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How to Determine If You Need Security Patrol for Your Business

Security often plays a critical role in the success and failure of a business. Inadequate security can encourage theft and property damage, leading to huge losses. However, employing the services of a security patrol agency can reduce the potential for loss and ensure public safety. Here is how to tell if your business needs security patrol. 

You Operate in a High Crime Area

Businesses located in highly insecure areas need more security patrol. Bay Area cities such as Oakland and San Francisco have high rates of burglary and property damage crimes. Oakland ranks as the third worst city for burglary with a crime rate of 1,683 per 100,000 residents. Other places considered highly insecure in the Bay Area include North Richmond, San Pablo, Ashland, Marin City, and Tara Hills. If your place of business is in one of these areas, you might need security patrol experts to help you keep criminals away from your premises. Even if it isn’t in one of these areas, it could be extremely beneficial to hire professional security. In Hayward, CA, highly trained guards are readily available to protect commercial spaces.

The Security of Your Parking Lot Is Weak

Parking lots can be hotbeds for thieves who hide between the cars and attack people. If you or your employees feel insecure in the parking lot, you might need security patrol services. Having security patrol onsite ensures your staff and customers are safe, and it also prevents property damage.

Employees Might Be Stealing

Employee theft is a common occurrence, and it can be very difficult to control because the employees may be collaborating with one another to remove your suspicions. A security patrol expert located on the premises can prevent employees from stealing inventory. 

There Is a Delay in Police Response

Police officers may sometimes take a lot of time to respond to emergency calls. These delays may be due to lack of proper logistics or poor coordination. Rampant cases of police delays in your area is an important factor to consider when determining if your business needs a security patrol guard. Hayward trained security guards can respond to burglary calls in the same manner as police officers, which can reduce the potential losses caused by burglary and property damage.

You’re Concerned About Liability Issues

Liability claims from customers and employees involved in security emergency situations can destabilize your business. It is important to come up with various measures to prevent these emergencies. Employing a security patrol expert may provide a visual deterrent to criminals. 

Some of Your Employees Work Late

The 24-hour economy in the Bay Area allows businesses to operate during the day and at night. This comes with security risks, especially for employees who leave work late at night. A professional security guard can provide employees with the security they need when working at night.

If you need one or more professional security guards to patrol your business premises, get in touch with ADS Guards, a leading provider of commercial security in Hayward. We also offer armed and unarmed guards for residential properties as well as special events. Give us a call at 1-800-794-1550 to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable representative and receive a free quote.