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4 Reasons to Opt for Employee Termination Security

Companies today are under more scrutiny than ever, and workplace violence can be a real concern for some business owners. With the economy struggling, you may be forced to let some employees go, and some of those employees may become aggressive as a result. If you suspect this could happen when you have to fire someone, you may want to consider security guard services in Hayward. Here are 4 reasons why it makes sense to invest in this sort of protection. 

1. Preventing Lawsuits

We live in a litigious society where people are often looking for an opportunity to sue. If you have a good idea a person may turn violent when he or she is fired, you could be liable for negligence if you fail to protect your other employees. Hiring employee termination security can help satisfy your duty under the law to protect your company and its employees. 

2. Avoiding Workplace Disruptions

Well-trained security personnel can help smooth out situations that might have otherwise gotten ugly. If you are worried your workplace might experience a costly disruption, having a corporate security team in place to escort the fired employee from the premises is a key element. You’ll signal to the rest of your employees that it’s business as usual in the office despite the layoff. 

3. Shielding High-Value Personnel

The people doing the firing tend to be upper-level executives. While all people in your company are valuable, these individuals are likely the most integral to the company’s success. A Hayward armed security guard can ensure the termination is completed without high-value management personnel being injured or otherwise impacted by the person you are letting go. 

4. Adding Witnesses for Employment Law Protection

It’s common for people who are fired to concoct stories about the things that happened during their termination. Some cry discrimination, while others will claim they were roughed up. When you hire a security guard to help with the process, you’ll have more than just physical protection. You’ll also have an extra witness there who can attest to the lawfulness of the termination if there happens to be a dispute.

Whether it’s for extra protection during a termination or for keeping your business secure on a regular basis, ADS Guards is here to provide high-quality corporate and executive security. Give us a call at 1-800-794-1550 to learn more. We hope to hear from you soon.

How Can Using a Corporate Security Guard Benefit Your Business?

Investing in corporate security is one of the best things you can do for your commercial image and your business overall. Having trained security guards onsite can minimize disruptions to your daily operations and give everyone an increased sense of safety. Following are a few of the benefits your company can gain from employing these services.

Excellent Customer Service

Guards are often the first people customers see upon entering business facilities. Because of this, they make excellent customer service ambassadors, acting as escorts or directing your clients and associates to the right departments for their needs.

Criminal Deterrence

A security presence is a great deterrent against vandalism and theft. Criminals are far less likely to target your location when they see uniformed guards are present. This can in turn minimize the overall amount of criminal activity your organization has to contend with.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Hiring corporate security guards can also lower the risk insurance companies take on when working with you. As a result, insurers often offer lower premiums for companies with their own diligent security measures in place. The savings you gain here can offset your spending in other areas.

Calming of Tense Situations

Corporate security guards are trained to avoid the use of brute force whenever possible. They have the ability to defuse tense situations in a calm, easy, and rapid manner. Whether leading a disgruntled employee off the premises or addressing suspicious activities, the professionals you hire can take care of problems without making a disruptive scene.

Increased Peace of Mind

One of the greatest benefits in using corporate security is increased peace of mind. This is especially true for companies with high-value assets onsite. Company owners and their teams can focus on important business needs while trusting their uniformed guards to maintain an acceptable level of safety at all times.

These are just a few of the reasons hiring corporate security might be a good idea for your business. To learn more about Bay Area security guard services, call the security experts at ADS Guards at 1-800-794-1550. We provide highly trained security guards for your corporate offices or buildings as well as for your commercial events. Call today for a free quote.

5 Security Benefits of Cloud-Based Data Storage

Data theft is a huge concern for many businesses. If you’re using the cloud, though, you might be able to breathe a bit more easily than those who use local storage. Below are just four of the reasons why cloud storage is safer from a security perspective, presented by a leading provider of Bay Area private security.

1. No Local Storage

Some of the most common types of data theft are done in person. When you store your data on the cloud, you aren’t physically storing it at your business’ location, which ensures that any potential thieves won’t have the opportunity to break in and steal your information.

2. Better Encryption

Data that is stored in the cloud is encrypted upon transmission and upon access so that there are two layers of protection on your data. This makes it harder for an unauthorized user to get anything useful from you when you are shifting data around. Plus, as extra encryption typically comes standard with cloud storage, it is an easy and proactive step to take.

3. Less Access

While the real selling point of cloud storage is that you can access data everywhere, storing your data in the cloud actually gives you a better ability to control who accesses that information. So long as you create a strong password and keep it private, there are few chances for your data to be stolen.

4. Outside Observers

As with many other types of security, an important benefit of having cloud storage that it ensures a second person is guarding your data. Both the information owner and the data host have handle cloud-stored data, which means that there will always be two sets of eyes on the information. Doubling up on your security means that outside access is less likely on the cloud.

If you’re also looking for a way to keep your business’ physical property secure, turn to ADS Guards. We are a top provider of Bay Area corporate security guards, offering a range of security services, including night-time patrol, gate-house security, and video surveillance, to help ensure that your business is safe twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. To learn more about our security services and get a complimentary estimate, give us a call at 1-800-794-1550.

4 Benefits of Hiring Corporate Security For Your Business

Today many businesses use corporate security guards in the Bay Area for retail, office, and commercial spaces. If you are concerned about keeping your business safe for employees and clientele alike, hiring security guards may be the right choice. Check out the following top reasons companies in the Bay Area hire security guards to keep their business secure.

1. Promotes Customer Comfort

Especially in high crime areas, many customers find the visible presence of uniformed security guards reassuring. Guards may also assist customers by directing them to facilities and checkout areas, and by helping to monitor parking areas.

2. Deters Employee Offenses

Security guards can sometimes deter crime by virtue of their presence. Guards help retailers and offices reduce dishonest behavior by keeping their eyes on suspicious employees. They may also monitor inventory areas and serve as a liaison with police during investigations of white-collar crime.

3. Stops Shoplifters

In retail stores, security personnel may dissuade and/or apprehend shoplifters. Knowing that there would be repercussions for forbidden conduct is often enough to intimidate law-breakers. As with deterring employee crime, the presence of a uniformed guard can deter shoplifters. Plainclothes guards, on the other hand, can watch for and apprehend shoplifters without alerting the potential criminals of his presence.

4. Ensures Emergency Assistance

Finally, private security guards assist many companies by offering a focal point for internal emergency responses to natural disasters or accidents. Usually, guards possess training in CPR and other accident response measures. Should someone require immediate medical assistance, they are often in a good position to contact emergency services and to help victims.

If your business is considering hiring Bay Area security guards, reach out to ADS Guards, a leading provider of private security, at 1-800-794-1550 for a free estimate. We look forward to helping you protect your business!

Social Media Security Tips for Businesses

Some companies have harnessed the power of social media to increase business, however, not every employer is keen on social media use in the workplace. Regardless which side you’re on, it’s worthwhile to have a discussion with your team about social media activity. Although our focus is on providing security guards in the Bay Area, we’ve put together a few social media tips that will help keep your employees and business safe.

1. Limit Access

Experts agree that banning social media altogether is often more dangerous than it is beneficial. However, some sites are safer and more appropriate than others. Distribute a list of appropriate and inappropriate sites and block the later.

2. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Employees may not fully understand what is private and what is public knowledge. If your company has a lot of proprietary and/or sensitive information, you might consider having each employee sign an NDA agreement explaining that employees are not allowed to disclose their employer nor protected company information on their social media pages.

3. Privacy Settings and Employment Posts

Teach your employees how to manage their privacy settings. More individuals than you might think do not understand them. Also, recommend they refrain from making any public posts pertaining to their employment for their personal safety as well as the safety of the company.

4. Social Media Company Policy

Establish a company-wide social media policy. You might include details pertaining to permissible employment-related posts and the dangers of posting employment information publicly. This is especially important for companies that use social media to their benefit and frequently request employees post business-related items. Be clear and concise, and adapt and update these policies as technology changes.

5. Continued Maintenance

Once policies and education has been implemented, you must continue to educate and monitor activity. You should also ensure you have the best network protection possibly to prevent attacks through social media sites.

Teaching your team how to protect themselves and company information is just good business, whether or not you invite the public in through social media. Even companies that use sites daily to boost traffic, sales, awareness, etc., should establish good practices to avoid potential problems.

If you’re less concerned about social media security and more concerned about physical security, reach out to ADS Guards in the Bay Area. We’ve been providing trained Bay Area security guards for more than 15 years to a wide variety of businesses and establishments. Give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550 for a free quote.

Top Reasons for Mall Security Guards

Over the course of a day, shopping malls attract thousands of customers. This can mean large crowds, increased chance of theft, and potential customer conflict. Here are the top five reasons all shopping malls should have security guards on staff, brought to you by the Bay Area security guard experts, ADS Guards.

1. Crime deterrent

Research shows the presence of a security guard deters crime. With a security guard on duty, people will think twice before committing an illegal act. This helps create a safe environment and makes customers feel more comfortable when shopping.

2. Assist shoppers

Some shoppers may simply need a helping hand. Whether they are seeking directions or store hours, the security guard will be able to provide the necessary assistance. Security guards can also provide shoppers with an escort to the car if they leave the store late or with an expensive purchase.

3. Emergency response

In the event that a visitor gets injured, someone needs to be able to provide immediate first aid. Luckily, security guards are trained to handle emergency situations. Whether it’s performing CPR or keeping people calm in a hostage situation, having a security guard trained in emergency response is an invaluable asset to any retail space.

4. Crowd control

Shopping malls can get extremely crowded, especially during the holidays. Trained security guards know how to control large groups of people and can force certain visitors to leave the premises if necessary. Or, if a child gets lost the security guard can keep him or her safe until the parents are located.

5. Handle hostile situations

Unfortunately, a hostile situation may arise at some point. For example, a group of people may be involved in a heated dispute. The security guard will be able to calm the situation and is trained in Power of Arrest should it come to that.

If you’re interested in security guard services, look to ADS Guards. We are the Bay Area’s most trusted provider of security service and have been in business for over 20 years. To learn more about our available services, contact us or give us a call at 1-800-794-1550.

Thinking of Hiring a Security Guard Company? 3 Reasons it’s Time

Hiring a Bay Area security guard company is a serious investment that your business has been able to put off to this point. But if you can relate to any of the following, then it is time to hire a quality security guard company.

Inventory is Going Missing

If inventory is disappearing, hiring a security guard will help deter theft. Depending on the business, you can hire either an unarmed or armed security guard to patrol the premise. When selecting a security company, inquire about the training guards receive to handle on-site criminal activity.

Your Company is Growing

When your company first started out, you did not feel you needed a security company because the retail sales floor was small and your customer base was still growing. Now that your company has expanded and gained a sizable customer base, it is time to bring in professionally trained security guards. If your company has moved to a new location and parking is off-site, a security guard can also ensure employees who work late get to their car safely.

You Want to Protect Your Customers

Hiring a security firm gives your organization a professional look, and shows that as a business owner you care about the safety of your employees and your customers. Also, if you do not have adequate security and something happens to one of your customers while they are in your establishment, your company could be liable. When you hire a professional security guard company, you are protecting your clients and your business at the same time. Clients will have peace of mind while at your business, as will you.

An investment in hiring a security guard company for your business is an investment in the future of your company. If you’re ready to take the next step in your company’s development and find a professional security guard company to protect your business, reach out to ADS Guards. We provide commercial and corporate security for businesses in the Bay Area, and have been successfully helping companies stay safe for more than a decade. Call 1-800-794-1550 to learn more about our services.

Throwing a Big Holiday Party? Consider Hiring Security.

If you are in the process of planning a big holiday party, you probably have a lot on your mind. While you’ve already thought about things like the food that you will serve, the decorations that you will put up and the invitations that you will send out, you might not have put much thought into security.

Yes, we said it – security. If you are throwing a large holiday party for friends or your business, security can provide you with many benefits, taking some of the responsibility off of you so you can enjoy time with your guests. Here are just some of the few reasons why hiring Bay Area security guards for a holiday party is a good idea

  • Keep Out Unwanted Visitors – Unfortunately, there might be people who will try to crash your party. If you provide your hired security guards with a list of people who were invited, however, you can help keep out those who shouldn’t be there.
  • Keep the Crowd Under Control – Large parties can begin to get out of control for a variety of reasons. Some people might drink too much and could begin behaving badly, or a few people might not get along and could start an argument. If you have armed or unarmed security guards on the property, however, you can keep these situations under control before they even begin to get serious.
  • Make Sure Everyone is Safe – You probably want to make sure that you keep everyone safe at your party. Luckily, having security on hand can help. People might be deterred from doing things that they shouldn’t if they know that there are security guards around, plus security guards can handle any problems that might arise. They can also help walk people to their cars and help in other ways to make sure that everyone is safe.

If you haven’t yet considered hiring a security guard company to help with your party and are interested in learning more, reach out to ADS Guards today. We provide corporate security for Bay Area businesses, special event security and commercial security and have been successfully helping local residents remain safe for more than a decade. Please call us today at 1-800-794-1550 for more information!

Security Needs: Choosing Between Contract and Proprietary Security

Choosing between a contracted security company and a proprietary security force is not as simple as many people may think. The primary issues revolve around expenses and the amount of security per investment dollar. Proprietary also known as “in-house” security can carry specific benefits in some operational instances, while retaining a contracted security agency may work better in other situations. There are advantages to both security provision methods.

The major advantages of hiring a contracted Bay Area security guard company are stabilizing variable costs and no need for micro-administration of the security service. When problems arise, the contracted security company is required to meet the specified terms of the security agreement to avoid contractual breach. The guards are employees of the security company and will be required to respond to company directives. Professionalism can often be a desirable component of retaining a contracted security company, and the company administration may have views on some aspects of security that a business owner may not realize.

For business managers who have a solid working idea of what the business security needs entail, having a company security team can still be a very effective way of providing security. The guards are employees of the business, and the particulars of their job duties can be altered when necessary for fluid businesses that have differing seasonal security needs. Additionally, hybrid security agencies can also be an excellent business model when the supervision is company employed and the guards are actual contracted professionals.

The most crucial component of deciding on a business security model is determining the particular needs of the business, whether it is a general community in need of regular protection and security guard patrol in the Bay Area or a business with unique and specific security needs. Filling out a security checklist beforehand can be very helpful. Asking questions about security company customer service priorities and special qualifications can also help.

If you are interested in learning more about security, whether your need is for commercial or corporate security in the Bay Area, reach out to ADS Guards today. Located in Hayward, CA we are the Bay Area’s trusted security guard company, offering reliable and highly trained guards and a comprehensive list of services. Call us at 1-800-794-1550 and speak with a representative today.

7 Easy Ways to Secure Your Business

If you own a business, protecting that business is one of your primary responsibilities. However, many new and even some experienced business owners overlook some of the most important components of protection. It’s not just about protecting the façade of your business, but everything it houses from your merchandise and employees to your proprietary data and client information. Business owners should consider these seven easy ways to secure their business:

  1. Insurance – Always carry insurance to protect your business. More importantly, make sure you know exactly what you insurance is protecting and the process for filing a claim.
  2. Cameras – While we often think of theft from outside individuals, theft unfortunately can come to a business from within as well. Make sure you have security cameras recording areas where valuables are stored to catch any individual attempting to steal.
  3. Security Labels – Mark your business with warning labels. These may warn potential thieves that the place is protected. It also might warn people that employees only have a certain amount of access to valuables which can help to deter crime.
  4. Variable Activity – Don’t make your trips to the bank with your deposit predictable. Vary the time and location of your bank drops to discourage someone unwanted to be waiting for you.
  5. Limit Resources – Limit the amount of information each employee knows about the financial practices of your business. This can prevent someone from taking advantage of your system.
  6. Cyber Protection – You must work diligently to protect your company’s software from being breached. Additionally, you owe your customers the responsibility of keeping their personal information protected as well. You may be held liable for their losses.
  7. Professional Security – Finally, you should strongly consider the use of professional Bay Area security guard services. These individuals are trained to protect your business. They come with advanced training and knowledge on how to protect your assets so you can trust your business to their hands and focus on your core responsibilities.

Don’t let the success of your business crumble by being unprepared and utilize the above seven tips to secure your business. To learn more about security guard services in San Francisco, San Jose, Fremont and other cities throughout the Bay Area, reach out to ADS Guards. We offer unarmed and armed guards for hire, all of which are trained in how to expertly patrol and manage the security at a variety of corporate, private and commercial destinations. Call 1-800-794-1550 – we look forward to hearing from you!