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Popular Guard Dog Breeds

For men and women serving as security officers in the Bay area, like the private security personnel at ADS Guards, having a trustworthy, capable, and intelligent canine counterpart to watch their back is a crucial part of the job. The following is a list of popular guard dog breeds among security companies and private citizens alike.


These large working dogs are brave, loyal and affectionate to their handlers.Bullmastiffs are easily trained and they excel in obedience and protection. With strong, agile builds, Bullmastiffs are ideal for security companies and families, too.

Doberman Pinschers

This alert and fearless working dog is incredibly trainable, which make it an obvious choice.They are highly intelligent and well known for their learning retention. Their calm temperament makes them easy to train, and their muscular builds provide ample backup for security guards and families.

Giant Schnauzers

While this breed isn’t an obvious choice, their loyal nature, alertness, and a stable temperament make them excellent watchdogs. They possess keen minds and are quite territorial, which is an advantage for guard dog breeds. With an imposing figure that stands at approximately 27.5 inches high and a weight of 95 pounds, it’s easy to see why a Giant Schnauzer would make a good guard dog.


This large and powerful dog requires proper training in order to grow into a manageable adult, but with a firm hand an Akita can become an outstanding guard dog. They are also courageous and intensely loyal to their human companions, making them perfect candidates for security companies.

German Shepherds

German Shepherds have been used as guard dogs for decades, probably because this energetic, fun-loving breed is one of the most popular and recognized breeds of the American Kennel Club. This smart, confident and courageous breed is also agile, strong, and fast, which accounts for their popularity among families and security companies alike.

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