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4 Ways to Avoid Construction Site Vandalism

Construction sites are highly vulnerable to theft and vandalism, more so due to their location in open and often remote areas. For construction companies, weekends and holidays rank as high-risk days, since the sites are mostly left unmanned or isolated. On top of delaying the intended project completion time, vandalism and theft incidents often increase the overall cost of the project. Below are four proven tips for preventing vandalism and theft at a construction site, brought to you by the security experts from ADS Guards, one of the most trusted security companies in Hayward, CA.

1. Invest in Proper Lighting

Most construction site–related crimes occur during nighttime. For most criminals, dark settings represent a fantastic opportunity to act without being easily identified. To minimize the occurrence of vandalism and theft, it’s important to effectively light up every corner of a construction site, since light is a proven deterrent of criminal activities. Ensure the areas surrounding the construction site are also well lit to increase the overall range of view. Trespassers tend to avoid well-illuminated areas due to the fear of identification.

2. Install Locks and Fences

Preventing a disaster is always better than recovering from its effects. Investing in fences and locks is recommended when it comes to vandalism prevention. Put simply, criminals cannot steal or damage property they have no access to. Ensure fence and lock costs are included in the preliminary budget to tighten the site’s security. Fencing the perimeter plays a massive role in discouraging trespassers and locking malicious individuals out. Temporary fences prevent unauthorized personnel from accessing the sites and other areas of interest during construction.

3. Hire a Professional Security Company

Hiring a security company specializing in construction site security in Hayward ensures the construction site is fully manned at all times. Additionally, depending on the location and risks associated with the site, a security company can recommend the relevant services that ensure maximum site security. Unlike relying on other security-enhancing strategies such as fencing, acquiring the services of a security company guarantees the safety of a construction site by nullifying a host of security concerns well in advance.

4. Post Warning Signs

The lack of enough warning signs at construction sites is among the leading causes of trespassing. It’s important to put up stern warning signs to discourage any potential intruders. An effective sign shouldn’t just warn against trespassing. It should also highlight the consequences of the illegal activity. All warning signs should be large enough and strategically located to discourage intruders from proceeding with their illegal activities.

If you need advice on how to protect a construction site or any business from vandalism and theft, call on the security experts from ADS Guards. With more than 15 years of experience in commercial security, we can customize a security plan that meets your unique needs. Give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550 for a free quote.