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Benefits of Condo Security Guards

If you’re wondering whether hiring Bay Area security guards is the right move for your high-rise development, it is. Here are a few ways security guards can improve high-rise and condo living.

A Second Set of Eyes

First and foremost, high-rise security guards in the Bay Area are able to see and analyze what’s going on in and around the building in ways cameras cannot. Cameras are a great option, but they can break or be vandalized, and someone has to be there to watch and review the footage.

Concierge and Guest Check-in

Security guards can man a concierge desk at the main point of public entry to the building.  They can keep a log of visitors, refuse elevator access to anyone who shouldn’t be there, accept package deliveries on behalf of residents, and offer as-needed assistance.

Parking Enforcement

Security guards can enforce parking permit rules, guest parking rules, and make sure cars parked illegally are appropriately dealt with.

Emergency Help

Professional security guards will have training in proper emergency management and can contact emergency assistance, help residents evacuate the building safely, and help keep everyone calm.

Peace of Mind

Ultimately, highly trained security guards will give residents peace of mind. Most residents make safety a priority and want to feel safe and comfortable going about their daily business. Residents with children will especially appreciate the presence of a guard.

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