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Armed & Unarmed Security Guards BACK

ADS security offers both armed and unarmed security officers. Armed security guards are perfect for financial establishments, high crime areas, or anywhere that may be susceptible to danger or crime. When it comes to armed security officers, our hiring and training process ensure that only the most experienced and best trained guards are licensed to carry a weapon. Hiring an armed security guard is a good option for sensitive places where a threat is imminent, or where a problem has occurred in the past. Armed officers have a stronger and more authoritative presence than unarmed guards, and provide a greater deterrent to crime. Call us today to find out if you could benefit from hiring an armed security guard.

Enhance Security, Order and Image with Unarmed Security Guards

Unarmed security guards are ideal for low crime areas and less sensitive environment. A professional uniformed security guard can help enhance the image of a business, prevent loss of assets, guide customers and guests, maintain order and ensure that procedures and guidelines are properly followed. Unarmed security guards can help maintain order and prevent misconduct and disruptions at Special events such as a wedding, birthday party, prom or a corporate event. Call today for a free estimate.