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When to Hire Event Security

With summer right around the corner, event season is kicking into high gear and you may be wondering if you need to hire Bay Area event security. If you’re contemplating whether or not security is a necessity, here are some things to think about.

What Type of Event is it?

Be sure to consider the size and nature of the event. Is the event going to include a large number of attendees–a number that would be too difficult to handle on your own? If so, a security team can help with crowd control. Security can also help with parking enforcement, putting guests in cabs at the end of the night, or making sure they arrive at their vehicles safely.

Will There Be Alcohol?

If you’re going to allow or supply alcohol, a strategically placed trained security guard could assist in helping calm a situation that is getting out of hand quickly. Who is slated to attend the event? Are they friends, family, or strangers? A large family celebration probably won’t require security services. However, a business event in which guests are invited to bring others might necessitate security guards.

Where is the Event Held?

Finally, you’ll want to consider where the event is taking place and if there any concerns with the venue itself. Security companies specialize in responding immediately and efficiently. If an emergency arises, your large event would benefit by having security guards available to assist attendees.

When considering these options, remember that the slightest issue can throw the best event off its axis and security guards are one great way to keep an event on track.

If your business or HOA puts on events throughout the year or regularly during the warmer months, consider trusted and trained Bay Area security guards from ADS Guards. Although no one ever hopes security is necessary, it’s nice to know in case of emergency or the occasional drunken guest there is professional help onsite. Call 1-800-794-1550 to speak with a representative and ask about a free estimate.