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5 Strategies Security Guards Can Use to Detect & Prevent Fires

Part of a professional security guard’s job is to prevent and detect fires in the workplace. Detecting and preventing fires can be done in several ways, but here are five methods that are among the easiest to put into action.

1. Ensure All Fire Alarm Systems Are Operational

It’s easy to assume a modern fire alarm system will be enough to prevent a building from going up in flames, but it won’t do any good if it isn’t operational at all times. Security guards can make sure smoke detectors, sprinklers, and other systems are in good working order. The guards also need to know how to activate these systems in case there is a fire

2. Keep Corridors Clear

People need to be able to evacuate a building in an emergency, which means all corridors need to be kept clear. On guard security in Hayward can move equipment and flammable materials to places where they won’t obstruct the path to safety or create any additional fire hazards.

3. Store Flammable Materials Safely

In some instances, it’s a security guard’s responsibility to make sure flammable materials are stored safely. They need to be kept in containers that are clearly labeled as combustible or flammable and kept away from any source of heat that could cause a fire. Most industrial and commercial buildings have spaces dedicated to storing these materials safely, but this may not always be the case, so security guards may need to be trained to know where potentially hazardous materials are able to be stored.

4. Make Sure Fire Suppression Systems Are in Working Order

Fire suppression systems and equipment such as extinguishers and sprinkler systems need to be in good working order and easily accessible in case of a fire. These systems are usually tested regularly and replaced as needed, but these regular tests don’t take into account damage that could happen due to unexpected accidents. Security guards should make a note of where all fire suppression equipment is located and contact the fire department if they suspect it’s damaged in any way.

5. Know Which Parts of the Building Are Occupied at Any Given Time

Knowing who is supposed to be in a building and when is a big part of a security guard’s job, but it’s also a good measure for helping people in the event of a fire. If there’s a fire and the building needs to be evacuated, a security guard needs to be able to reach those in the building and help them get to safety. To prevent arson, guards also need to know about any unauthorized personnel in the building.

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How to Determine How Many Security Guards Your Company Requires

There are several factors that determine how many security guards you might need for your business, like the type of business you run, your reason for needing security guards, and the number of employees and customers you have. Here are a few of the top considerations that can help you figure out how much Hayward security to hire.

Reason for Security

Let’s say you’re in a high-risk industry, you have a retail store that is experiencing loss, or you have liability concerns due to the nature of your business. Your reason for security in each of these instances will help you determine how many guards you need. For example, a big, busy retail store would need more security guards during peak business hours than a factory of the same size would need for third-shift coverage.

Type of Business

High-risk businesses like banks, entertainment and sporting venues, and nightclubs all have a higher-than-average need for security. A factory or retail business may need fewer security guards. A good rule of thumb is one guard per entrance, and additional security inside if there is a lot of square-footage to cover, a high volume of customers, or other liability concerns. If you have questions, a security expert can help you figure out your specific needs.

Size of Business

Factor in the number of employees you have, the square-footage of your business location, and the number of entrances to your building. You should have one guard per entrance during peak hours and maybe one or two guards for your grounds and building, depending on the size of your location plus the volume of activity and people.

Security Guard Ratios

If you need event security services in Hayward, a good rule of thumb in event planning is one guard per 50 attendees. This ratio can also be helpful in determining your business security needs. For example, if you have a large retail store and you often have 100 or more shoppers, you might need one guard per entrance, plus 2 guards to patrol inside. A factory with 200 employees and 4 entrances would need 4 security guards.

While there are many considerations that affect the number of security guards your business needs, the above rules and ratios can help you figure out the right amount. If you have unique security needs or questions, or if you need armed guard private protection in Hayward, reach out to ADS Guards. We can help you figure out how many security guards you need and answer any of your security-related questions. For a free quote, call 1-800-794-1550 today to speak with one of our friendly representatives.

4 Ways to Prevent Employee Theft

Employee theft is something business owners should accept to some degree. Most insurance companies and retail analysts consider theft by employees to be part of shrinkage, a business reality that includes shoplifting, breakage, spoilage, and vendor fraud. The issue with employee theft is when it exceeds the levels of shoplifting, which accounts for 37 percent of shrinkage according to a 2014 study by Checkpoint Systems, an American supply chain management firm. With the above in mind, keeping employee theft down to a minimum can be managed using the following strategies.

1. Maintain a Positive Work Environment

Corporate culture can go a long way toward reducing employee theft. If management promotes a toxic work environment, employees may feel empowered to steal cash or even items they do not even need. In this case, theft will be a reaction toward draconian work policies and a means to get revenge. A positive work environment shows respect for staff members and gives recognition for their efforts. Promoting goodwill in the workplace builds true loyalty toward the company, which in turn motivates employees to protect their organization instead of stealing from it. When a toxic work environment is left unchecked, employee theft can escalate into situations such as sabotage and even violence.

2. Retain Security Guard Services 

Uniformed security personnel at retail businesses are often recommended to deter shoplifting, but they can also keep employee theft incidents down. Security guards can be instructed to keep an eye on suspicious employees, which can be addressed during a staff meeting after a major incident is detected. Employees who know they are being watched by uniformed guards may feel self-conscious and perform their duties in a more productive fashion. Managers who believe organized shoplifters are being assisted by insiders will likely see these incidents stop immediately after hiring security officers in Hayward.

3. Install Surveillance Cameras

There are various ways to implement a video surveillance system, and none of them should involve decoy cameras because employees will quickly catch on to this ruse. Hidden cameras can be used in case of serious theft. Otherwise, visible cameras should be adequately monitored by loss prevention professionals. 

4. Be Smart When Screening Potential Employees

A Hayward security services provider can help business owners determine the best course of action regarding background checks. Naturally, arrests and convictions for fraud, larceny, and shoplifting are the most concerning red flags, but there are other signs that could point to a potentially dishonest employee. For example, an applicant who shows a pattern of working as a stock clerk or cashier for just a few months before resigning without explanation could be an insider for a shoplifting crew. An applicant who denies drug use and fails the test is another red flag, and the same goes for an applicant who provides fake references.

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5 Strategies for Deterring Shoplifters

One of the tenets of operating a retail business is that shoplifting is bound to happen. In fact, shoplifting is one of the main factors of shrinkage, which is defined as the overall loss of inventory. Retail business owners should expect some level of shoplifting in their stores. The National Retail Federation estimates that shoplifting accounts for nearly $50 billion in annual losses, a figure that should prompt store owners to take action in terms of loss prevention.

It is important to realize a couple of facts related to shoplifting: first of all, accidental shoplifting, whereby absentminded customers, employees, and vendors walk away with items they honestly forgot to pay for, happens a little more often than most people realize. Second, organized shoplifting conducted by professional thieves and insiders is not only damaging but also difficult to detect. Here are five methods store owners can implement to prevent shoplifting.

1. Rely on the Presence of Physical Security

Skilled shoplifting crews will do everything to avoid detection, which means walking away from establishments that post professional security officers in Hayward. Professionals do not want to bother with getting caught, dealing with the police, or having to appear in court. They simply move on to unprotected targets. 

2. Place High-Priced Goods in Visible Areas of the Store

When high-ticket items are conspicuously placed in visible sections of the store, professionals will sense a trap they will want to avoid. Amateurs, on the other hand, are more likely to get caught since they will be in plain sight of employees and shoppers. Business owners should join peer groups and online forums to learn about the most commonly lifted items. 

3. Organize the Store

A messy store will result in false shrinkage reports and encourage shoplifters who accurately believe the business is not managed well. When employees are assigned to keeping an eye on the facing of products, they will automatically become more vigilant. A sloppy stockroom will only encourage devious employees to take advantage of the mess. 

4. Avoid Zealousness

Posting a clearly written shoplifting policy is a good idea, but store owners should be careful about going overboard with the measures they implement. As previously mentioned, some shoplifting can be expected. Trying to bring it down to zero with overzealous tactics may end up costing more than regular shrinkage and create an uncomfortable shopping and working environment.

5. Hire Greeters 

Posting undercover store detectives used to be a popular strategy in the 1990s until loss prevention specialists realized uniformed greeters are even more effective. Similar to the effect of a Hayward unarmed security guard posted at the entrance, greeters give shoppers the idea that employees are actively watching them. Shoplifting crews are known to test the waters by sending members to shop at a targeted store to get a feel of security measures. If they notice attentive employees, they are likely to skip that particular establishment.

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5 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make When Hiring Professional Security

As business owners in the Bay Area ease into the New Year, security should be one of their priorities when planning their business operations for 2018. A great deal of emphasis is being placed on information security, but this should not drive business owners to ignore the issue of physical security in the workplace. If you are considering American guard services in Hayward, here are five mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

1. Ignoring Security as a Business Process

The worst approach to security is to assume your business will not need it, which was the assumption made by the Barbary Coast Collective, the first medical cannabis dispensary in the Sunset District of San Francisco, when it presented its operational plans to the city council. Although the Sunset District is known as an Asian enclave where crime rarely occurs, the dispensary had to commit to posting security guards to ensure no one smoked or needlessly lingered around the establishment. The dispensary was able to secure the permit after this measure.

2. Believing You Can Handle Security on Your Own

Unless your business involves providing security guards to clients, you should not place your staff members at risk by letting them take care of physical security. This is a terrible idea in terms of business liability since it lets insurers know your employees will be exposed to potential risks on a daily basis.

3. Hiring a Single, Unaffiliated Security Guard

From time to time, military veterans and former law enforcement officers offer their services as security guards on online classified marketplaces such as Craigslist. The issue with going this route is that you have the burden of screening a new hire who lacks the support structure of a professional security agency. Do not be tempted by someone with a lack of experience who offers to work for very low or nominal wages.

4. Deciding to Use a Security Robot Instead

Due to the Bay Area’s status as a premier Silicon Valley community, there is a good chance your business will be solicited by tech firms offering the latest in advanced security measures, including robots. In December 2017, a security robot assigned to patrol the SPCA offices in the Mission District was removed after several complaints from neighbors and pedestrians. Months earlier, a similar security robot rolled into a water fountain in Washington, D.C.

5. Thinking Customers Will Not Like the Presence Security Guards

Several research studies conducted over decades show that customers appreciate the sight of uniformed security guards at retail, academic, and corporate environments, particularly in metropolitan areas. In fact, shoppers may prefer going to a store where they know a Hayward armed security guard is posted. Similar attitudes are often expressed by employees who feel safer when security guards are available to escort them to their vehicles when they finish late shifts.

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5 Benefits of Hiring Security Guards for an Auto Dealership

The automotive sales sector is one of the most lucrative in the United States, but it can also be one of the most stressful for two reasons. First, regional competition between dealerships can be fierce to the point of turning the sector into a cutthroat business. Second, there is the delicate security angle to consider. Here are five reasons the security plan of an auto dealership should include guards on premise.

1. Dissuade Professional Thieves

The inventory kept by auto dealerships can easily be valued in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars. Aside from the vehicles on the lot and showroom, dealerships with service centers, an auto parts shop, and customer cafeteria have even more valuable equipment to protect. This information is certainly known by sophisticated thieves who may not even be interested in the vehicles. The presence of security guards can dissuade criminals who take pride in avoiding detection and confrontation. 

2. Prevent Vandalism

Gleaming new cars on the lot can become tempting targets for disgruntled employees, unhappy customers, and even unstable competitors who wish to vent their frustrations in a destructive manner, but they will likely rethink their intentions if they see the dealership has retained security guards.

3. Make Customers Feel Safe

Sharp and courteous guards who wear crisp uniforms can be posted in areas of the dealership where customers can see them. This strategy lets visitors know the business owners care about them. The dealerships that are more likely to benefit from this strategy are those located in major metropolitan areas where criminal activity tends to be higher. Moreover, guards can also escort night shift employees off the lot so they feel safer as they leave. 

4. Deter Other Types of Crime

Auto dealership owners should not view security in Hayward, CA, solely as an exercise in loss prevention. As with any other business where large amounts of money are transacted and financed, dealerships can be vulnerable to fraud and money laundering. In March 2017, detectives in Maryland made several arrests at a large Honda dealership where customers in the service center conducted drug deals while they waited for technicians to finish their repair work. Security guards are trained to spot suspicious activities such as fraud, drug dealing, auto parts theft, and coercion.

5. Maintain Order 

Car dealerships attract customers from all walks of life, and not every transaction is guaranteed to close smoothly. Disputes between staff members and customers may occur from time to time, and they may even escalate into physically aggressive situations. For this reason, security guards are more commonly seen at dealerships located in jurisdictions where gun laws provide an easy path to ownership. A Hayward armed security guard can also provide peace of mind when sales managers organize special events.

If you need professionally trained guards for your auto dealership or another business, reach out to ADS Guards, a trusted provider of commercial security in Hayward. We have been serving the Bay Area for nearly 20 years. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to speak with one of our friendly representatives.

Why You Should Hire Security for Your Medical Marijuana Dispensary

As the marijuana industry continues to settle in various American jurisdictions, security incidents are on the rise at dispensaries and other places where cannabis is transacted. In recent months, two dispensaries were robbed at gunpoint in Sonoma County, a jurisdiction not generally associated with a high crime rate. In June 2017, the Cannabis Buyers Club Berkeley on Essex Street was also the subject of an armed robbery.

It is far too easy to assume dispensaries are more likely to be targeted by criminals because cannabis is often associated with vice. The reality is that this industry is on the rise. Therefore, more crimes can be expected as more dispensaries appear. Here are a few reasons dispensaries in the Bay Area need to retain Hayward guard security on their premises.

Provide a Safe Atmosphere

As with any other retail storefront business, the success of a dispensary is directly related to the customer experience. Cannabis buyers need to feel safe not just because of news about robberies but also because societal attitudes are changing. The last thing customers want to endure is a group of protesters assembled in front of a dispensary. 

Offer Protection in Dangerous Locations

The stigma still being attached to dispensaries forces some business owners to open their stores in areas where they are more likely to be exposed to crime. Municipal ordinances in some jurisdictions place too many restrictions on where dispensaries can be located. This situation will hopefully get better soon, but the ideal solution for the time being is to increase overall security with the help of trained personnel.

Prevent Loss

The risks associated with operating a dispensary tend to be greater than for many other types of businesses. The lucrative aspect of the cannabis industry can bring about a certain degree of temptation among employees, customers, and partners. For this reason, dispensaries should operate with greater security awareness to prevent losses. Even the best loss prevention strategy will not be effective without active monitoring, which is something a Hayward armed security guard can handle.

Maintain Business Continuity

Since operating a dispensary is not a typical business undertaking, many operators tend to be inexperienced in terms of managing a retail store. To this effect, some dispensary owners and managers neglect to formulate and implement business continuity plans in case of a break-in, earthquake, flood, power outage, or accident. Security guards are not only trained to protect life and property in these situations, but they are also familiar with what needs to be done in case of emergency so the business can continue to operate.

If you run a medical marijuana dispensary or another type of business and need professional protection, get in touch with ADS Guards, a leading provider of commercial security services in Hayward. We have been serving the Bay Area for nearly two decades. Call 1-800-794-1550 to speak with one of our representatives and receive a free quote.

6 Breaches in Security & How to Prevent Them

A security breach is defined as any action that results in unauthorized access to business systems, data, applications, or services. In most cases, a breach is a contravention of existing policies or a deliberate attack that takes advantage of an organizational security weakness. Current news coverage about security breaches tends to be focused on the intrusion of computer networks by cybercrime operatives seeking to steal data and disrupt operations, However, it should be noted that many of these reported data breaches have been prompted by breakdowns in physical security.

Here are some common business security breaches that can be prevented or mitigated with the help of security companies in Hayward, California.

1. Physical Data Leaks

The leaks of classified information perpetrated by former U.S. Army Specialist Chelsea Manning and former technical contractor Edward Snowden were respectively facilitated by smuggling data hidden inside a Lady Gaga CD and a Rubik’s Cube. These days, both the NSA and the Army have strict security checks of personnel and their belongings upon exiting their facilities. Businesses should implement similar practices.

2. Stakeouts

Sophisticated criminals will conduct surveillance if they have vantage points such as parking lots. However, they are far more likely to move on to a different target if they see a Hayward unarmed security guard on duty or if they realize their approach could be monitored by surveillance cameras.

3. Dumpster Diving

One company’s garbage can be a treasure trove for cybercrime groups that deal in network penetration and identity theft. Many employees who write down data on napkins that are quickly discarded never imagine they are compromising their companies. Assigning security personnel to keep an eye near dumpsters can discourage diving.

4. Ineffective Decoys

The strategy of posting signs warning about the presence of surveillance cameras is still valid, but only if the signs deliver on their messages. Fake signs and decoy cameras are not effective for long because criminals have become accustomed to testing them. For example, criminals planning break-ins could test exterior cameras with skateboarding, loitering, or simulating graffiti. If they do not see a response from security guards, they may continue with their plans.

5. Third-Party Threats

Outside contractors can infiltrate a business for theft or corporate espionage purposes. Let’s say an office building manager retains various contractors to paint interior walls, replace the carpeting, and exchange furniture. These crews should not only be properly identified but also escorted and monitored by security guards to ascertain they are not there for ulterior purposes. 

6. Insider Attacks

Two of the most common attack vectors leading to security breaches originate from within companies. Social engineering refers to probing by outside attackers who surreptitiously gain the trust of employees. This threat can be minimized by means of training. In the case of employees who have either infiltrated the organization or turned against their employer, they can be detected by security personnel if they exhibit suspicious patterns of behavior.

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5 Reasons to Have Security On-Site When Your Business Is Closed

As important as it is for most businesses to have some form of security during their hours of operation, a case can be made that after-hours security coverage is just as important, if not even more so. Here are five of the top reasons for having on-site Hayward guard security during the hours your business is closed. 

1. Provide Peace of Mind

Having a security guard on duty when your business is closed and no other employees are there can provide a certain peace of mind to management and company owners. Knowing a trained guard is watching over the darkened premises may instill confidence in employees. Depending on the type of business, off-hour guards can act as the eyes and ears of the company and help maintain a safe and secure workplace. 

2. Prevent Crime

Statistics shows most crime occurs under the cover of darkness. Most businesses, aside from those that run 24 hours a day, are closed during the overnight hours. Having a security guard present during the down hours can be a great deterrent to crime. Most thieves will avoid breaking into a place with uniformed guard protection. However, professional guards know how to spot suspicious activity. Their training teaches them to quickly analyze threatening situations and how to react to security breaches. Camera surveillance can be helpful in deterring criminal activity, but a human guard provides a much better visual deterrent. If your company has the proper signage posted around the perimeter stating armed guards are on duty, this alone may deter criminals from attempting entry. 

3. Handle Crimes in Progress

Security guards are trained in the proper ways to respond to crimes. In some cases, the guard might be instructed to simply write down the details of a criminal act and call the police for action. However, some companies want their security guards to take a more active role and detain the intruders. The guards who are trained to do this type of work are usually armed. In many cases, off-duty police officers from the area are hired to do this level of guard work. In our litigious world where people sue businesses at the drop of a hat, it’s important that the guards who are authorized to make arrests and detain suspects are thoroughly trained. 

4. Call for Help in the Event of a Fire

A night security guard in Hayward can also be a strong defense against fire consuming a closed business. It’s hard to beat the eyes, ears, and sense of smell of a trained human in sensing a fire, locating it, and reacting by containing it and/or calling the fire department. 

5. Lower Insurance Premiums

Employing security guards to protect your building and its contents against burglars and fires during off-duty hours may result in lower property insurance premiums for the company. Check with your commercial insurance company to see what types of discounts are available.

If you need a highly trained security guard to watch over your business during off-hours, get in touch with ADS Guards, a trusted provider of commercial security in Hayward. We also provide professional security for residential properties and special corporate events. Call 1-800-794-1550 today to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.

5 Reasons Every Movie Theater Should Have a Security Guard

Movie theaters consist of a blend of many types of people, both those who work there and those watching the films. To ensure the area is well covered and cared for, theater management might want to hire a security guard in Hayward to oversee the inside and outside of the building. Here are 5 major reasons why.

1. Make Patrons Feel More Secure

This is the number one reason for hiring professional guard services in Hayward. It is important for customers to always feel comfortable, safe, and accommodated when they watch a film or attend an event. Just seeing a security guard on the premises upon arrival can make them feel more secure while they are enjoying themselves. 

2. Keep Employees Safe

Employees are important to a theater’s success. Simple steps like walking staff to their cars late at night can make them feel important and appreciated. Stepping in to assist with dissatisfied or angry customers gives them the support and backup they sometimes require.

3. Prevent Property Damage

Graffiti, car break-ins, and other types of vandalism should be almost nonexistent if the area is thoroughly patrolled at all times. If there is a gaming area in the theater, the machines will be well patrolled and protected from abuse and damage if a professional armed or unarmed guard is onsite. 

4. Increase the Theater’s Reputation

Parents are more apt to drop off their teens at a theater they know is guarded and well protected. Moviegoers will be more relaxed and engaged. This rise in the movie theater’s reputation may cause business to increase and possibly become the main source of film entertainment in the area. 

5. Provide Extra Customer Service

Employees at the ticket counters and food service areas can get very busy at times. Just having an extra individual who is capable of pointing out restrooms, specific viewing rooms, and exits can be a great asset to a movie theater. A guard with an outgoing personality and a willingness to assist will likely become a popular figure during peak times. 

If you manage a movie theater and have been thinking about hiring professional security for these or other reasons, reach out to ADS Guards, a leading provider of professional security guards. We have been doing business in the Bay Area for nearly 20 years. Call 1-800-794-1550 to learn more and receive a free quote.