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5 Reasons Your Business Should Have Security Cameras

According to statistics compiled by the National Retail Federation, California was the state with the highest incidence of organized retail crime in 2017. On a national level, organized retail crime represents $30 billion in annual losses, and the bulk of these losses are perpetrated by sophisticated crews that know how to exploit security weaknesses. Professional thieves and shoplifters work tactically. These criminals do not take unnecessary risks. Instead, they conduct surveillance of establishments and avoid those protected by security cameras.

The threat of organized retail crime is just one reason business owners should install security cameras in their stores, offices, warehouses, industrial shops, and clinics. Here are five other benefits of security cameras businesses should consider when it comes to corporate security services in Hayward.

1. Reduce Internal Theft

In the retail industry, loss prevention is more than just an important factor of overall business security. Loss prevention is part of shrinkage, which is something all business owners should expect and work toward minimizing. The National Retail Federation estimates that 30 percent of American businesses go bankrupt each year in large part due to employee theft. When staff members are aware they are being monitored by security cameras, they are less likely to steal from their employers.

2. Detect Corporate Espionage

The Center for Strategic and International Studies estimates that one percent of global business revenue is lost every year to corporate espionage. Although a significant portion of business espionage is perpetrated by cybercrime, the most damaging incidents take place at physical offices. To prevent trade secrets and confidential information from being extracted from workplaces, it is recommended to set up off-limits sections monitored by security cameras.

3. Document Accidents and Decrease Liability Risk

Insurance companies are known to offer discounts on policy premiums to business owners who invest in security camera systems. The basis for these discounts is that companies can provide digital video of accidents and mishaps in their establishments, thus reducing the likelihood of frivolous lawsuits prevailing in court.

4. Enhance Customer Experience

Retail establishment owners can review video recorded by digital cameras to evaluate how customers flow through the store and the factors that prompt them to select certain items. Store traffic is constantly analyzed by major retailers such as Target and Walmart. The goal is to identify areas of improvement in terms of store layout and product placement.

5. Increase Overall Safety

Business owners should think of security cameras as reliable electronic eyes that constantly monitor their commercial establishments. When paired with other security measures, cameras can boost business safety. Let’s say a camera and motion detection system is set up to be remotely accessed via smartphone. When the owner of a boutique gets a notification from the motion sensor, he or she can connect to a video feed to see if a burglary is in progress or if it’s just a stray cat prowling.

Though security cameras can be a great help to businesses, hiring a professional security guard offers additional benefits. If you need a commercial security guard, get in touch with ADS Guards. We are one of the leading security companies in Hayward, CA. Call 1-800-794-1550 today for a free quote.