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4 Benefits of Having Security at a High School Football Game

The complex and trying times we live in are prompting us to consider stronger security measures, even when we would not typically believe safety would be compromised. 

In 2016, at least two high school football games in the United States took place amid tight security measures. Police officers were brought in to guard a game between South Lake and East Ridge high schools in Central Florida due to racial slurs and threats of violence posted on social media prior to the sporting event. A similar situation unfolded in North Carolina after two shootings took place in the community days before a Friday night game, and in Cincinnati a bomb threat forced school administrators to cancel a game and reschedule it with increased security. 

In some cases, school administrators and district officials have specifically contracted private security guards to bolster safety measures based on specific risks. Such was the situation in January 2017 at Peninsula High School in Southern California after a series of Instagram messages suggested the possibility of an armed attack. In this case, school administrators made the decision to hire security specialists after consulting with the local sheriff’s office.

With the above in mind, here are four benefits of having security at high school football games.

1. Promote Safety Awareness

Most American schools have their own security staff or even police officers on duty during normal school hours. This security measure should not stop after the bell rings. School district officials are known to coordinate private security companies in Hayward with police departments ahead of games between rival schools, but many law enforcement agencies are not able to provide officers for all games. The idea is to promote a culture of safety awareness, which starts with consistently having a security presence. 

2. Manage Emergencies

Hayward security guards do more than just prevent crimes from happening. They are also trained to assist in case of emergencies and accidents. Since the presence of medical staff at high school football games cannot always be guaranteed, having security personnel trained in basic life support and first-aid is the next best thing.

3. Control Crowds

Swarm attacks and mobs are unfortunate side effects of the proliferation of mobile devices and messaging networks. In April 2017, disruptive teen mobs carried out attacks and caused mayhem in Coney Island and San Francisco. Security analysts believe these swarm attacks were partly organized by means of using mobile messaging networks and sharing digital photos of public places that were not guarded by security personnel. The mere presence of uniformed guards may dissuade unruly mobs from acting out.

4. Deter Violence and Terrorism

The thought of a terrorist attack at an American high school football game is not far-fetched. The 2013 Boston Marathon attack is a grim reminder that terrorist organizations can target athletic events. The United States is no stranger to school shootings, either. Shootings and other acts of violence at public events are less likely to happen when security guards are present.

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