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How Do Private Armed Security Guards and Police Officers Differ?

If you’re currently looking to secure your home, business, or corporate event, finding the right professionals for the job might seem challenging. It may seem sufficient to request a general police presence given local law enforcement agencies have the power to curtail criminal activities. It is vital to note, however, that you may get a superior level of service in these instances by opting to hire armed security guards in Hayward instead.

Police Work for the General Public

Police officers are ultimately paid through public monies. Their salaries are maintained through tax dollars and, thus, their services are distributed according to the dictates of local municipalities. If local law enforcement agencies are overwhelmed with demand on the day of your big event, you aren’t guaranteed to get the support you need. After all, the first obligation of the police is to protect and serve the public without discrimination or preference shown to any private parties. A private guard, however, can be hired specifically for your needs.

Armed Guards Are Unlikely to Use Lethal Force

Like police officers, armed guards can and do use lethal force when necessary. However, one of their foremost goals is to avoid the use of this force whenever possible. In addition to intense tactical training, armed guards receive extensive instruction on conflict negotiations. Thus, their first response to tense situations is to attempt to diffuse problems without ever drawing their weapons. This method is ideal for companies and event planners that want to keep the peace with minimal drama and disruption.

Private Guards Have Customizable Services

Not only do armed security guards work directly for you rather than the general public, but their services are wholly customizable to your needs. Your guards can arrive in uniform or in dark-colored suits depending upon the ambiance, atmosphere, and impressions you want these professionals to create. They can act as customer service ambassadors and peacekeepers or they can maintain a quiet and inconspicuous presence. You won’t get this same level of flexibility when requesting help from local law enforcement agencies.

Police and Private Guards May or May Not Have Similar Histories

Although police offices and armed security guards have many differences, they also have a surprising number of similarities. Armed guards are often retired officers themselves or have spent time in the military. Due to this fact, they often have the same tactical knowledge and expertise as many police officers. The main difference here is private guards have the ability to cater these skills to the unique needs of each customer.

Though both police officers and private security are a great help to any community, private guards may be the best option to meet your residential or commercial needs. If you need security guard patrol services Hayward businesses and residents trust, contact ADS Guards at 1-800-794-1550. We hope to hear from you soon.