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Security Needs: Choosing Between Contract and Proprietary Security

Choosing between a contracted security company and a proprietary security force is not as simple as many people may think. The primary issues revolve around expenses and the amount of security per investment dollar. Proprietary also known as “in-house” security can carry specific benefits in some operational instances, while retaining a contracted security agency may work better in other situations. There are advantages to both security provision methods.

The major advantages of hiring a contracted Bay Area security guard company are stabilizing variable costs and no need for micro-administration of the security service. When problems arise, the contracted security company is required to meet the specified terms of the security agreement to avoid contractual breach. The guards are employees of the security company and will be required to respond to company directives. Professionalism can often be a desirable component of retaining a contracted security company, and the company administration may have views on some aspects of security that a business owner may not realize.

For business managers who have a solid working idea of what the business security needs entail, having a company security team can still be a very effective way of providing security. The guards are employees of the business, and the particulars of their job duties can be altered when necessary for fluid businesses that have differing seasonal security needs. Additionally, hybrid security agencies can also be an excellent business model when the supervision is company employed and the guards are actual contracted professionals.

The most crucial component of deciding on a business security model is determining the particular needs of the business, whether it is a general community in need of regular protection and security guard patrol in the Bay Area or a business with unique and specific security needs. Filling out a security checklist beforehand can be very helpful. Asking questions about security company customer service priorities and special qualifications can also help.

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