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GuardOne Tracking Software

We use GuardOne to:

-Create incident reports / activity repots and more
-Create and publish security guards’ schedules
-We track security guard activities
-GuardOne is GPS activated
-Officers activities / reports are available real time
-Officers can contact ADS management directly from GuardOne
-PDF reports are sent automatically to the clients



Friendly and Reliable Dispatch Services

-All dispatch is controlled from our 24/7 central office
-Live operators are available to solve problems
-Dispatchers monitor security guards activities
-Prompt and reliable communication with clients and guards
-Prompt response to emergency situation(s)

About ADS Guards:

Security Guard Services by ADS Guards – Your reliable 24/7 Security Guard Service provider:


We are here to ensure your business receives the best security guard services. We offer customizable security solutions that will fit all your security needs.  Our services will evolve as your business requirements and needs change.  We are here to work with you and make sure you receive the best security solutions, the best security guards and the best security guard services.

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Also, unwanted events can occur. As a result, a mindset of “it cannot happen to me” will not help. This is why, with the right mindset and our security guards service offer, your property can be safe from:

  • Theft
  • Damage
  • Property destruction

At ADS Guards, we make it our mission to provide you with top class security guard services. Therefore, they add value to your company. Being safe enables you to focus on your mission. Certainly, together we can improve our community!

Technology driven security at Ads Security Guards Service


ADS Security Guards Services uses cutting edge mobile technology. Above all, it is updated, backed-up and fully reliant. As a result, it enables us to stay on top of all our systems. So, it helps as we receive daily reports – complete and thorough.

Our reports provide a full insight. We look at duties completed by ADS trained security guards. That helps us assess their process. It manages their interaction with your employees and your environment. With the help of professional risk assessors, we fully optimize your security needs.

Services overview of ADS Security Guards

Our services are fast, professional and customer oriented. Security guard service needs differ from one business to another. From scale to features, ADS Guards 25+ years of experience have prepared us to solve all security challenges. We work with you to resolve issues and implement solutions to mitigate any future risks. Our security solutions and services are fully customizable to meet all your security needs.

Providing YOU with the best security services and solutions is our job. Yours is it to thrive in a safe environment.  Let us work with you and create a safe business environment for you, your employees and clients.


ADS Unarmed Security Guards are trained to deal with our valued clients unique security needs.


Our Security Guards will patrol your property at random times yet systematically with visibly marked ADS security vehicles.


ADS Armed Security Guards are trained to deal with complex and unique security needs.


ADS can deploy trained security professionals to prevent any security risks before it becomes a problem.


Our well-trained onsite security professionals will monitor the site 24 hours a day.


We customized our commercial property security services for corporations, apartment buildings, hospitals, colleges, office buildings and hotels.

Why Choose Us

At ADS Guards, we always fulfil our respected clients specific and unique security needs. We accept their challenges and provide 100% satisfactory solutions.

Flexible Pricing

We improve our customers loyalty with flexible pricing. No Long-Term contract is required.

Fill the form for the best security service at lowest cost.

Professional Staff

We are locally owned. Our management team has more than 20 years of combined experience. All our security officers are trained and have guard cards issued to them through the state Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. We provide guard monitoring and have radios and vehicles with GPS capability. Our Security Guards submit electronic daily reports and clients can access the reports real-time on our online GuardOne portal or receive daily PDF reports via email.

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Our Offices

Corporate Office
33446 Western AVE
Union City, CA 94587
Email:[email protected]
Call: 510-742-8000

Branch Office
2910 E Evergreen BLVD
Vancouver, WA 98661
Email:[email protected]
Call:  360-719-4991

Branch Office
650 NE Holladay St Suite 1600
Portland, OR 97232
Email:[email protected]
Call: 503-925-4600

Branch Office
7400 Harwin Dr Suite 283,
Houston, TX 77036
Email:[email protected]
Call : 832-917-6994

Branch Office
600 Stewart St Suite 400
Seattle, WA 98101
Email:[email protected]
Call: 206-620-2260

Branch Office
1100 NW Loop 410
San Antonio, Tx 78213
Email:[email protected]
Call: 210-714-3030

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24/7 Security Guard Services

ADS Guards is delivering the Best in Class, reliable and the most Customized Security solutions you desire.



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