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Addressing the Gender Gap in The Security Industry

Despite the increasing prevalence of women in the workforce, there is still a considerable bias and lack of female employees in certain industries. This is especially true in the security industry, which is commonly perceived as being a physically taxing and potentially dangerous field. Men tend to dominate in security roles, and yet there are real benefits to gain by having more women working as private security in Hayward. Fortunately, there are a number of effective ways to successfully address the gender gap.

Make Leaders Aware of the Unconscious Bias

Because leaders within the security field are predominantly male, there tends to be an unconscious bias in the hiring process. This is something hiring bodies should be made aware of so equal opportunities are offered. This is both true at the entry level and in terms of the ability to attain promotion from within.

Seek New Talent

Many security companies may find their former methods of outreach for attracting new talent are not suitable for obtaining an acceptable mix of genders. When advertising open positions, companies should use language that is equally inviting to both men and women. They can also seek out advertising platforms that are more likely to be seen by both genders and are known for being inclusive of this important demographic.

Encourage Female Employees to Pursue Leadership Roles

The security industry currently needs more female employees in leadership positions. Having women fill these roles is a great way to encourage female employees at the entry level to aspire to advancement. Make sure the appropriate forms of training are freely offered to both genders so men and women feel as though they’re being equally invested in. For instance, women should be equally considered to work as Hayward armed security guards. Balance is always key to avoiding preferential treatment and a disparate amount of advancement opportunities.

Let Go of Antiquated Notions of Traditional Gender Roles

There are still antiquated notions of traditional gender roles, and these can impact attitudes and policies that affect female security guards in ways they do not affect their male counterparts. Diligent education and communication are both essential for eliminating these stereotypes. Encouraging team members at every level of the organization to do away with traditional expectations of women and their roles in the household can give female guards a greater opportunity to prove their abilities in this field.

Offer Flex Schedules

Modern men and women are moving closer toward managing an equal share of housework and other household responsibilities. This allows women more time to focus on their careers, even when these professionals are responsible for young children. Offering flex hours to all employees gives security companies the ability to draw in more loyal and driven applicants, irrespective of the nature and structure of their households and the related familial duties.

At ADS Guards, we believe women and men are equally capable of providing high-quality security services. If you’re looking for patrol security in Hayward, whether it’s for a residential or commercial property, trust in ADS Guards to provide the services you need. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to learn more and receive a free quote.