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How to Keep an Office Building Secure

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In May 2018, detectives from the Fresno Police Department released amusing video surveillance clips related to a case they were investigating. The incident was first reported as a missing laptop. However, the investigation later revealed that a breakdancing burglar had robbed an office building at various times over a weekend. The digital version of the San Francisco Chronicle shared the video clips, which showed the 29-year-old suspect using keys to enter the office building and stopping at the lobby to show off a few dance moves. Aside from the quirky breakdancing, this case features some interesting details that illustrate the need for increased security in office buildings. 

Manage Keys, Locks, and Building Access 

Fresno detectives explained that the thief gained after-hours access to the office building using copied keys. It is not clear how he was able to obtain copies of the keys that unlocked not just the main doors of the building but also the office suites. To minimize this risk, building managers should consider switching to more secure locking systems such as programmable key cards and biometrics scanners. 

Utilize Remote Video Monitoring 

While the video surveillance system in this particular robbery served to identify the suspect and even catch him dancing as he stole office equipment, a more comprehensive solution linked to a remote monitoring center could have prevented the incident altogether. 

Purchase Alarm Systems with Sensors 

The breakdancing burglar entered the office building more than once over the weekend, which suggests the structure was not equipped with an alarm system or motion detection sensors. Even when facilities are not actively monitored, an alarm system connected to sensors that detect intrusions or suspicious movement around buildings can go a long way toward increasing security. Modern alarm systems can be programmed to send smartphone notifications in case of break-ins, breaches, and other situations. 

Post Security Guards 

The details of this case suggest the involvement of an insider who may have allowed the thief to make copies of the office building keys. Nonetheless, this incident could have been prevented if the suspect arrived to find Hayward security personnel guarding the premises. More sophisticated thieves can break into commercial buildings without the benefit of keys, but they would not attempt to do so if they know security guards are posted. 

Secure Sensitive Equipment 

The San Francisco Chronicle news report mentioned a missing laptop, which is an object that could have been locked away to minimize losses. Companies that have migrated their data infrastructure to the cloud are increasingly assigning laptops to their employees so they can access the office network. In this case, a recommended security measure would be to store the laptops in a locked server room that is no longer being used. Something else to keep in mind is that laptops should be disconnected from the cloud network at night and over the weekend to prevent unauthorized access.

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How Hiring Professional Security Can Save Your Company Money

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The losses experienced by American retailers due to theft and robberies have been gradually increasing since 2014. The National Retail Federation estimates that store theft incidents currently account for more than 50 billion in annual losses. This loss amount becomes even more disheartening when adding liability situations such as customer injuries, conflicts between staff members, vandalism, fire, and accidents. 

The costs associated with providing security tend to give business owners pause, but the current liability and risk climate in the Bay Area certainly merits paying attention to this important business process. For many companies, the business expense of hiring on guard security in Hayward can turn into overall savings.

Deter Graffiti Artists and Vandals

Many business owners prefer to paint over graffiti rather than repeatedly file liability claims each morning they discover something spray-painted on their walls. The costs of this constant remediation can quickly add up, and the same goes for minor and cosmetic damages caused by vandals. These issues can get even more expensive when damages are caused to vehicle fleets or to the cars of customers who park in lots provided by companies. Vandalism and graffiti can be sharply reduced by the presence of security guards. 

Prevent Robberies

Retailers are not the only business owners who can realize savings when they hire security in Hayward. Any business that keeps a substantial amount of cash in a register or safe is at risk of being robbed. Cannabis dispensaries are particularly vulnerable since customers tend to pay with cash. Medical and dental clinics face a different type of risk. For example, in Texas police detectives have been investigating an organized group dedicated to robbing clinics and stealing data that can be used for identity theft purposes, which might in turn lead to fines and lawsuits. The bottom line is that preventing such situations saves money. 

Lower Insurance Premiums

In many cases, insurance companies offer nice discounts on policy premiums to business owners who keep security guards on premise. The types of companies that stand to save the most on insurance policy premiums include nightclubs, banks, gas stations, auto dealerships, and convenience stores.

Increase Employee Focus and Productivity

Security incidents in the workplace tend to result in a loss of morale and productivity, which often leads to economic losses and unrealized revenues. Employees who work at companies where security guards are posted tend to feel safer and focus more on their duties. Furthermore, they are less likely to escalate personal conflicts into fights. Another advantage in this regard is that employees do not have to worry about security matters when they know professionals are taking care of that business process. For example, employees do not have to review surveillance video recordings after an incident.

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5 Reasons Your Business Should Have Security Cameras

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According to statistics compiled by the National Retail Federation, California was the state with the highest incidence of organized retail crime in 2017. On a national level, organized retail crime represents $30 billion in annual losses, and the bulk of these losses are perpetrated by sophisticated crews that know how to exploit security weaknesses. Professional thieves and shoplifters work tactically. These criminals do not take unnecessary risks. Instead, they conduct surveillance of establishments and avoid those protected by security cameras.

The threat of organized retail crime is just one reason business owners should install security cameras in their stores, offices, warehouses, industrial shops, and clinics. Here are five other benefits of security cameras businesses should consider when it comes to corporate security services in Hayward.

1. Reduce Internal Theft

In the retail industry, loss prevention is more than just an important factor of overall business security. Loss prevention is part of shrinkage, which is something all business owners should expect and work toward minimizing. The National Retail Federation estimates that 30 percent of American businesses go bankrupt each year in large part due to employee theft. When staff members are aware they are being monitored by security cameras, they are less likely to steal from their employers.

2. Detect Corporate Espionage

The Center for Strategic and International Studies estimates that one percent of global business revenue is lost every year to corporate espionage. Although a significant portion of business espionage is perpetrated by cybercrime, the most damaging incidents take place at physical offices. To prevent trade secrets and confidential information from being extracted from workplaces, it is recommended to set up off-limits sections monitored by security cameras.

3. Document Accidents and Decrease Liability Risk

Insurance companies are known to offer discounts on policy premiums to business owners who invest in security camera systems. The basis for these discounts is that companies can provide digital video of accidents and mishaps in their establishments, thus reducing the likelihood of frivolous lawsuits prevailing in court.

4. Enhance Customer Experience

Retail establishment owners can review video recorded by digital cameras to evaluate how customers flow through the store and the factors that prompt them to select certain items. Store traffic is constantly analyzed by major retailers such as Target and Walmart. The goal is to identify areas of improvement in terms of store layout and product placement.

5. Increase Overall Safety

Business owners should think of security cameras as reliable electronic eyes that constantly monitor their commercial establishments. When paired with other security measures, cameras can boost business safety. Let’s say a camera and motion detection system is set up to be remotely accessed via smartphone. When the owner of a boutique gets a notification from the motion sensor, he or she can connect to a video feed to see if a burglary is in progress or if it’s just a stray cat prowling.

Though security cameras can be a great help to businesses, hiring a professional security guard offers additional benefits. If you need a commercial security guard, get in touch with ADS Guards. We are one of the leading security companies in Hayward, CA. Call 1-800-794-1550 today for a free quote.

6 Signs Your Business Needs Professional Security Guards

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When the need to hire security guards arises, you do not have to automatically assume operating your business has become riskier. Oftentimes, the need for physical security is a sign a company is expanding at a respectable rate. Here are five situations that will let you know the time has come to upgrade your security and hire professional guards.

1. Graffiti

The Bay Area is home to many graffiti artists for whom the walls of commercial buildings are irresistible canvas surfaces. If you are lucky, they will spray an artistic mural. However, you may also get amateurs, taggers, and miscreants who paint ugly obscenities. Graffiti writers do not generally approach structures where a night security guard in Hayward is posted.

2. Parking Lot Dangers

Here is a situation you may recall from the real estate bonanza that lasted until 2007 or so: the parking lots of banks, mortgage lenders, and real estate brokerages were getting filled with new sports and luxury vehicles as employees spent their generous bonuses during a time of great prosperity across California. Car thieves tend to notice these situations, and they often take advantage of unguarded parking lots.

3. Vandalism

Unlike graffiti artists, vandals are socially maladjusted and bent on destruction, but they will not risk being caught by security personnel. In some cases, acts of vandalism may denote political or even personal motives, which is a far more dangerous situation that may result in violence against staff members or customers.

4. Business Expansion

If you are used to operating a café in a quiet section of Hayward but feel you could get a lot more store traffic in a more popular area, you may want to consider hiring security personnel before moving into your new location. Your new customers may appreciate your business decision of posting guards if they feel safer when they visit your establishment.

5. Shoplifting

Retail establishments always expect some level of loss. If you notice your losses are piling up despite the use of security cameras, your next step should be to post uniformed security guards. Your store may be targeted by a sophisticated shoplifting ring that has learned to circumvent your monitoring system. These professionals know when it is time to move on, which is usually after they see security guards.

6. Robbery

An unfortunate fact of doing business these days is that one robbery tends to be followed by another one, and the same crew is usually not involved. Through word of mouth and underground contacts, criminals know when a successful robbery went down, and they may take their chances if they believe it could be an easy score. This situation certainly calls for security, particularly in the form of Hayward armed security guards who can protect your inventory, employees, and customers.

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7 Important Duties of Corporate Security Officers

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In the 21st century, the corporate world has become more visible due to its closer integration with other sectors. Former President Barack Obama appointed various business leaders to his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Similarly, the Trump administration also formed an advisory group of CEOs to shape the future of American business. As corporations expand their public outreach and become more influential, their security needs have increased. As such, the duties of corporate security guards have become more complex. Here are seven of the main duties of guards providing corporate security services in Hayward.

1. Protect Life and Property

In the past, security guards were mostly tasked with ensuring proper order was maintained at corporate facilities. These days, their focus is more closely tied to physical security. Executives who are in the public eye tend to stir emotions among individuals and groups who may not agree with a corporation’s vision and actions. For this reason, security guards keep a close eye on situations that may lead to aggression and vandalism.

2. Project a Corporate Image

Security guards on corporate assignments are often tasked to reflect the image of the company they protect. When they interact with visitors and members of the public, they must provide proper greetings and assist individuals who either are seeking information or who have business to conduct. Projecting a corporate image may also require guards to keep their uniforms looking sharp.

3. Provide Emergency Response

In case of accidents or medical emergencies, corporate offices now expect their security personnel to handle these situations accordingly. For this reason, every Hayward unarmed guard should acquire basic lifesaving and first aid skills. 

4. Control Access to the Building

This is a primary duty of special interest to corporate offices. Under the current threat environment, individuals who have not been properly screened prior to entering a facility could pose various threats, which may include violence, sabotage, and corporate espionage. 

5. Patrol the Building

Not all corporate security guards will be assigned to stationary posts throughout their shifts. Some may be assigned to roving patrol posts they have to cover in security cars, on bicycles, or on foot. Roving patrols are intended to dissuade loitering, vandalism, and sabotage. Furthermore, guards on patrol instill a sense of safety among employees, visitors, and the community.

6. Conduct Surveillance

The massive leak of legal documents dubbed “The Paradise Papers” is a reminder that corporate security needs to be more tactical. Personnel tasked with conducting surveillance may review video feeds and investigate situations whereby employees, partners, or journalists try to conduct espionage or leaking operations.

7. Act as a Law Enforcement Liaison

Incidents that require the involvement of local police departments may require corporate security guards to work with law enforcement officers and detectives in terms of documentation, communication, and preservation of evidence.

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What Services Does a Personal Bodyguard Provide?

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In the media, the life of a bodyguard is often glamorous. However, many personal security professionals work in less public positions providing support to individuals who need protection in their daily lives. Whether they are guarding a celebrity or flying with a corporate executive, the role of a bodyguard can change depending on the circumstances, and these are just a few of the many tasks personal security professionals may perform when they are on duty.

Defends Against Physical Harm

Hayward bodyguards spend a great deal of time keeping themselves in top physical shape, and their physique is often enough to deter criminals from pursuing targets. However, if necessary, guards can use force to protect their clients. They can also sense danger before it begins and guide their clients to safer locations.

Plans Safe Routes

The average person is often unaware of the many dangers that exist in public spaces. Before traveling to a new location, a bodyguard can assess things such as traffic flow patterns, crowd control methods, and private routes that can be used in an emergency. This type of planning allows guards to easily get their clients where they need to go while keeping them as safe from danger as possible. If a threat to their client’s safety does arise, bodyguards can simply move to their backup plan to reduce the possibility of harm.

Assists with Personal Tasks

Since bodyguards spend a great deal of time with their clients, it is common for them to help with personal tasks. For example, bodyguards may perform their duties while driving a client who prefers to take the passenger seat or needs to handle other tasks such as phone calls. When clients prefer their bodyguards to be undercover, they may also assist with tasks such as shopping so they can blend into the environment.

Participates in Event Planning

In Hayward, security services can be used for a variety of purposes. Personal bodyguards often work with security teams in other areas to develop their safety strategies. For example, a personal guard for a celebrity making a public appearance can speak with the event staff at the facility where the celebrity will be performing. During this type of planning, a guard can identify private passageways, assess safety features such as locks, and learn about emergency evacuation plans that are already in place. Once the event begins, the guard may communicate with other security officers regarding the movements and safety of the client.

Provides Support for Special Needs

It is also common for clients of security guards to have special needs that require professional assistance. For example, a bodyguard may help a client who has difficulty standing for long periods or needs support climbing in or out of a vehicle. Since a client’s physical safety is always the highest priority, guards can remain alert for signs of health issues such as low blood sugar or illness so they can get their clients the necessary medical help.

If you need a personal bodyguard, get in touch with ADS Guards, a leading provider of unarmed and armed security. Hayward residents claim they feel much safer with our professional guards on the job. Call 1-800-794-1550 today for a free quote.

5 Corporate Crimes Professional Guards Can Prevent

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Effective corporate security is a matter of risk management, protection, and prevention. To this effect, security guards can play an important role in preventing certain crimes from happening. By virtue of its complexity and economic importance, the corporate world is often impacted by crimes that can be significantly reduced or altogether avoided by opting for corporate security services in Hayward. Here are 5 specific corporate crimes that private security guards can help prevent.

1. Intellectual Property Theft

Two of the most spectacular leaks of classified information involved the perpetrators sneaking past security checkpoints that failed to detect data containers. U.S. Army Specialist Chelsea Manning stole military information in a compact disc disguised as a Lady Gaga album. Former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden used a Rubik’s cube to hide a flash drive containing espionage materials. These two incidents have prompted security firms to train guards for the purpose of preventing data theft situations.

2. Corporate Espionage

Trained security guards can discourage and prevent potential corporate espionage situations by means of their presence and observation. Janitorial staff members who act suspiciously, pizza delivery drivers who insist on entering the building, and journalists who arrive unannounced and demand to speak to someone are just a few examples of situations that may lead to corporate espionage. Security guards are trained to deny access to suspicious individuals, notify supervisors, and assist with law enforcement investigations.

3. Hacktivism

With insider threats multiplying these days, security guards can play an important part in the prevention and reduction of hacktivism, which is often facilitated from within by employees who have either infiltrated through the hiring process or those who have gone rogue. The Panama Papers is an example of a hacktivism attack on a major scale, and it involved terabytes of confidential documents leaked over time by an insider. Security guards are trained to spot suspicious behavior such as employees acting furtively around certain coworkers or working late hours when they are not supposed to.

4. Blackmail

Protecting life and preventing bodily harm are the most important principles of professional security guards. In the corporate world, blackmail crimes can include serious threats of injury or damage to property. Should a blackmail situation escalate in the workplace, the presence of Hayward armed private security should be enough to dissuade people from carrying out threats. Moreover, guards can also step in to protect employees, clients, partners, and associates should they ever be in danger.

5. Fraud

Similar to hacktivism, potentially fraudulent situations can be investigated and thwarted based on the observations of trained Hayward security guards. Some examples include IT staff trying to install networking equipment in unauthorized areas, employees constantly requesting new ID badges to replace lost ones, and visitors who are seen taking photos of office interiors and documents with their smartphones.

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4 Reasons Your Company Should Hire Security for VIP Clients

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Hiring executive security for VIP clients is one of the best things you can do to protect all-important relationships. High-profile people tend to attract a lot of attention. As a result, their presence can entail far greater risk than that of the everyday individual. Here are 4 reasons to hire a private security guard in Hayward if you plan to have a VIP client visiting your company’s premises.

1. Give Your Clients Peace of Mind

VIP clients often travel with a considerable amount of cash and valuables in tow. Having executive security on hand can help these individuals prevent unnecessary loss and the physical and emotional trauma a theft event will likely entail. Executive security guards have the training and experience for following their charges through a broad range of both domestic and foreign environments.

2. Protect Your Company’s Image

In addition to protecting the people who support your company, the right security solutions can also protect the positive brand image you’ve worked so hard to build. After all, no one will want to work with a company whose clients are regularly harmed over the course of doing business with them.

3. Ensure Continuity

Proactive and strategic efforts to prevent theft, harassment, and other negative experiences also allows for greater business continuity. If you’re eager to bring a high-value transaction to a close with a VIP client, you don’t want interference from outside parties bringing this process to a grinding halt. A Hayward armed guard can remain on hand to ensure things go smoothly from start to finish.

4. Prevent Liability Issues

It is also important to consider the liability your organization assumes when bringing a high-profile person into a high-risk setting. Having executive protection can be an effective way to mitigate both known and unknown risks. Professional guards can quickly and efficiently respond to a broad range of challenges while ensuring the utmost comfort of your clients. Not only will this preserve your commercial image, but it can also save you money in the long run.

If your company needs to hire professional guards to protect VIP clients or for other purposes, get in touch with ADS Guards, a leading Hayward, CA, security agency. We provide security guards for residential and commercial spaces as well as for special corporate events. Call 1-800-794-1550 to learn more and receive a free quote.