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7 Important Duties of Corporate Security Officers

In the 21st century, the corporate world has become more visible due to its closer integration with other sectors. Former President Barack Obama appointed various business leaders to his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Similarly, the Trump administration also formed an advisory group of CEOs to shape the future of American business. As corporations expand their public outreach and become more influential, their security needs have increased. As such, the duties of corporate security guards have become more complex. Here are seven of the main duties of guards providing corporate security services in Hayward.

1. Protect Life and Property

In the past, security guards were mostly tasked with ensuring proper order was maintained at corporate facilities. These days, their focus is more closely tied to physical security. Executives who are in the public eye tend to stir emotions among individuals and groups who may not agree with a corporation’s vision and actions. For this reason, security guards keep a close eye on situations that may lead to aggression and vandalism.

2. Project a Corporate Image

Security guards on corporate assignments are often tasked to reflect the image of the company they protect. When they interact with visitors and members of the public, they must provide proper greetings and assist individuals who either are seeking information or who have business to conduct. Projecting a corporate image may also require guards to keep their uniforms looking sharp.

3. Provide Emergency Response

In case of accidents or medical emergencies, corporate offices now expect their security personnel to handle these situations accordingly. For this reason, every Hayward unarmed guard should acquire basic lifesaving and first aid skills. 

4. Control Access to the Building

This is a primary duty of special interest to corporate offices. Under the current threat environment, individuals who have not been properly screened prior to entering a facility could pose various threats, which may include violence, sabotage, and corporate espionage. 

5. Patrol the Building

Not all corporate security guards will be assigned to stationary posts throughout their shifts. Some may be assigned to roving patrol posts they have to cover in security cars, on bicycles, or on foot. Roving patrols are intended to dissuade loitering, vandalism, and sabotage. Furthermore, guards on patrol instill a sense of safety among employees, visitors, and the community.

6. Conduct Surveillance

The massive leak of legal documents dubbed “The Paradise Papers” is a reminder that corporate security needs to be more tactical. Personnel tasked with conducting surveillance may review video feeds and investigate situations whereby employees, partners, or journalists try to conduct espionage or leaking operations.

7. Act as a Law Enforcement Liaison

Incidents that require the involvement of local police departments may require corporate security guards to work with law enforcement officers and detectives in terms of documentation, communication, and preservation of evidence.

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