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How Private Security Guards Can Fight Terrorism

The constant threat of domestic terrorism has given private security guards an important role to play in protecting people from serious harm. Since many terrorist attacks occur in public places without a heavy police presence, it is essential for security companies in Hayward to understand these strategies for fighting terrorism at the local level.

Practicing Awareness

One of the main responsibilities of any trained Hayward security guard is to be alert for signs of suspicious behavior. However, it is important to know there are certain behaviors that could indicate someone is planning a terrorist attack. For example, testing security features, presenting a false ID, and surveying a facility during multiple visits are all suspicious behaviors that may warrant further investigation.

De-Escalating Threats

Terrorist attacks tend to occur in overcrowded areas where people are distracted. Therefore, security guards should practice appropriate crowd control methods as needed to avoid having too many people gathered in one central location. If a suspicious device or car is found, it is also important for both unarmed and armed security guards to know how to isolate the potential danger so the threat to human life is minimized until the area is deemed safe.

Leading People to Safety

When a terrorist attack occurs, security guards can limit the potential casualties by helping people find their way to an appropriate exit or safe room. For this reason, private security guards should familiarize themselves with the layouts of the buildings they guard, even during temporary assignments. Knowing where a hidden passageway is located or which rooms are the most secure can be valuable in the case of an active shooter.

Acting as a First Responder

Following a terrorist attack, timing is critical, and it may be several minutes before emergency personnel arrive. Security guards should be ready to provide first aid to victims as needed and direct the arriving responders to the people who need help the most. In addition to helping the injured, security guards may also be asked to provide witness testimony to local and federal law enforcement agencies. 

Like terrorist attacks, many other dangerous situations can arise without warning. Make sure you hire professional security from ADS Guards to keep your residential or commercial property protected. Give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550 for more information and a free quote.