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Is a Security Camera the Right Choice for Your Home?

Purchasing a security system for your home can give you valuable peace of mind, though it can be tricky deciding how to protect your property. While security cameras aren’t necessarily right for every homeowner, there are several benefits to using video surveillance. Not sure if security monitors are right for your residence? Let the experts at the ADS Bay Area security guard company help!

Protecting Your Family While You’re Home

Most people assume security cameras are only good for protecting your home while you’re gone. The truth is, monitors can also watch vulnerable entryways to your home throughout the night. With video cameras pointed at your front door, you can see any potential threats without opening it. You can even choose a peephole camera, which gives you a clear view of anyone knocking on the door. If you hear odd or suspicious noises, your camera system may help you identify the source of the noise without compromising your safety.

Protecting Your Home While You’re Away

One of the added benefits of using a home camera system is deterringburglars from invading your home, or even catching thieves in the act. In the event of a home invasion, you can take comfort knowing your device may secure evidence for authorities who investigate the break-in. Cameras can be strategically installed throughout your residence and cover susceptible points of entry, namely the following entryways.

  • Thirty-four percent of burglars enter through the front door, which means a well-placed security camera aimed at the main entrance is very likely to capture the intruder on film.
  • Twenty-two percent of thieves enter through back and side doors. Make sure you cover these areas as your neighbors may not witness the potential break-in through those entrances.
  • Many thefts occur through a rear or side window without a direct view of the street. If you have any windows out of eyeshot from the road, you may benefit from videotaping those entry points.
  • Some robberies don’t occur inside the home. Sometimes robbers jump fences and enter backyards to steal expensive lawn or recreational equipment, so it may be advantageous to position some cameras in your front and back yards.

If you have questions regarding security equipment or require assistance protecting property, call your experienced security personnel at ADS Guards today at 1-800-794-1550. Your security is our top priority.