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7 Little Things That Can Help Prevent Burglaries

While burglaries remain a top concern and nuisance for residents no matter the size or location of your home, there are some very simple techniques available that can be highly effective in discouraging break-ins. Below is a list of seven easy ways to prevent burglaries, furnished by the Bay Area security guard company, ADS Guards.

1. Leaves lights, the television, or even music playing to give the appearance of someone being home. Most burglaries occur during the day when people are away for work. If a burglar thinks someone is home they will more than likely look for an easier target.

2. Lock all doors and windows with dead bolts if possible. It’s sounds like common sense, but an upstairs window accessible by the roof is easy to forget and a prime entry point for thieves.

3. If you’re heading out of town, ask a neighbor to bring in the paper and check your mail, or put your mail on hold with the post office. It may also be a good idea to let the police or residential security guards that patrol your neighborhood know about your extended vacation plans.

4. Cut down tall shrubs in your yard to eliminate hiding places for potential burglars. Tall bushes that block a window from street view are an excellent entry point for burglars.

5. Don’t leave a spare key outside your home, give one to a neighbor you trust instead. The first place thieves will usually look is under doormats or potted plants.

6. Don’t leave boxes from large purchases like appliances or televisions out in the open. Throw them away immediately so you don’t advertise expensive purchases and leave thieves wondering what other treats are inside.

7. Secure sliding windows and doors with a wooden dowel for extra protection. While locks on glass doors and windows are always good to have, the use of a dowel provides tamper proof security that will thwart unwanted entries.

Although there is no foolproof way to prevent a break-in, taking a few extra measures will go a long way in keeping your home safe. If you’re interested in finding residential security guards for your community, reach out to ADS Guards. We are the Bay Area’s leading provider of expertly trained security guards, and can offer you a free quote over the phone when you call 1-800-794-1550. We look forward to hearing from you.