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Why Hire Professional Guards for Your Office Christmas Party?

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Though most employees look forward to a company’s holiday party, unexpected occurrences can jeopardize their safety. Don’t let potential danger become a factor at your holiday party this year. Hire private security to keep your guests safe.

Guest List Management

You have chosen the people are on your office’s guest list for specific reasons and have made it very plain who those guests can invite to join the fun with them. However, not everyone wants to follow the rules. Hayward private security guards can ensure only people who have the right to attend your event are admitted.

Guest Protection

Each guest who shows up is there to have a fun time. However, there may be people who show up determined to ruin the fun. Security guards can handle these unwelcome intrusions quickly and professionally while waiting for the police to arrive.

If your organization has invited VIPs to the event, opting for corporate security services in Hayward can ensure these important guests stay safe throughout the event. Security stays alert for any unexpected trouble, and you can even position a bodyguard near someone who needs extra protection.

Event Organization

Security can also be used to make sure all guests follow the established rules, such as where they need to park and what they are allowed to bring into the event with them. Using professional guards frees up your time so you can enjoy the party along with your guests.

Make your office Christmas party more fun this year by hiring event security in Hayward. Though professional guards do not have the same authority as the police, most people will respect their directives. If a problem does develop, you can trust their instincts and training to handle the situation, allowing you to enjoy the event with greater peace of mind. 

If you need professional security guards for your office Christmas party or another upcoming event, get in touch with ADS Guards. We are a leading provider of event, corporate, and commercial security in Hayward, and we also offer residential security services. For more information and a free quote, call 1-800-794-1550 to speak with one of our representatives.

Why You Should Have Security for Events in Open Spaces

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An event held in an open space can draw people from many different backgrounds and regions, especially if you promote it on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. In many cases, these types of events can appear more difficult to control since they do not take place within the confines of a building. You should consider having professional Hayward security guards present at your event because they can provide several crucial advantages.

Guard Multiple Entrances

In most instances, events held in open spaces have more access points than an indoor event, and security can help you guard these multiple entry points. Just having the presence of security is often enough to deter most crime. These professionals can monitor the demeanor and activities of the crowd as they enter and exit, enabling you to focus on the success of your event.

Control Crowds

Hayward security companies often use ratio formulas to determine the number of guards to allocate at events held in open spaces. These ratios are usually contingent on the type of event, the potential size of the crowd, and increased risk factors, such as having a dignitary present. For example, the University of California, Riverside police department usually recommends 8 private security guards at fairs and live concerts for crowds between 1,001 and 2,000. 

Patrol Parking Lots

Parking lots can easily become hotbeds for crime, especially as the attendance of an event increases. People vie for a limited number of spaces, which can precipitate fights and other violence. A well-trained event security staff can keep your parking lot orderly and safe as attendants arrive and leave. 

Handle Emergencies

Security guards are able to contact local law enforcement or emergency services should something occur at your event they cannot handle alone. With this emergency plan in place, security guards can act quickly and maintain order if injuries or other problems occur.

If you need security guards for the event you’re holding, whether it’s indoors or outdoors, contact the security experts at ADS Guards. In addition to event security, we also provide residential and commercial security. Give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550 for a free quote.

What Types of Professions Might Require a Personal Bodyguard?

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When watching coverage of people in the spotlight, it’s likely you’ve noticed one or more intimidating figures hovering around their personal space. If you assumed these were personal bodyguards, you likely guessed correctly. There are many professions that might require personal bodyguards in the Bay Area and other parts of the country, and here are just a few examples.

Government Officials

Current and former politicians frequently require professional security services to prevent attacks and assassinations. This includes presidents, vice presidents, congresspeople, governors, ambassadors, and those in other high political positions. Judges from the local level to the Supreme Court often need protection from disgruntled citizens who do not agree with their views or decisions.


Adults and children starring in movies and television are always in the limelight. Many of these actors and their families are at risk of obsessed fans becoming kidnappers, trespassers, and fortune seekers. Reporters who get too close for pictures and questioning during private events also need to be kept at bay.


People who put on musical stage productions or concerts sometimes need protection from overzealous fans, stalkers, and kidnappers. Fans may want to approach these singers, wanting to showcase a song they wrote just for them, and some fans also try to get on stage during a performance in an attempt to touch their idol or take personal souvenirs with them.


Many adults voice strong opinions about politics, the environment, unfair labor practices, and human or animal rights. Their views often hit the nerves of others who strongly feel the opposite. In some cases, personal bodyguards may be needed to prevent temporary or permanent physical harm to these activists.


People who write controversial or tell-all books risk retaliation from their subjects. Even if these authors are penning the truth, others may still feel violated and seek revenge. For this reason, highly trained bodyguards are often close by at book signing events.

Even everyday people who aren’t in the public eye with high-profile professions sometimes need personal bodyguards. People going through messy divorces may need protection from an angry ex-spouse, and sometimes children caught in the middle of a heated custody battle need a bodyguard to prevent being kidnapped by a parent or another adult. In certain instances, employers may need protection from disgruntled employees who have issues with their current or former boss.

ADS Guards provides personal bodyguard services for our VIP clients who need extra protection. Our guards can be fully uniformed or more discreetly dressed so as to attract less attention. To learn more about our security services, call 1-800-794-1550 today for a free quote.

4 Types of Events That Can Benefit from Having Security

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The unexpected can occur no matter what the event, and there are many different public and private functions that can benefit from having security guards available, even a few you may not have thought of previously. Here are a few events that may make you want to consider hiring event security services in Hayward.

1. Weddings

One the one day of your life you want to go perfectly, give yourself the peace of mind knowing you have a professional on hand to deal with unforeseen circumstances. From the uncle who helped himself to too many trips to the open bar to the random passerby who decides to crash the wedding, professional security guards can discretely handle a variety of situations, ensuring the bride and groom enjoy their day without distractions.

2. Business Meetings

Tensions can run high when jobs are on the line. If you are hosting a business meeting or making an announcement that has the potential to negatively affect the ability for some people to earn a living, it might be beneficial to have security on hand to keep tempers at bay, protect your investments, and keep your employees safe.

3. Events with Cash Transactions

If you are hosting an event where there will be multiple cash transactions, it would be prudent to consider hiring professional security. Examples of this might be a festival or concert where food, drinks, and souvenirs are sold. Protect employees, volunteers, and patrons by providing an obvious deterrent to potential criminals.

4. Grand Openings

Whether you are opening a restaurant, bar, or clothing store, there is potential for disaster when large crowds gather and expectations are mounting. People in crowds don’t always behave rationally, and potential danger might be difficult for someone other than a trained security professional to notice. A small investment in security is an insurance policy that can protect your business from the public relations disaster this type of event can bring.

When planning your next big event, make sure you contact ADS Guards to ensure optimum safety for all parties involved. We are a leading provider of event, residential, commercial, and corporate security services in the Bay Area. Call today at 1-800-794-1550 for more information and a free quote.

Why Having Security at a Concert Is a Good Idea

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Whether you are planning a small or large concert in the Bay Area, you will likely want to hire security to patrol the grounds. You can choose between unarmed and armed security guards, but both options can potentially provide you with a number of important benefits for your upcoming event.

Protects Your Entertainers

At some concerts, crowds can get rowdy, which can pose a threat to entertainers. Security guards may be hired to stand in front of the stage as a physical barrier between the audience and entertainers. This can deter the audience from trying to get on the stage and can make your entertainers feel more secure.

Gives Patrons Peace of Mind

Some people may feel uneasy in large crowds, and this may be particularly true in a concert environment if there is a lot of energy and excitement in the space. Patrons may feel more comfortable and relaxed knowing there are measures in place to keep them safe if mayhem breaks out or other issues develop.

Deters Rowdy Behavior

While security guards can break up issues in the crowds, their mere presence at the event may keep some people in line. Most people do not want to risk getting thrown out of an event they paid to see, so they may behave better if security guards are nearby. 

Prevents Unwanted Guests from Entering

If your event is a paid concert or a private affair, you likely want to keep unwanted guests out of the space. Hayward security guards can be used to monitor access points to prevent the unwanted guests from attending the concert. The guards can also remove these people from the premises if they are discovered. 

There are numerous steps you can take to host a fabulous concert event, but hiring security guards should be at the top of the list. Call ADS Guards today at 1-800-794-1550 to speak with a representative for personalized guidance on better special event security planning. We hope to hear from you soon.

5 Benefits of Armed Security Guards

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For businesses in the Bay Area that are located in high-risk neighborhoods, hiring private security may be a good option. Once your business has decided to hire security, the next step is to select either armed or unarmed security guards. To help you make an informed decision, a leading provider of security guards in the Bay Area discusses 5 benefits of hiring armed security. 

1. Advanced Levels of Training

Because armed security guards carry a gun, they are subject to more advanced levels of training, including how to protect both people and property. This training will help the guard to handle difficult situations with confidence and ensure that his or her weapon is used appropriately and safely. Armed security guards are also required to pass comprehensive background checks and testing before they are employed.

2. Increased Crime Prevention

Simply having an armed security guard on the premises of a business can help prevent crime, making the company environment safer for both employees and customers. As criminals know that there is an increased chance of getting caught or hurt when a business has a security guard, they are more likely to avoid targeting a business with a private security, particularly if the guard is armed.

3. Greater Surveillance Monitoring

The extensive training that armed security guards go through includes using alarm and video monitoring systems, which many unarmed guards do not receive. If your business has these types of systems installed, an armed security guard will be able to monitor and operate it correctly.

4. Large Variety of Guard Posts

Armed security guards are trained to be able to perform their duties in a variety of different business environments, like banks, jewelry stores, government buildings, private residences, and political events. As armed guards will have experience in variety of posts, they will be able to read situations and crowds better than other kinds of security.

5. Increased Sense of Security

The presence of an armed security guard can provide a sense of security for employees and clients. While unarmed guards will also encourage feelings of safety, the presence of an armed guard is particularly effective in promoting a safe and comfortable environment. This kind of atmosphere can help employees be more productive, which also means they are more likely to continue working for your company.

Considering hiring private security services? Reach out to ADS Guards. We are a leading provider of Bay Area armed and unarmed security guards, as well as uniformed and plainclothes guards. Whether your looking to deter or stop crime, our security guards are expertly trained to provide high-quality security for your business. To learn more about our private security services, give us a call at 1-800-794-1550 and ask for a free no-obligation quote.

When to Hire Event Security

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With summer right around the corner, event season is kicking into high gear and you may be wondering if you need to hire Bay Area event security. If you’re contemplating whether or not security is a necessity, here are some things to think about.

What Type of Event is it?

Be sure to consider the size and nature of the event. Is the event going to include a large number of attendees–a number that would be too difficult to handle on your own? If so, a security team can help with crowd control. Security can also help with parking enforcement, putting guests in cabs at the end of the night, or making sure they arrive at their vehicles safely.

Will There Be Alcohol?

If you’re going to allow or supply alcohol, a strategically placed trained security guard could assist in helping calm a situation that is getting out of hand quickly. Who is slated to attend the event? Are they friends, family, or strangers? A large family celebration probably won’t require security services. However, a business event in which guests are invited to bring others might necessitate security guards.

Where is the Event Held?

Finally, you’ll want to consider where the event is taking place and if there any concerns with the venue itself. Security companies specialize in responding immediately and efficiently. If an emergency arises, your large event would benefit by having security guards available to assist attendees.

When considering these options, remember that the slightest issue can throw the best event off its axis and security guards are one great way to keep an event on track.

If your business or HOA puts on events throughout the year or regularly during the warmer months, consider trusted and trained Bay Area security guards from ADS Guards. Although no one ever hopes security is necessary, it’s nice to know in case of emergency or the occasional drunken guest there is professional help onsite. Call 1-800-794-1550 to speak with a representative and ask about a free estimate.

6 Tips for Staying Safe and Secure During Spring Break

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Spring break is right around the corner, and lots of young adults and some families will be traveling near and far to party, sight see, and blow off steam from school and work-related stress. Here are a few tips from the leading Bay Area security guard company to help you and your loved ones stay safe and secure during the break.

1) Arrive Safely

During this time of the year, traffic deaths increase tenfold since many motorists are in a rush to reach their destinations. Opt to travel during the day rather than at night, which is when accidents occur more frequently.

2) Secure Your Room

After checking into your hotel room, ensure that all essential, personal belongings such as wallets and passports are kept safe. For extra security, carry a portable alarm for the door that will alert you in case of a break-in.

3) Protect Your Info

When socializing with new acquaintances, don’t tell them your hotel room number. Keep in mind that not all the people you’ll meet are innocent or have good intentions. If new friends want to meet up, suggest a public space and bring a buddy if possible.

4) Stay in Groups

This little piece of advice may sound overrated, but truth of the matter is that it’s not. By walking in a strange city alone (especially at night), you are more susceptible to end up a victim of crimes like mugging. If you are traveling alone, stay on well-lit main streets, consider taking a cab at night to and from locations, and consider wearing a waist pack under your clothes with your valuables (ATM card, cash, phone, etc.).

5) Drink Responsibly

Moderate drinking will help you stay lucid and aware of what is happening around you. Also, don’t accept drinks from strangers as they may be spiked.

6) Stay Hydrated

In the bid to let loose and enjoy, many people forget to keep their bodies hydrated. Drink plenty of water daily to combat the effects of dehydration like migraines and nausea.

With a few precautions, your trip can be the best one yet. If you’re throwing a big bash or special event during the break, consider special event security from ADS Guards. We are the leading provider of security guards in the Bay Area and can ensure your event goes off without a hitch. Call us at 1-800-794-1550 to speak with a security representative. 

Keep Crowds Under Control with Security Guards

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Security guards are trained to manage large groups of people with limited resources and personnel. With these professionals on site, event planners and site managers can rest easy. Following are four ways Bay Area security guards help with crowd control.

Establishing a Check-In Point

When hosting a large event, having guards stationed at the entry point will prevent unwanted visitors from getting in. If necessary, these professionals can also verify that no one is entering the venue with illicit or potentially dangerous items. Best of all, having these professionals present at the entrance will establish an authoritative presence at the very start of the event.

Deterring Troublemakers

It goes without saying that uniformed trained guards make people think twice about causing problems. Guards have the strength, skills and authority to forcibly remove troublemakers from the scene once these individuals start causing problems. Knowing that they are on site is often enough to keep rowdy and ill-intentioned partygoers in check.

Optimizing the Flow of Traffic

Guards can keep large groups of people moving in the right direction. This will prevent entrances from becoming blocked and it will ensure that everyone gets where they need to be. Allowing people to mill about aimlessly or loiter in large groups is an invitation for trouble. Security officers can gently encourage visitors to move on to their destinations so that entering and exiting parties can access doors, hallways, and stairs with ease.

De-escalating Conflicts

The best security guards are not solely trained to use force if necessary. These professionals are also personable, helpful, and capable of bringing tense situations to a peaceful end. Securing their services for a big event will allow you to maintain an optimal level of crowd control and a consistently comfortable atmosphere for your guests.

If you have a big event coming up and are looking for help with crowd control and security, reach out to ADS Guards. We have been providing highly trained security guards for special events in the Bay Area for almost two decades. Give us a call at 1-800-794-1550 to speak with one of our friendly representatives!

Throwing a Big Holiday Party? Consider Hiring Security.

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If you are in the process of planning a big holiday party, you probably have a lot on your mind. While you’ve already thought about things like the food that you will serve, the decorations that you will put up and the invitations that you will send out, you might not have put much thought into security.

Yes, we said it – security. If you are throwing a large holiday party for friends or your business, security can provide you with many benefits, taking some of the responsibility off of you so you can enjoy time with your guests. Here are just some of the few reasons why hiring Bay Area security guards for a holiday party is a good idea

  • Keep Out Unwanted Visitors – Unfortunately, there might be people who will try to crash your party. If you provide your hired security guards with a list of people who were invited, however, you can help keep out those who shouldn’t be there.
  • Keep the Crowd Under Control – Large parties can begin to get out of control for a variety of reasons. Some people might drink too much and could begin behaving badly, or a few people might not get along and could start an argument. If you have armed or unarmed security guards on the property, however, you can keep these situations under control before they even begin to get serious.
  • Make Sure Everyone is Safe – You probably want to make sure that you keep everyone safe at your party. Luckily, having security on hand can help. People might be deterred from doing things that they shouldn’t if they know that there are security guards around, plus security guards can handle any problems that might arise. They can also help walk people to their cars and help in other ways to make sure that everyone is safe.

If you haven’t yet considered hiring a security guard company to help with your party and are interested in learning more, reach out to ADS Guards today. We provide corporate security for Bay Area businesses, special event security and commercial security and have been successfully helping local residents remain safe for more than a decade. Please call us today at 1-800-794-1550 for more information!