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5 Ways to Provide Better Working Conditions for Security Guards

Security guards are frequently first responders to many urgent situations. From medical emergencies to violent attacks, security guards are dedicated to defending private institutions and protecting the general public. Here are 5 ways to offer them better working conditions so they can perform their duties with the utmost professionalism.

1. Ensure They Are Properly Trained

Security companies in Hayward recommend analyzing statistics for the job’s venue to ensure the right guards will be hired for the job. Some jobs require specialized training suitable to the environment where the guard will work, which may include EMT training or understanding the use of video surveillance technology.

2. Know When to Use Armed or Unarmed Guards Appropriately

Though some job sites can remain secure with unarmed security, sites that initiate a security contract due to violence involving weapons may need highly trained Hayward armed security guards on active patrol. Companies contracting guard services should not attempt to sacrifice safety over costs. The safety of property, employees, and the public may require the extra expense of protection from highly trained armed security personnel.

3. Provide Protection from the Elements

In some cases, security guards do not have access to shelter from the elements. Some guards work outdoors in the pouring rain, blistering heat, or frigid cold without anywhere to escape the extreme weather when necessary. Providing a sheltered area and adequate restroom facilities should be a top consideration.

4. Limit Overtime

Many security guards also have other forms of employment, while others constantly work overtime hours to make ends meet. Even the best employees can become burned out after being overworked or having too much steady overtime. In the interest of keeping security guards vigilant on the job, it is important to have an enforced overtime policy that ensures adequate rest between shifts.

5. Offer Proper Uniforms for the Job

Dressy uniforms and shiny shoes may work well for an indoor patrol in a museum, but they are not necessarily the best option for patrolling a construction site. It is imperative to make sure security guards are provided adequate uniforms for the job. For instance, footwear and other uniform components worn at construction sites should meet the same requirements as other workers on the job, and personal protective equipment should be provided for guards who work in hospitals and other environments where they may come in contact with pathogens.

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