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5 Corporate Crimes Professional Guards Can Prevent

Effective corporate security is a matter of risk management, protection, and prevention. To this effect, security guards can play an important role in preventing certain crimes from happening. By virtue of its complexity and economic importance, the corporate world is often impacted by crimes that can be significantly reduced or altogether avoided by opting for corporate security services in Hayward. Here are 5 specific corporate crimes that private security guards can help prevent.

1. Intellectual Property Theft

Two of the most spectacular leaks of classified information involved the perpetrators sneaking past security checkpoints that failed to detect data containers. U.S. Army Specialist Chelsea Manning stole military information in a compact disc disguised as a Lady Gaga album. Former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden used a Rubik’s cube to hide a flash drive containing espionage materials. These two incidents have prompted security firms to train guards for the purpose of preventing data theft situations.

2. Corporate Espionage

Trained security guards can discourage and prevent potential corporate espionage situations by means of their presence and observation. Janitorial staff members who act suspiciously, pizza delivery drivers who insist on entering the building, and journalists who arrive unannounced and demand to speak to someone are just a few examples of situations that may lead to corporate espionage. Security guards are trained to deny access to suspicious individuals, notify supervisors, and assist with law enforcement investigations.

3. Hacktivism

With insider threats multiplying these days, security guards can play an important part in the prevention and reduction of hacktivism, which is often facilitated from within by employees who have either infiltrated through the hiring process or those who have gone rogue. The Panama Papers is an example of a hacktivism attack on a major scale, and it involved terabytes of confidential documents leaked over time by an insider. Security guards are trained to spot suspicious behavior such as employees acting furtively around certain coworkers or working late hours when they are not supposed to.

4. Blackmail

Protecting life and preventing bodily harm are the most important principles of professional security guards. In the corporate world, blackmail crimes can include serious threats of injury or damage to property. Should a blackmail situation escalate in the workplace, the presence of Hayward armed private security should be enough to dissuade people from carrying out threats. Moreover, guards can also step in to protect employees, clients, partners, and associates should they ever be in danger.

5. Fraud

Similar to hacktivism, potentially fraudulent situations can be investigated and thwarted based on the observations of trained Hayward security guards. Some examples include IT staff trying to install networking equipment in unauthorized areas, employees constantly requesting new ID badges to replace lost ones, and visitors who are seen taking photos of office interiors and documents with their smartphones.

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