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4 Benefits of Having Security Guards at a Church

If you run a church, the last thing you might be concerned about is the need for a professional security guard. However, there are more than a few dangerous situations that can arise in a space normally considered safe for all. Consider the following 4 benefits of having a security guard on-site.

1. Less Vandalism

When churches side on certain issues, there might be an increased chance of vandalism and other threats. Professional security guards can deter vandalism, especially if they are guarding the parking lot and walking the perimeter of the building. Vandals and other criminals might think twice if they see security protecting a church.

2. Reduced Risk of Violent Crime

Churches should consider hiring armed guard private protection in Hayward because the guards can stop potential attackers. Whether a violent criminal is looking for an individual or wants to attack the congregation, a security team can be a shield against the violent activity and act as the determining factor between life and death. Several years ago, a gunman walked into a Baptist church and killed a pastor, which is just one of many cases that could have been prevented. Because churches are open for all people, criminals who want to do harm might assume it’s a simple task. However, if they see security detail on the premises, they might think twice. 

3. Increased Emergency Preparedness

If there’s an emergency like an earthquake or a fire during a church service, the church might have not have an orderly way to evacuate the congregation, and there could be a greater risk of injuries or deaths due to people getting trampled in panic. If the church doesn’t have an emergency evacuation plan, a Hayward, CA, security agency can help develop one.

4. Greater Risk Assessment

In addition to random acts of violence, there are other unexpected situations that can occur on a church’s premises, such as a missing child or a medical emergency. A security firm can help assess and manage these risks and develop a plan to increase the church’s overall safety.

To learn about additional benefits of hiring professional security for your church, reach out to ADS Guards in Hayward. We offer residential, commercial, and event security in Hayward, and we have been serving the Bay Area for nearly 2 decades. Give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550 to learn more.