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6 Tips for College Campus Safety

Every year millions of high school graduates move on to a new chapter in their lives when they head off to college. It’s one of the most exciting times in a student’s life, but being surrounded by new people in a new place with fewer rules can also increase safety risks. Students aren’t the only ones who need to be mindful of their safety while on campus, professors, staff, and visitors also need to put safety first. Fortunately there are plenty of steps those on site can take to make sure the campus is a safe place to be for every student, faculty member, and visitor. ADS Guards, a leading provider in Bay Area security guard services, offers these college campus safety tips.

  1. Avoid walking alone, particularly in dimly-lit locations. Walk with friends if heading across campus after dark, walking to your car, or even going to a party down the street. If you get out of class after dark, you can reach out to campus security for an escort to your car or on-campus housing.
  2. Always let a friend or roommate know if you’re heading out to a school event, party, or study session. Give him or her a time when you expect to return to your dorm room, and update them if your location or plans change.
  3. When out at social gatherings, don’t accept drinks from a stranger. You can also put a napkin over your drink (big enough that you can hold it down while holding your cup), poke a small hole, and sip through a straw to help prevent someone from slipping something into your drink.
  4. Get in the habit of locking your doors (dorm, apartment, car) behind you and keep doors and windows locked, especially when alone at night. Never let anyone into your room, house, or apartment you don’t personally know.
  5. Don’t leave room keys or devices containing personal information like cell phones and laptops unattended. They could wind up lost or stolen, increasing the potential for those items to end up in the wrong hands.
  6. Know where all emergency phones are located on campus and add the phone number for campus security to the contacts list on your cell phone.

Whatever your reason for being on campus, never lose sight of your own safety. Learn more about security for schools, businesses, residential developments, or special events by contacting ADS Guards at 1-800-794-1550. We provide highly-trained security guards on a long-term basis or for on-time events, as well as security patrol services.