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Tips for Preventing Employee Theft

Internal theft is one of the biggest issues for companies today, and ongoing theft significantly decreases profits. While you might like to think everyone you hire is trustworthy, the truth is employees steal company materials for a variety of reasons. Since it’s always best to be proactive about your company’s security, you can use these strategies to stop internal theft.

Train Managers to Watch for Patterns

The supervisors at your company should know how to watch for common behavioral changes that indicate a person might be prone to stealing. For instance, an employee who voluntarily comes in early or stays later than everyone else may be looking for an opportunity to steal. Employees who live lifestyles well above their salaries or have suddenly developed financial problems are also potential theft risks.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Happy employees tend to be dedicated ones who prefer not to take away from the business that contributes to their success. Provide your employees with fair compensation and consider adding incentives such as bonuses to the salaries of those who directly affect the profits. When their bonuses are based on how much money flows into your business, they’ll be motivated to keep it right where it belongs, since they know a payout is coming.

Hire a Professional Security Team

Hiring a security guard from within your company isn’t as effective as working with a private company because people who work together often form bonds. When you hire personnel from one of the top security companies in Hayward, you can have a guard watching out for external theft while also keeping an eye on the employees. You can also trust the outside security guards won’t cover up for one of your employees, since they’re expertly trained and selected according to their high moral standards.

Perform Informal Audits

Your employees should never feel too safe when they handle large amounts of money that could be redirected in the form of theft. Make sure to hold informal audits randomly throughout the year. If the employees never know when an audit is coming, they’ll be less likely to try to steal funds, since they know they won’t have time to cover their tracks.

Monitor the Merchandise Inventory

When it comes to merchandise control, you need to have a system of checks and balances that ensures no one can falsify the records. Make sure separate people perform the tasks involved with shipping, receiving, and in-store stocking. They should all have separate inventory lists that can be compared to make sure no one tries to fake a missed shipment of valuable merchandise.

Establish a Reporting System

Your employees can also deter internal theft. Set up an anonymous reporting system that allows them to quickly let an authority figure know if someone is stealing at work. The option of reporting to the security company makes it more likely that someone will be willing to report their suspicions without the fear of retaliation.

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