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5 Strategies Security Guards Can Use to Detect & Prevent Fires

Part of a professional security guard’s job is to prevent and detect fires in the workplace. Detecting and preventing fires can be done in several ways, but here are five methods that are among the easiest to put into action.

1. Ensure All Fire Alarm Systems Are Operational

It’s easy to assume a modern fire alarm system will be enough to prevent a building from going up in flames, but it won’t do any good if it isn’t operational at all times. Security guards can make sure smoke detectors, sprinklers, and other systems are in good working order. The guards also need to know how to activate these systems in case there is a fire

2. Keep Corridors Clear

People need to be able to evacuate a building in an emergency, which means all corridors need to be kept clear. On guard security in Hayward can move equipment and flammable materials to places where they won’t obstruct the path to safety or create any additional fire hazards.

3. Store Flammable Materials Safely

In some instances, it’s a security guard’s responsibility to make sure flammable materials are stored safely. They need to be kept in containers that are clearly labeled as combustible or flammable and kept away from any source of heat that could cause a fire. Most industrial and commercial buildings have spaces dedicated to storing these materials safely, but this may not always be the case, so security guards may need to be trained to know where potentially hazardous materials are able to be stored.

4. Make Sure Fire Suppression Systems Are in Working Order

Fire suppression systems and equipment such as extinguishers and sprinkler systems need to be in good working order and easily accessible in case of a fire. These systems are usually tested regularly and replaced as needed, but these regular tests don’t take into account damage that could happen due to unexpected accidents. Security guards should make a note of where all fire suppression equipment is located and contact the fire department if they suspect it’s damaged in any way.

5. Know Which Parts of the Building Are Occupied at Any Given Time

Knowing who is supposed to be in a building and when is a big part of a security guard’s job, but it’s also a good measure for helping people in the event of a fire. If there’s a fire and the building needs to be evacuated, a security guard needs to be able to reach those in the building and help them get to safety. To prevent arson, guards also need to know about any unauthorized personnel in the building.

Whether it’s to prevent damages from fires or deter theft, if you need patrol security in Hayward, get in touch with ADS Guards. We can assign one or more highly trained guards to your business. Call 1-800-794-1550 today for a free quote.

How to Determine How Many Security Guards Your Company Requires

There are several factors that determine how many security guards you might need for your business, like the type of business you run, your reason for needing security guards, and the number of employees and customers you have. Here are a few of the top considerations that can help you figure out how much Hayward security to hire.

Reason for Security

Let’s say you’re in a high-risk industry, you have a retail store that is experiencing loss, or you have liability concerns due to the nature of your business. Your reason for security in each of these instances will help you determine how many guards you need. For example, a big, busy retail store would need more security guards during peak business hours than a factory of the same size would need for third-shift coverage.

Type of Business

High-risk businesses like banks, entertainment and sporting venues, and nightclubs all have a higher-than-average need for security. A factory or retail business may need fewer security guards. A good rule of thumb is one guard per entrance, and additional security inside if there is a lot of square-footage to cover, a high volume of customers, or other liability concerns. If you have questions, a security expert can help you figure out your specific needs.

Size of Business

Factor in the number of employees you have, the square-footage of your business location, and the number of entrances to your building. You should have one guard per entrance during peak hours and maybe one or two guards for your grounds and building, depending on the size of your location plus the volume of activity and people.

Security Guard Ratios

If you need event security services in Hayward, a good rule of thumb in event planning is one guard per 50 attendees. This ratio can also be helpful in determining your business security needs. For example, if you have a large retail store and you often have 100 or more shoppers, you might need one guard per entrance, plus 2 guards to patrol inside. A factory with 200 employees and 4 entrances would need 4 security guards.

While there are many considerations that affect the number of security guards your business needs, the above rules and ratios can help you figure out the right amount. If you have unique security needs or questions, or if you need armed guard private protection in Hayward, reach out to ADS Guards. We can help you figure out how many security guards you need and answer any of your security-related questions. For a free quote, call 1-800-794-1550 today to speak with one of our friendly representatives.

How to Increase a High School Campus’s Security

With so many school shootings and other security breaches on high school campuses these days, it only makes sense that parents, students, and staff members would want to increase their school’s security. Children should have the opportunity to learn and grow in an environment without having to worry about the wrong person accessing their classroom and doing something unfortunate. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the problem of violence in schools, opting for on-guard security in Hayward may help. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to increase security on a high school campus.

Monitor Visitors

One of the first things every high school should do is pay close attention to visitors such as parents and volunteers. Each person who comes to the school should be required to sign in at the front office, provide a reason for being on campus, and wear a badge with his or her name and visitor information. All staff members should be trained to recognize visitors who aren’t wearing these badges and ask them to return to the office to retrieve one. Students should also be taught to report to an adult if they spot someone on campus who shouldn’t be there.

Create Anonymous Reporting Systems

One program that may help students who are afraid of snitching on their friends is an anonymous reporting system. For example, if a student hears a classmate talking about doing something to harm other students or sees a classmate with a weapon, he or she should have the ability to report that information to an administrator or another staff member without implicating him or herself. It can be as simple as a suggestion box or voice answering service as long as staff members check it regularly throughout the school day.

Limit Access to School Buildings

During class time, all students, staff, and visitors should be required to enter the building through a single entry point. Other doors leading into the building should stay locked during school hours.

Provide Supportive School Programs

While many of these security measures may stop imminent situations, they don’t necessarily get to the root of the problem. Teachers, administrators, and other school staff members can make some progress by creating programs that support students who may be at risk. School counselors and psychologists should be accessible. Bullying and violence should not be tolerated. Small groups, classroom discussions, and even schoolwide events should focus on preventing such behavior and fostering positive interactions between students.

Hire Professional Guards

Professional Hayward guard security personnel can monitor one or more entrances to your school and walk the halls throughout the day. The simple presence of a professional guard may make someone think twice before doing something dangerous on campus. Best of all, having a trained and knowledgeable security expert on-hand means that if something does go wrong, he or she can take the steps to stop it as soon as possible.

If you’re interested in hiring highly trained guards for a school, reach out to ADS Guards. We have been providing excellent security services to the Bay Area for nearly 20 years. Call 1-800-794-1550 today for a complimentary quote.

5 Common Misconceptions about Security Guards

Misconceptions about security guards and the services they provide are quite common. Some people envision stereotypical bumbling “mall cops,” while others picture guards who just sit in a booth watching monitors. The truth is security guards are highly trained, skilled individuals who can perform a wide range of jobs. Here are 5 of the most common misconceptions about professional security guards and the truth about what they do, brought to you by ADS Guards, one of the top security companies in Hayward.

1. Anyone Can Work as a Security Guard

Professional security guards go through formal and rigorous training to prepare them for many scenarios and situations. They know how to react to a variety of incidents, from shoplifting and fights to threats and fires. Trained security guards also follow a specific chain or action, know how to take detailed reports, and can adapt to the needs of many industries. 

Working as a professional security guard requires a stringent licensure and training process. In California, unarmed guards must undergo a 40-hour certified training course and pass an exam to obtain a guard license. Armed guards must also receive additional training to receive permits to carry a firearm, baton, and pepper spray. Professional guards must keep their training and certification current, recertify weapons permits every year, and remain current on security practices.

2. Security Guards Aren’t Effective at Deterring Criminals

Criminals don’t want to target buildings with security. They want weak targets that allow them to commit a crime quickly and without being detected. A security guard posted at the entrance sends a clear message that deters criminals and makes it difficult for them to commit a crime and escape before police arrive. 

The Department of Homeland Security completed a study that discovered security cameras prevent crime, but only when people believe there is someone on the other end of the camera watching. This is how security guards work. When they are visible, they demonstrate the building is defended and someone is watching.

3. Security Guards Are Only for Addressing Crime

Some businesses employ security guards primarily to address crime, which is often the case with construction sites, shopping centers, and educational facilities. Still, security guards can perform many other services aside from simply deterring crime. They can also help elderly customers, provide first aid, and evacuate the building in an emergency.

4. Security Guards Are Essentially “Light” Police

Some people view security guards as aspiring police officers who lack the training and legal powers police possess. The truth is a security guard is a professional position with its own strict requirements and standards. Security guards can be armed or unarmed depending on the situation. They also go through a strict training, certification, and licensure process. However, like police, security guards do have the power to make an arrest if they see someone commit a felony and they can reasonably detain the individual with probable cause.

5. Security Guards Are Too Expensive

It’s a common belief that security guards are only for the wealthy or very high-end stores like jewelry stores. However, many security companies offer affordable services that are designed for companies both large and small. Even small businesses can often afford to hire security guards, especially when you consider the savings associated with reduced shoplifting, employee theft, and other costly problems.

If you need professionally trained security guards for your business or residential property, reach out to ADS Guards, a leading provider of professional guard services in Hayward. Call one of our friendly representatives today at 1-800-794-1550 to learn more.

Safety Strategies When Staying in a Hotel

The travel and hospitality industry of the United States was battered after the 2008 Great Recession and the global financial crisis, but it has rebounded nicely over the last few years. In 2012, the market value of the American hotel industry jumped by more than 19 percent on an annual basis, and the overall state of security at nationwide hotels improved along with the wages of hospitality staff. All in all, hotel guests have reasons to feel safer in 2018, but there are still areas of concern. In April 2018, for example, a shooting incident at a Sacramento hotel prompted police officers to gun down a suspect while guests slept. If your travel plans include a hotel stay in the near future, here are some recommendations to maximize your safety.

Avoid Traveling Alone

Whenever possible, try to bring along a travel companion if you think your safety could be compromised while staying at a hotel. High-profile individuals and executives who may be targeted by activists and adversaries should consider opting for bodyguard services. Hayward bodyguards can provide personal protection to travelers staying in hotels.

Check the Security Measures of the Hotel

Some hotels provide restricted access features for the safety of all guests, and some will even coordinate the arrival and departure of VIP guests who travel with bodyguards. Restricted access may include key cards programmed so guests are allowed exclusive access to entire floors, stairwells that can only be used for emergency evacuation, and blocking off reservations for contiguous rooms.

Avoid the Ground Floor

Crimes of opportunity at hotels are more likely to take place on the ground floor because this location gives perpetrators easier access and escape routes. If the hotel is in a tropical region prone to flooding during the rainy season, you should also avoid the ground level. At the same time, you may not want to book a room past the sixth floor since this is the maximum reach of the ladders operated by fire departments.

Beware of “Evil Maid” Attacks

If you are carrying personal computing devices that store confidential or sensitive information, don’t leave them unattended in your room. Information security experts describe “evil maid” attacks as sophisticated attempts to extract information or plant malware on devices left in hotel rooms or remote offices used by travelers.

Test the Privacy Measures of Hotel Lobby Operators

After checking in, use your smartphone to call the lobby and ask for your room number, which should never be given. Stay on the line and wait to be patched to the phone in the room to ensure an automated recording does not reveal the number. A discreet and safe hotel lobby will allow you to check in under an assumed or code name if you explain the need for extra security. Your identity can be ascertained by means of official documents, but the public does not need to know where you are staying.

If you’re staying in a hotel and need a personal security guard in Hayward to keep you safe during your stay, reach out to ADS Guards. Give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550 for a free quote.

5 Common Myths About Internet Security

You probably have an idea about how important it is to protect your personal information online. From social media and email scams to malware and hacks, there’s no shortage of cyber threats. One of the best ways to protect yourself online is by separating fact from fiction. Here are five common internet security myths you might believe and what you should be doing to stay safe, brought to you by ADS Guards, one of the top security companies in Hayward

1. I Won’t Be Targeted Because I’m Not Important Enough

Many people think the internet is too big for anyone to take notice of them, and even if someone does try to attack vulnerabilities in their system, they don’t have very valuable data to steal. The truth is cyber-attacks aren’t personal and are largely automated. Cyber criminals will take anything they can get, which may be your personal information rather than access to an account. This is still valuable information that can be used to steal your identity and damage your credit.

2.Using Antivirus Software Is Sufficient

Think of an antivirus program as a flu shot. It can protect you against some strains of the flu, but not all of them and certainly not other viruses. A single antivirus program isn’t enough to protect against the thousands of malware threats circulating every day. Most programs do a fairly good job of protecting against viruses, but they can be pretty hit and miss when it comes to adware, worms, backdoors, ransomware, and many types of malware.

3. Public Wi-Fi Is Safe

Public Wi-Fi may be convenient, but it’s far from secure. Accessing personal accounts like email or bank accounts on an unsecured hotspot is essentially rolling the dice. There are many ways for even unskilled hackers to compromise a public network to see what you’re doing. One common threat is called a man-in-the-middle attack in which hackers intercept data when you shop or log onto an account. Cloning, which involves diverting you to a fake website, can also be easy to do over a hotspot. Many free hotspots at businesses, airports, and hotels do not even use encryption technology.

4. You Can’t Get Infected Just by Visiting a Website

Many people believe malware only comes from email attachments or that they need to be aware of downloading something to infect their computer. The truth is many attacks online happen when loading an infected webpage that triggers a drive-by download that installs itself. A firewall can’t detect drive-by downloads because they’re hidden among normal website traffic. Don’t assume general websites are safer than adult websites, either. It’s usually easier to hack hobby or general websites than professionally maintained websites.

5. Strong Passwords Are Enough 

While it’s recommended that you choose unique, strong passwords for all of your accounts, a strong password won’t be enough to keep cyber criminals away. Instead, it’s one of several layers of security. Along with choosing strong passwords, activate second-factor authentication when possible to create a second barrier around your accounts. This will require a second method of authentication along with your password, such as entering a code from your email or text message.

Cyber security is crucial in a corporate setting, as is the presence of highly trained guards. If you need corporate security services in Hayward, reach out to ADS Guards today. Call 1-800-794-1550 to speak with one of our friendly representatives and receive a complimentary quote.

How to Keep an Office Building Secure

In May 2018, detectives from the Fresno Police Department released amusing video surveillance clips related to a case they were investigating. The incident was first reported as a missing laptop. However, the investigation later revealed that a breakdancing burglar had robbed an office building at various times over a weekend. The digital version of the San Francisco Chronicle shared the video clips, which showed the 29-year-old suspect using keys to enter the office building and stopping at the lobby to show off a few dance moves. Aside from the quirky breakdancing, this case features some interesting details that illustrate the need for increased security in office buildings. 

Manage Keys, Locks, and Building Access 

Fresno detectives explained that the thief gained after-hours access to the office building using copied keys. It is not clear how he was able to obtain copies of the keys that unlocked not just the main doors of the building but also the office suites. To minimize this risk, building managers should consider switching to more secure locking systems such as programmable key cards and biometrics scanners. 

Utilize Remote Video Monitoring 

While the video surveillance system in this particular robbery served to identify the suspect and even catch him dancing as he stole office equipment, a more comprehensive solution linked to a remote monitoring center could have prevented the incident altogether. 

Purchase Alarm Systems with Sensors 

The breakdancing burglar entered the office building more than once over the weekend, which suggests the structure was not equipped with an alarm system or motion detection sensors. Even when facilities are not actively monitored, an alarm system connected to sensors that detect intrusions or suspicious movement around buildings can go a long way toward increasing security. Modern alarm systems can be programmed to send smartphone notifications in case of break-ins, breaches, and other situations. 

Post Security Guards 

The details of this case suggest the involvement of an insider who may have allowed the thief to make copies of the office building keys. Nonetheless, this incident could have been prevented if the suspect arrived to find Hayward security personnel guarding the premises. More sophisticated thieves can break into commercial buildings without the benefit of keys, but they would not attempt to do so if they know security guards are posted. 

Secure Sensitive Equipment 

The San Francisco Chronicle news report mentioned a missing laptop, which is an object that could have been locked away to minimize losses. Companies that have migrated their data infrastructure to the cloud are increasingly assigning laptops to their employees so they can access the office network. In this case, a recommended security measure would be to store the laptops in a locked server room that is no longer being used. Something else to keep in mind is that laptops should be disconnected from the cloud network at night and over the weekend to prevent unauthorized access.

If you own or manage an office building and need professional guard services in Hayward, get in touch with ADS Guards, a leading provider of professionally trained security guards. For a free quote, call 1-800-794-1550 to speak with one of our friendly representatives.

5 Tips for Staying Safe at Summer Festivals

There’s no better way to enjoy the summer than by attending your favorite seasonal festival. The Bay Area comes alive during the summer with dozens of popular festivals like the Berkeley World Music Festival, the Alameda County Fair, and the Hayward Russell City Blues Festival. Whether you’re in the mood for beer or wine, music, or a cultural festival, you’ll find an endless roundup of activities throughout the Bay Area this summer. Here are some tips to stay safe while you’re enjoying the sunshine, music, and food. 

1. Stay Hydrated 

If you drink alcohol, pace yourself and avoid becoming dehydrated. Becoming dehydrated is easy to do in the hot sun, especially when you’re distracted by music and you’ve had a few alcoholic drinks. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Many festivals have stations to refill water bottles so you won’t need to pay for water. 

2. Learn Your Way Around

When you first arrive, take a walk around to find out where everything is located, including the medical tent, shady areas, water fountains, and exits. You should know where the emergency services are located in case you need help. You should also note where Hayward guard security is stationed in case you need their services. 

3. Use the Buddy System 

Sticking with a friend or two is a good way to protect yourself at a festival. Don’t rely on your phone to keep in contact. Your battery might die or the network might get overloaded. Have a meet-up location in case you get separated from your friends, and make sure everyone is accounted for at the end of the night if you’re camping. 

4. Wear Sunscreen and Watch for Heatstroke 

While sunshine may be appreciated, it can cause serious health issues with prolonged exposure. Always wear sunscreen if you plan to be out in the sun. You should also recognize the signs of heatstroke, which can come with fever and unconsciousness when the body is unable to regulate its own temperature due to prolonged sun exposure. Someone experiencing heatstroke may not be able to get help for him or herself, so watch out for your friends. Heatstroke can cause the skin to feel dry and hot to the touch instead of sweaty. It can also cause flushed skin, rapid breathing, an altered mental state, and nausea. 

5. Protect Your Hearing 

While loud music and summer festivals go hand in hand, you should arrive prepared to protect your hearing. Too much exposure to loud noise can cause chronic tinnitus, migraines, and hearing loss. Keep in mind most rock shows are 110dB to 120dB, but continuous exposure to noise as low as 85dB can cause permanent damage to your hearing. Wear hearing protection that allows you to hear the music, just at a lower volume. Skip the disposable foam earplugs that muffle the noise and spend a little more for high-fidelity earplugs. Take regular breaks from the loud environment to reduce the dose of loud noise you are exposed to.

If you’re running a festival or another special event and need high-quality event security services in Hayward, reach out to ADS Guards today. We also provide highly trained guards for commercial and residential properties. Call 1-800-794-1550 for a free quote.

5 Ways Professional Guards Can Help in Emergencies

Above all else, people want to feel safe in their own homes, places of business, while out and about, and at special events. No matter the location, security is important because everything goes smoother knowing someone is there for an added level of protection. There are 5 main ways Hayward security guards can help during an emergency. 

1. Handle the Unexpected 

Security will have everything handled if a problem, fight, or chaos ensues during an event. Security guards have gone through rigorous on-the-job training to prepare for several types of emergencies. They know how to deescalate a situation, take away someone who is being problematic, and calm those who may be upset. 

2. Spot Problems Before They Get Out of Hand

Security guards have been trained to spot potential emergencies before they turn into full-blown problems. They are constantly surveying the crowd and paying attention to the behavior of individuals, which helps them spot those who may have a weapon or a suspicious package. Trained security guards know the signs of someone who may cause an emergency. 

3. Assist with First Aid

When an emergency occurs, security guards are typically the first to respond because they’re already on the scene or in very close proximity. Luckily, the vast majority of security guards are Red Cross certified in CPR, AED, and first aid. Thanks to their training, they can do anything from helping someone who is choking to providing a tourniquet to someone who is losing blood. 

4. Deter Crime 

A place of business or an event is generally safer when there is security making its presence known. If criminals see professional guards on duty, they’ll look elsewhere for an easier target. Guards show a place is ready for any sort of emergency, and those who want to commit crimes won’t want to go through the hassle. Crime can occur at any time, which is why guards are needed to deter lawbreakers and make citizens feel safe in their own homes and places of business. 

5. Step in Before the Police Arrive 

Depending on the place of business, you may need armed guard private protection in Hayward, which can come in handy if there’s an armed robbery or other situation involving a gun. Situations can turn deadly in a matter of seconds, and police aren’t always nearby. Armed security guards then become the first line of defense. They can spring into action immediately because they are often near the crime. Security guards have been known to stop school shootings, robberies, and more.

If you need patrol security in Hayward, get in touch with ADS Guards today. We have been protecting the Bay Area for nearly two decades, offering professional security guards for commercial and residential spaces as well as special corporate events. Call 1-800-794-1550 today for a free quote.

How Hiring Professional Security Can Save Your Company Money

The losses experienced by American retailers due to theft and robberies have been gradually increasing since 2014. The National Retail Federation estimates that store theft incidents currently account for more than 50 billion in annual losses. This loss amount becomes even more disheartening when adding liability situations such as customer injuries, conflicts between staff members, vandalism, fire, and accidents. 

The costs associated with providing security tend to give business owners pause, but the current liability and risk climate in the Bay Area certainly merits paying attention to this important business process. For many companies, the business expense of hiring on guard security in Hayward can turn into overall savings.

Deter Graffiti Artists and Vandals

Many business owners prefer to paint over graffiti rather than repeatedly file liability claims each morning they discover something spray-painted on their walls. The costs of this constant remediation can quickly add up, and the same goes for minor and cosmetic damages caused by vandals. These issues can get even more expensive when damages are caused to vehicle fleets or to the cars of customers who park in lots provided by companies. Vandalism and graffiti can be sharply reduced by the presence of security guards. 

Prevent Robberies

Retailers are not the only business owners who can realize savings when they hire security in Hayward. Any business that keeps a substantial amount of cash in a register or safe is at risk of being robbed. Cannabis dispensaries are particularly vulnerable since customers tend to pay with cash. Medical and dental clinics face a different type of risk. For example, in Texas police detectives have been investigating an organized group dedicated to robbing clinics and stealing data that can be used for identity theft purposes, which might in turn lead to fines and lawsuits. The bottom line is that preventing such situations saves money. 

Lower Insurance Premiums

In many cases, insurance companies offer nice discounts on policy premiums to business owners who keep security guards on premise. The types of companies that stand to save the most on insurance policy premiums include nightclubs, banks, gas stations, auto dealerships, and convenience stores.

Increase Employee Focus and Productivity

Security incidents in the workplace tend to result in a loss of morale and productivity, which often leads to economic losses and unrealized revenues. Employees who work at companies where security guards are posted tend to feel safer and focus more on their duties. Furthermore, they are less likely to escalate personal conflicts into fights. Another advantage in this regard is that employees do not have to worry about security matters when they know professionals are taking care of that business process. For example, employees do not have to review surveillance video recordings after an incident.

If you need mall security in Hayward or professional guards for another type of business, reach out to ADS Guards. We have been serving the Bay Area for nearly twenty years. Give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550 for a free quote.