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4 Benefits of Requiring Bag Checks at Events

Any event with a large crowd of people can pose a variety of risks. The most serious of these risks include violence inside the venue and large-scale attacks, but a gathering can also introduce other security risks, including unauthorized access to dangerous areas of the venue, drug use, excessive alcohol consumption, and even medical emergencies. According to the security experts from ADS Guards, one of the premier security companies in Hayward, CA, bag checks at your venue are just one way to minimize risks and offer the following advantages.

1. Create a First Line of Defense

Proper security at an event can reduce a variety of risks ranging from intoxication, drug use, and fights to unauthorized entry into staff-only areas or the event itself. Checking bags at the entrance to the event creates an important first line of defense to catch potential problems before they enter the venue, such as illicit drugs, alcohol, weapons, or banned items like cameras and drones. This is illustrated by a 2005 incident during which someone attempted to bring a backpack into a football stadium in Oklahoma. When he saw the bag search at the gate, he left and detonated the bomb outside the venue. In this case, the bag check likely saved lives.

2. Easy to Implement

Bag checks should be part of several layers of security, such as parking lot patrols, limitations on vehicle entry, metal detectors, pat-downs, barricades, and uniformed security inside the venue. Bag checks are also easy to implement and incorporate into any event entry, including sporting events, concerts, and corporate events. Instituting a bag check can be an affordable addition to your event security, and the inconvenience can be easily reduced by posting a clear list of security guidelines before the event.

3. Prevent Alcohol from Being Brought into the Venue

While guests may find a way to sneak in alcohol, they will also take advantage of lax security to compound the problem. Alcohol brought into the event can pose many risks. Guests will be more likely to become disorderly and potentially hurt someone else or themselves if they’re extremely intoxicated. This situation can also introduce the safety and liability concerns of underage drinking. If the event will serve alcohol, you may also wish to prevent guests from bringing their own.

4. Reduce the Risk of a Large-Scale Attack

The reality of the world we live in means any major event can be a target for a large-scale attack. Big crowds can pose an easy target, especially without adequate security. Bag checks create an important barrier, as professional security teams are trained to look for weapons, items that can become weapons, or suspicious items like a roll of wire or a screwdriver. Bag checks should also be combined with security guards trained to look for abnormal behavior, such as surveilling the venue, feigned interest in activities, and carefully watching staff.

If you’re hosting any kind of special event and need reliable, high-quality event security services in Hayward, reach out to ADS Guards today. We are a leading provider of security guards for special events, and we also offer security for residential properties and commercial spaces. Call us today at 1-800-794-1550 for a free quote.