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4 Common Outdoor Assignments for Security Guards

ADS Guards | Blog

Public perception of security guards tends to place them inside establishments. They’re expected to be found inside shopping malls, in the lobbies of corporate offices, at convenience stores, inside hospitals, and at various other posts where they generally operate under a roof. Just because security personnel are often seen indoors doesn’t mean they don’t operate outdoors as well. Depending on the security plan, more guards may be assigned to protect outside perimeters than interior spaces. Here are four of the most common outdoor settings where security guards are routinely posted.

1. Parking Lots

At very large shopping malls such as the Westfield Galleria in Roseville, outdoor security plays an important role in terms of overall safety. Massive parking lot sections that connect to major traffic thoroughfares are particularly sensitive to crimes of opportunity. It’s in the best interests of commercial establishments to make sure patrons feel comfortable parking their cars and safe when they transition from the inside to the outside. One of the most effective security practices in this regard is to make guards as visible as possible when they conduct routine patrols of the outside perimeter. When it comes to patrol security in Hayward and most areas around the country, the idea is to deter perpetrators and make patrons feel protected.

2. Event Security

The success of music festivals and other outdoor events is often underscored by effective security, and this is where guards often shine. Security plans for outdoor events tend to be quite complex and require tight coordination and precise execution by guards assigned to entrances, perimeters, aid stations, parking facilities, and strategic venue points. Depending on the event, guards may even direct traffic within the parking areas and before it flows out into the road.

3. Educational Institutions

While local sheriff’s departments are often tasked with guarding public schools in California and across the country, private security firms are more likely to do so at private institutions, where they can usually be seen patrolling outside sections. Many universities in California retain professional security services, and one strong focus is on guarding outdoor areas of the campus, especially where students are known to gather. Urban college campuses that integrate with local neighborhoods present special challenges, since security guards are expected to coordinate with local law enforcement agencies.

4. Personal and Executive Protection

This is a more discreet and specialized assignment for security guards because they’ll rarely wear their uniforms. In essence, guards who are assigned to personal and executive protection details act as bodyguards, and they can be expected to spend some of their time accompanying their clients in outdoor settings. Personal protection doesn’t necessarily mean one-on-one assignments. A couple of guards may be assigned to guard a group of executives or VIPs who are traveling together. In the case of assignments that require armed protection, air travel and crossing state lines will have to be coordinated so weapons aren’t transported but are still available to the guards.

When businesses and individuals want to hire security in Hayward, whether it’s for indoor or outdoor protection, they can rely on the first-rate service provided by the security experts at ADS Guards. No matter what your unique security needs are, we have just the right highly trained, experienced staff to serve you. Give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550.

4 Benefits of Requiring Bag Checks at Events

ADS Guards | Blog

Any event with a large crowd of people can pose a variety of risks. The most serious of these risks include violence inside the venue and large-scale attacks, but a gathering can also introduce other security risks, including unauthorized access to dangerous areas of the venue, drug use, excessive alcohol consumption, and even medical emergencies. According to the security experts from ADS Guards, one of the premier security companies in Hayward, CA, bag checks at your venue are just one way to minimize risks and offer the following advantages.

1. Create a First Line of Defense

Proper security at an event can reduce a variety of risks ranging from intoxication, drug use, and fights to unauthorized entry into staff-only areas or the event itself. Checking bags at the entrance to the event creates an important first line of defense to catch potential problems before they enter the venue, such as illicit drugs, alcohol, weapons, or banned items like cameras and drones. This is illustrated by a 2005 incident during which someone attempted to bring a backpack into a football stadium in Oklahoma. When he saw the bag search at the gate, he left and detonated the bomb outside the venue. In this case, the bag check likely saved lives.

2. Easy to Implement

Bag checks should be part of several layers of security, such as parking lot patrols, limitations on vehicle entry, metal detectors, pat-downs, barricades, and uniformed security inside the venue. Bag checks are also easy to implement and incorporate into any event entry, including sporting events, concerts, and corporate events. Instituting a bag check can be an affordable addition to your event security, and the inconvenience can be easily reduced by posting a clear list of security guidelines before the event.

3. Prevent Alcohol from Being Brought into the Venue

While guests may find a way to sneak in alcohol, they will also take advantage of lax security to compound the problem. Alcohol brought into the event can pose many risks. Guests will be more likely to become disorderly and potentially hurt someone else or themselves if they’re extremely intoxicated. This situation can also introduce the safety and liability concerns of underage drinking. If the event will serve alcohol, you may also wish to prevent guests from bringing their own.

4. Reduce the Risk of a Large-Scale Attack

The reality of the world we live in means any major event can be a target for a large-scale attack. Big crowds can pose an easy target, especially without adequate security. Bag checks create an important barrier, as professional security teams are trained to look for weapons, items that can become weapons, or suspicious items like a roll of wire or a screwdriver. Bag checks should also be combined with security guards trained to look for abnormal behavior, such as surveilling the venue, feigned interest in activities, and carefully watching staff.

If you’re hosting any kind of special event and need reliable, high-quality event security services in Hayward, reach out to ADS Guards today. We are a leading provider of security guards for special events, and we also offer security for residential properties and commercial spaces. Call us today at 1-800-794-1550 for a free quote.

How Does Cybersecurity Work?

ADS Guards | Blog

Cybersecurity helps a business stay safe from attacks that could terminate its daily operations. Although online technology is a powerful tool for businesses, a cyberattack can cripple a business’s infrastructure and reputation overnight. Cybersecurity deals with preventing these attacks, recovering from these attacks, creating a culture that discourages hacking, and encouraging growth in the technology sector. This type of security plays a crucial role in the marketplace and shouldn’t be ignored. The following advice is offered by the security experts at ADS Guards, one of the top security companies in Hayward.

Preventing Cyberattacks

A good cybersecurity system should be up to date and protect sensitive information. If your security system is strong, hackers might not launch an attack due to system integrity. The next best thing cybersecurity can do is minimize the impact of a cyberattack. Cybersecurity firms can safeguard your business’s information far better than downloadable programs. Although hiring firms to protect sensitive data can be draining on a company’s budget, having to disclose a successful cyberattack on your business could be even more devastating.

Recovering from Cyberattacks

If your business was successfully breached, you’ll need to develop another security plan to keep yourself safe. If you didn’t hire a security firm at first, hiring one can prevent hackers from targeting the business in the future. You need to build a stronger system if you’ve been successfully hacked. No one can sleep soundly at night if the door to the house is left open. Recovering from a cyberattack means reshaping your business’s network to make sure the system can’t be targeted in the same manner.

Creating a Safe Cyberculture

Cybersecurity also deals with how entities work together to create a culture that discourages hacking. By being transparent about hacking attempts and results, businesses can help each other. Hackers may be discouraged from operating if they see their efforts will be in vain. On the other hand, hackers may increase their efforts if they notice they’re not being actively fought. Businesses and individuals share responsibility for maintaining a culture that promotes vigilance and effort in combating cybercrime.

Encouraging Development in Technology

Finally, cybersecurity calls for increasing the capabilities and efficiency of virtual frameworks. Cybersecurity doesn’t need to exist if there’s nothing to protect, which is why defense and technological advancements go together. As technologies grow in new areas, the need to keep them safe also increases. If a business feels a certain protocol is unsafe to follow, they won’t put it into practice. Businesses should feel free to implement their technologies and know they’ll be adequately defended. If cybersecurity ceases to be effective against hackers, businesses won’t research technologies that can probably never be used.

Cybersecurity is a vital part of operating almost any business today, and it’s just as important as having highly trained guards to protect your physical premises. If you need corporate security services in Hayward, turn to the experienced professionals at ADS Guards. Call one of our friendly representatives today at 1-800-794-1550 for a complimentary quote.

How to Ensure Your Security Guards Are Doing Their Job

ADS Guards | Blog

It’s a common problem with contracting security guards: How do you supervise their performance? With the nature of security work, this presents a unique challenge, because you don’t want to literally have somebody “watching the watcher.” However, there are several time-tested methods for security guards to demonstrate fulfillment of their duties, even if they’re the only people on the property.

Record Rounds on a Time Clock

The idea is to have guards carry a device around on patrol, and several patrol stations have a token the device records along with the time and date. The old-fashioned model was a locked time clock with slots for keys, which would be chained to strategic stations and, when inserted, would make a unique punch on the clock’s time sheet. Newer technology involves a scanner or key card taken around to various checkpoints with barcodes or magnetic strips at regular intervals during the night. Whatever the method, the basic premise remains the same.

When using this method to monitor the effectiveness of security guard services, Hayward business owners should make sure the guard can reasonably complete the round on schedule. You also don’t want the intervals to be too regular, lest an intruder be able to observe and time the guard’s rounds.

Use Security Cameras

Nothing ensures guards are where they should be like having them on tape. Most facilities have camera surveillance recording to stored video. In fact, when guards aren’t on patrol, it’s not unusual for them to be stationed watching a bank of monitors with camera views all over the facility. You can have a supervisor do random spot-check reviews of video footage in the morning.

Implement a Report System

Most guards are expected to fill out some form of report detailing the night’s activities. You can use this report to gain more detail simply by requesting it. When setting up the particulars of the expected contents of the report each shift, you can ask to include information such as which cars were in the parking lot, comings and goings of shift workers, license numbers of delivery vehicles, readings on equipment if applicable, and other data. All of this information would be difficult to fake and easy to check.

Appoint a Supervisor

In cases where guards won’t be working alone, such as at a concert venue, it’s much easier to check up on them. However, even for one-guard posts on the night shift, most security contractors will have a post commander, rover, or other position. This person drives around to different posts throughout the night, checking in with one-guard posts and providing backup if there’s an incident. Whatever method you choose, remember the guard’s first task is to fulfill his or her duties. The burden of proving his or her every step shouldn’t become so intrusive that it defeats the purpose of being there in the first place.

You trust security personnel to protect your employees and property, so you want to make sure they’re doing their job well. The procedures and technologies listed above allow you to monitor their activities while maintaining a sense of respect for their professionalism. To hire guards from one of California’s best security guard companies, Hayward businesses should contact the security experts at ADS Guards. No matter what your specific security needs, we have the experienced staff to serve you. Call us today at 1-800-794-1550.


5 Ways a Security Guard Can Help During an Earthquake

ADS Guards | Blog

Unlike some other emergencies, earthquakes are impossible to prevent, but with preparedness comes a greater likelihood of survival and safety. There are five things professional security guards can do to achieve this.

1. Stay Calm Yet Alert

During an earthquake, a lot of panic may ensue. It’s important for everyone to remain collected and calm. Individuals in the vicinity may be looking to security for guidance, and if they see a relaxed but alert security guard, Hayward residents may be put at ease and allow the guard to better direct them to safety.

2. Encourage People to Stay Inside

While staying inside can at times be dangerous, it’s important to assess each situation and determine what may be the safest option. In some cases, staying inside offers the best chance of survival. To increase this chance, guards can advise those around them to use a solid table or desk to protect themselves from falling debris, watch for falling objects such as plaster, bricks, and light fixtures, and grab anything handy to cover the head and face to protect them from injury. It’s essential to stay as far away as possible from any windows, glass, and mirrors to prevent broken shards from inflicting injury.

3. Assist Others When Going Outside

If staying inside is a danger, a guard can assist others when leaving the building and ensure the exits are accessible and safe. If the event is outside, it’s best to stay outside. Guards can get others to move away from structures in the vicinity and safely make their way to an open area.

4. Watch for Live Power Lines and Gas Leaks

Earthquakes exponentially increase the likelihood of encountering a live wire. Live wires are extremely dangerous and should always be considered as such. Earthquakes also increase the chance of gas leaks in a building. It’s important for guards to eliminate open flames and use a flashlight instead of an electric light if needed.

5. Help After an Earthquake

Guards should advise others to refrain from running, as it could cause injury due to lack of visibility, tunnel vision, and shortened reaction time. Aftershocks may occur, so guards need to encourage others to proceed with extreme caution toward the nearest exit while protecting them from potential hazards. Professional guards can also listen and watch for signs of trapped people and assist them with first aid if necessary. Upon exiting the building, guards can continue to move and direct individuals toward a designated safe zone.

The number one priority for security personnel is safety, so they need to be prepared and trained to respond well in the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake. Companies who are looking to hire experienced, expertly trained security staff who know how to react with professionalism in a variety of circumstances need look no further than ADS Guards, one of the finest security companies in Hayward, CA. Call us today at 1-800-794-1550 to discover how our guards can assist with safety measures for your clients and employees.

5 Characteristics to Look for When Hiring a Security Guard for a Hospital

ADS Guards | Blog

Choosing a security guard for a hospital isn’t always a simple choice, especially when you’re presented with multiple qualified candidates. Knowing which qualities to look for in a good hospital security guard can ease the hiring process while allowing you to feel confident in the decision you make.

1. Honesty

Seek out a hospital security guard who is honest and open, especially throughout each of the interviews you schedule together. Honesty in a security guard is paramount compared to other characteristics, especially when a guard is hired to protect the integrity of a hospital or medical facility. Security guards must remain forthcoming and adhere to the law, which is why it’s important to seek out a candidate who exhibits truth and openness during the interviewing process.

2. Friendly Disposition

Working in a hospital is oftentimes stressful and draining. Hire a security guard for your hospital who is friendly and desires to work with both patients and medical staff. Friendliness and the ability to remain cheerful is essential when working in a hospital environment.

3. Communication Skills

Before choosing a security guard who is right for your hospital, ensure he or she has adequate communication skills. Security guards are likely to run into patients and other medical employees who need directions or assistance. Guards who take on a position at a hospital should remain open and committed to helping those who are in need, even if it doesn’t directly pertain to security and monitoring the premises of the hospital itself.

4. Alertness

During the interview process, ask questions about alertness and observe the behavior of candidates who are interested in the security position you currently have available. It’s imperative for any security guard to remain alert throughout the entirety of his or her shift, even (or especially) if he or she is interested in taking on an overnight shift. Security guards are on call throughout the entire shift and must respond to calls for help and assistance on a whim. Always verify the candidate is ready and alert to take on any task he or she faces while on the job.

5. Physically Fit

While physical fitness is not the only quality to look for in a hospital security guard, it can be beneficial when working in a volatile location. Security guards may encounter situations where they need to run or apprehend an individual, which is why fitness is a characteristic to keep in mind when hiring a new employee. In addition, if they’re looking to hire armed security guard services, Hayward hospitals should make sure the guard is licensed and properly trained in the use of firearms.

When you know what you’re looking for in a hospital security guard, seek out applicants and qualified candidates who are truly right for the position. With an understanding of the healthcare industry and hospital environment, hire a hospital security guard you can trust and rely on at all times.

The safety of your hospital, your employees, and your patients is your number one priority, so make sure to look for the above qualities in the security guards you hire. If you’re planning to hire security in Hayward, your first call should be to ADS Guards, one of the most trusted security companies in the Bay Area. We can offer advice on security staffing and provide highly trained guards for a variety of industries. Call one of our friendly representatives today at 1-800-794-1550 to schedule an appointment. 

Is Unauthorized Access a Risk for Your Business?

ADS Guards | Blog

Preventing the loss of sensitive business data and protecting the measures put in place to keep it safe starts with controlling and limiting access to the business premises. It also requires an appreciation of the risks that expose the business to unauthorized access and learning how to handle each one. Here are a few indicators you might have an increased risk of unauthorized access to your business.

Lack of a Perimeter Fence for a Stand-Alone Business

The first and most important security requirement for businesses operating remote facilities includes setting up a perimeter fence. A fence ensures you have control of the entry points that employees and visitors use to access your enterprise. Most importantly, a perimeter fence goes a long way toward deterring would-be intruders. 

It might also be a good idea to hire a company that provides guard patrol security. Hayward businesses, especially those in high-crime areas, would benefit from an extra layer of security around their perimeters.

Inferior Access Points

Are the business access points manned by professional security guards? Have you put in place proper check-in systems to sort between employees and visitors, or do they just show themselves around? The quality of the locks and doors also play a great role in determining the risk of unauthorized access. The more inferior the doors, windows, and locks, the higher the risk.

No Employee Identification Process

Even with manned entrance points, it’s difficult for security officers to recognize the faces of all the employees at a business, particularly in the case of large organizations. Therefore, it’s paramount to issue proper identification documents to your employees. This identification process should also extend to visitors, who should be given limited-access cards or badges.

Lack of Cameras or Manned Security

The availability of security cameras and security personnel within a business enterprise also goes a long way toward limiting unauthorized access. Businesses with an effective network of security cameras located at strategic locations as well as security personnel manning different entry and exit points report fewer cases of unauthorized access. Cameras play the biggest role in deterring intrusion.

Lost Keys and Poor-Quality Access Cards

What is the procedure for reporting lost keys or access cards within your institution, and how often do you change access codes for these cards? Businesses using traditional and inferior locking mechanisms such as locks and keys have a higher risk of unauthorized access, as keys can be easily lost or duplicated. Shifting to access cards that use redundant technologies doesn’t help either, as they can also be easily duplicated.

What Can You Do to Prevent Unauthorized Access?

After identifying the loopholes in your business that encourage unauthorized access, you now have to address them all. Start by hiring guards from one of the area’s most reliable private security contractors. Hayward businesses should then upgrade to high-quality access-control systems such as doors and digitized employee check-in. Most importantly, consider installing security cameras around the premises to deter intruders and provide a reference point that helps you identify unauthorized visitors in the case of a break-in.

Keeping your business and your employees safe is your number one priority, so it’s important to manage who has access to your premises. ADS Guards can perform a professional evaluation of your location to determine if and how you need to change your access procedures and equipment. We can also create a customized plan for security services that will meet your business’s unique requirements. To talk to one of our professional security experts and set up a consultation, call us today at 1-800-794-1550.

Safety Concerns to Keep in Mind When You Hire Armed Security

ADS Guards | Blog

When hiring armed security guards, it’s important to understand the benefits and challenges associated with armed security. There are several factors you should consider before hiring armed security guards, as their conduct will have a direct impact on your business. Below are some safety tips you should keep in mind when you’re considering the choice to employ armed security.

Determine the Level of Skill

Hiring an unskilled armed guard can be harmful to your business in several ways. An unskilled guard may mishandle weapons, which could lead to physical harm or property damage. In the event of an attack, an armed guard with little skill cannot offer adequate protection for your assets. To reap the maximum benefits of armed security guards, make sure you put their weapon-handling skills to the test before deciding to employ them.

Investigate the Security Agency

The surest way to guarantee safety in regards to armed security is to hire guards from a legitimate, fully certified security agency. Make sure to conduct extensive research on your preferred security agency to determine its strengths and possible weaknesses. Look for the best security companies in Hayward. Armed private security services are a serious step for any business, and legitimate agencies will provide highly skilled guards who are experienced and skilled in handling weapons.

If you choose to hire someone based on referrals, conduct an extensive background search on the preferred candidate. Failure to investigate your potential employee can lead to legal trouble, especially if the guard isn’t licensed.

Arrange for Regular Training

The decision to hire an armed security guard is vital to boosting your business’s overall security. However, getting comfortable with your guard’s skills could lead to complacency, especially when it comes to skill improvement. Organize regular training sessions on handling and storing weapons in ways appropriate for your business. No two businesses are alike, so be specific in your training to ensure armed guards develop the proper skills for your particular business.

Make Sure the Guards Are Supervised

Ensure your armed guards report to someone. In most cases, armed security guards are perceived as exclusive members of the security team. However, this shouldn’t be the case, as it can result in reduced professionalism and workplace discomfort, which are threats to overall security. Make sure to keep all your armed security guards on their toes through regular supervision.

Set Up Specific Policies

To get the best out of armed security, it’s necessary to explicitly list all the dos and don’ts. Stating acceptable conduct is important in ensuring safety prevails throughout the business premises. Although it’s reasonable to assume that armed guards are fully trained in professional conduct, it’s vital to be specific about acceptable behavior based on company policies.

The safety of your business, your employees, and your customers is your highest priority, so it’s crucial to make sure your security strategy is right for you. Armed guards may be a viable option, but if you choose to hire armed security, make sure you keep these suggestions in mind. ADS Guards is one of the most trusted armed security companies in Hayward. For advice on decisions about all your security needs, call one of our friendly representatives today at 1-800-794-1550 to schedule an appointment.   

6 Security Mistakes Businesses Should Never Make

ADS Guards | Blog

All businesses, whether large, medium, or small, require functional and highly responsive security services. Assuming an area is safe can be costly, especially for businesses that fail to set up necessary security measures. Below are six security mistakes businesses should never make.

1. Assuming Potential Security Threats

Never assume an area or neighborhood is safe enough. Whether your business operates during the day or at night, make sure to set up necessary security measures to protect the business from unforeseen risks such as burglary.

2. Failing to Hire Skilled Security Guards

A common mistake is failing to hire security guards with the necessary skills for your business. Every business has different security needs, so it’s vital to hire the right type of guards. Some premises may require armed guards, while others may need a service like construction site security in Hayward that requires unarmed but skilled guards. Before deciding which type of guards to hire, research the specific security needs of your business.

3. Associating Security Services with Additional Costs

Contrary to public perception, security costs are not an unnecessary expense. Organizations that aim to reduce operational costs often end up settling for substandard security services. Although skilled security services will incur additional costs for your business, you should view the expense as an investment.

4. Generalizing Security Needs

Different firms might have similar operations, but it’s vital to understand that no two businesses have exactly the same security needs. Don’t assume the security services your competitor uses will be enough to safeguard your business from all threats. Go the extra mile to examine your business and determine your precise security needs.

5. Failing to Keep Up with Emerging Trends

Unlike other business requirements, security needs are always changing in response to the external environment. Fulfilling a security need today doesn’t guarantee your business will be safe for years to come. It’s vital to keep up with trends such as CCTVs and other modern security-enhancing services. Improve your business security by incorporating new devices and technologies when they emerge.

6. Not Being Flexible

Most businesses perceive security as a one-off investment. They don’t see the need to hire professional event security services in Hayward when hosting events or participating in other activities that fall outside normal operations. Always seek professional services when dealing with events that require protection of business resources. Some events might require additional personnel, while others might require armed guards for enhanced security.

No business can afford to take its security for granted, and mistakes can be costly. ADS Guards can assess your security needs and devise a plan of security services that will fit your business’s unique requirements. To talk to one of our experienced representatives, call us today at 1-800-794-1550.

5 Strategies Security Guards Can Use to Detect & Prevent Fires

ADS Guards | Blog

Part of a professional security guard’s job is to prevent and detect fires in the workplace. Detecting and preventing fires can be done in several ways, but here are five methods that are among the easiest to put into action.

1. Ensure All Fire Alarm Systems Are Operational

It’s easy to assume a modern fire alarm system will be enough to prevent a building from going up in flames, but it won’t do any good if it isn’t operational at all times. Security guards can make sure smoke detectors, sprinklers, and other systems are in good working order. The guards also need to know how to activate these systems in case there is a fire

2. Keep Corridors Clear

People need to be able to evacuate a building in an emergency, which means all corridors need to be kept clear. On guard security in Hayward can move equipment and flammable materials to places where they won’t obstruct the path to safety or create any additional fire hazards.

3. Store Flammable Materials Safely

In some instances, it’s a security guard’s responsibility to make sure flammable materials are stored safely. They need to be kept in containers that are clearly labeled as combustible or flammable and kept away from any source of heat that could cause a fire. Most industrial and commercial buildings have spaces dedicated to storing these materials safely, but this may not always be the case, so security guards may need to be trained to know where potentially hazardous materials are able to be stored.

4. Make Sure Fire Suppression Systems Are in Working Order

Fire suppression systems and equipment such as extinguishers and sprinkler systems need to be in good working order and easily accessible in case of a fire. These systems are usually tested regularly and replaced as needed, but these regular tests don’t take into account damage that could happen due to unexpected accidents. Security guards should make a note of where all fire suppression equipment is located and contact the fire department if they suspect it’s damaged in any way.

5. Know Which Parts of the Building Are Occupied at Any Given Time

Knowing who is supposed to be in a building and when is a big part of a security guard’s job, but it’s also a good measure for helping people in the event of a fire. If there’s a fire and the building needs to be evacuated, a security guard needs to be able to reach those in the building and help them get to safety. To prevent arson, guards also need to know about any unauthorized personnel in the building.

Whether it’s to prevent damages from fires or deter theft, if you need patrol security in Hayward, get in touch with ADS Guards. We can assign one or more highly trained guards to your business. Call 1-800-794-1550 today for a free quote.