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5 Security Benefits of Cloud-Based Data Storage

Data theft is a huge concern for many businesses. If you’re using the cloud, though, you might be able to breathe a bit more easily than those who use local storage. Below are just four of the reasons why cloud storage is safer from a security perspective, presented by a leading provider of Bay Area private security.

1. No Local Storage

Some of the most common types of data theft are done in person. When you store your data on the cloud, you aren’t physically storing it at your business’ location, which ensures that any potential thieves won’t have the opportunity to break in and steal your information.

2. Better Encryption

Data that is stored in the cloud is encrypted upon transmission and upon access so that there are two layers of protection on your data. This makes it harder for an unauthorized user to get anything useful from you when you are shifting data around. Plus, as extra encryption typically comes standard with cloud storage, it is an easy and proactive step to take.

3. Less Access

While the real selling point of cloud storage is that you can access data everywhere, storing your data in the cloud actually gives you a better ability to control who accesses that information. So long as you create a strong password and keep it private, there are few chances for your data to be stolen.

4. Outside Observers

As with many other types of security, an important benefit of having cloud storage that it ensures a second person is guarding your data. Both the information owner and the data host have handle cloud-stored data, which means that there will always be two sets of eyes on the information. Doubling up on your security means that outside access is less likely on the cloud.

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