control Crowds

The UC Berkeley incidents of 2017 are examples of what can happen when gatherings on campus spiral out of control. Impromptu crowds can also be dangerous, but they are less likely to gather in the first place if participants are aware of security patrols roving nearby. In the event of political rallies or controversial lecturers visiting the campus, security patrols can be increased accordingly.

6. Provide Community Outreach 

American universities tend to operate better when administrators manage them as communities. Security patrols on campus give students, faculty, employees, and visitors an opportunity to interact with what they perceive to be the managing authority of the institution. With the right training, security officers on patrol can be ambassadors of the colleges they protect as they answer questions related to legal issues, parking, and other information related to the facility.

There are many other types of institutions that can benefit from having security patrol. If you need professional guards to protect your commercial or residential space, get in touch with ADS Guards. We are a leading provider of highly trained armed and unarmed security guards in Hayward. Give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550 for a free quote on security services.

How to Prevent Trespassing

Not a week goes by in the Bay Area without local news outlets reporting on trespassing incidents. In late July, a federal judge in San Francisco held a hearing on a lawsuit filed against the developers of the mobile game Pokémon Go. The plaintiffs claimed players looking to catch digital creatures with their smartphones were trespassing on their property. Most trespassing Pokémon Go players do not have ill intent since they are simply playing an amusing game. However, these situations could result in issues of liability or property damage. Generally, individuals may trespass if they do not see any obstacles in their way. To minimize trespassing on your private or commercial property, take the following steps.

Install a Surveillance System

Video surveillance cameras and motion detectors can alert you to the presence of individuals who may want to trespass, particularly when they are actively monitored by a trained patrol guard. Hayward business owners and homeowners should post signs that indicate the presence of surveillance equipment because they tend to be more effective than posting warning signs that simply tell people to stay away from private property. The advantage of modern surveillance systems is that they can also be connected to smart home automation hubs so you can be alerted of incidents by means of smartphone notifications.

Hire a Professional Security Guard

Nothing dissuades would-be trespassers more than the sight of security guards standing their post or patrolling the property. Thrill-seekers, pranksters, activists, and criminals know better than to breach a guarded property. Another advantage of security guards is that they also deter the most sophisticated thieves, the type who carefully plan heists that go undetected. Hayward body guards can also be trained to interact courteously with people who are curious about what takes place within private property. 

Build a Tall Fence

Trespassers are less likely to breach private property if they encounter obstacles that are difficult to surmount. At the Mineta San Jose International Airport in Silicon Valley, security officials have determined the six-foot fences recommended by the Federal Aviation Administration were not sufficient in keeping trespassers out, and thus they upgraded their perimeter security with new fencing that stands 11 feet high and is capped with barbed wire.

Establish a Public Relations Program

If you have a problem with news journalists and photographers trespassing for the purpose of getting a scoop and beating each other to the deadline, your best bet may be to establish a public relations program that addresses concerns from the media. For the most part, journalists and photographers do not enjoy working the paparazzi beat. They prefer to get media releases, notifications, and invitations to press conferences. Business owners whose companies are often in the media spotlight stand to benefit the most from sensible and proactive PR programs. If you treat journalists well, they may even notify you and law enforcement about trespassing risks and incidents.

From residential to construction site security in Hayward, trust in ADS Guards to provide the highly trained professional guards you need. We are a leading provider of security services in the Bay Area. Give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550 for a free quote.

6 Reasons You Need Security for Your Private Company Party

Hiring party security in Hayward for your private company event can ensure the affair goes off without a hitch. The presence of a well-trained guard can deter several unpleasant activities. While you might not expect altercations or other problems at your event, guards can serve as a stabilizing presence while supplying a wealth of surprising benefits.

1. Keep Tabs on Your Guest List

Private company parties are usually hosted solely for active employees and a select number of family members or personal guests. With a security guard on hand, it will be possible to monitor your guest list closely without making authorized attendees feel uncomfortable. Best of all, you’ll never be in the awkward position of having to personally ask an uninvited person to leave.

2. Control the Crowd

Fires, electrical outages, and other developments or threats that require guests to evacuate venues are hardly things businesses expect when planning company parties. In the event the unexpected does occur, you’ll have trained professionals on hand to provide crowd control while calmly guiding everyone to the necessary exits. Crowd control can also be important at the beginning and end of a private party, particularly for large-sized company parties with a lot of people in attendance. 

3. Meet the Requirements of the Venue

Many venues require their clients to hire security guards as part of their rental contracts. This is especially common in instances where alcohol will be served. Whenever guests have access to cocktails, there’s always the potential for things to get out of hand. Guards are incredibly adept at mitigating tense situations and ensuring confrontations never have the chance to spiral out of control.

4. Escort Guests

If your private company party will continue late into the evening, guards can make sure guests make it safely back to their cars. These professionals can walk your employees and their loved ones through the parking lots or parking garage. More importantly, having guards onsite may deter thieves and vandals from targeting these areas.

5. Make Your Group Feel Safe

Often, the whole point of throwing a company party is to show employees how much they are valued and appreciated. Hiring an American guard in Hayward is an important part of these efforts because it shows your team you’re concerned for their wellbeing and safety. Attention to this key detail is another way to increase loyalty for your organization.

6. Handle a Crime or Accident

In the unlikely event a fight breaks out or a car gets vandalized, trained security guards will know just how to handle the situation. Security guards can ensure developments like these have the smallest possible impact on your corporate affair. They will also collect all the necessary accident or crime-related information, contact the proper authorities, and thoroughly document everything of importance. Not only can this preserve the perfect party atmosphere, but it can also help crime or accident victims successfully seek recourse.

If you are throwing a company event and need to hire trained, professional security guards, get in touch with ADS Guards, a leading provider of patrol security in Hayward. We also offer security for commercial and residential spaces. Call 1-800-794-1550 today for a free quote.

6 Breaches in Security & How to Prevent Them

A security breach is defined as any action that results in unauthorized access to business systems, data, applications, or services. In most cases, a breach is a contravention of existing policies or a deliberate attack that takes advantage of an organizational security weakness. Current news coverage about security breaches tends to be focused on the intrusion of computer networks by cybercrime operatives seeking to steal data and disrupt operations, However, it should be noted that many of these reported data breaches have been prompted by breakdowns in physical security.

Here are some common business security breaches that can be prevented or mitigated with the help of security companies in Hayward, California.

1. Physical Data Leaks

The leaks of classified information perpetrated by former U.S. Army Specialist Chelsea Manning and former technical contractor Edward Snowden were respectively facilitated by smuggling data hidden inside a Lady Gaga CD and a Rubik’s Cube. These days, both the NSA and the Army have strict security checks of personnel and their belongings upon exiting their facilities. Businesses should implement similar practices.

2. Stakeouts

Sophisticated criminals will conduct surveillance if they have vantage points such as parking lots. However, they are far more likely to move on to a different target if they see a Hayward unarmed security guard on duty or if they realize their approach could be monitored by surveillance cameras.

3. Dumpster Diving

One company’s garbage can be a treasure trove for cybercrime groups that deal in network penetration and identity theft. Many employees who write down data on napkins that are quickly discarded never imagine they are compromising their companies. Assigning security personnel to keep an eye near dumpsters can discourage diving.

4. Ineffective Decoys

The strategy of posting signs warning about the presence of surveillance cameras is still valid, but only if the signs deliver on their messages. Fake signs and decoy cameras are not effective for long because criminals have become accustomed to testing them. For example, criminals planning break-ins could test exterior cameras with skateboarding, loitering, or simulating graffiti. If they do not see a response from security guards, they may continue with their plans.

5. Third-Party Threats

Outside contractors can infiltrate a business for theft or corporate espionage purposes. Let’s say an office building manager retains various contractors to paint interior walls, replace the carpeting, and exchange furniture. These crews should not only be properly identified but also escorted and monitored by security guards to ascertain they are not there for ulterior purposes. 

6. Insider Attacks

Two of the most common attack vectors leading to security breaches originate from within companies. Social engineering refers to probing by outside attackers who surreptitiously gain the trust of employees. This threat can be minimized by means of training. In the case of employees who have either infiltrated the organization or turned against their employer, they can be detected by security personnel if they exhibit suspicious patterns of behavior.

If you need commercial, residential, or party security in Hayward, reach out to ADS Guards. We have been serving the Bay Area for nearly two decades, offering reliable and highly trained guards to keep properties and people safe. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to speak with one of our friendly representatives and receive a complimentary quote.