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4 Common Security Risks at High Schools

Students who attend high school have enough to worry about with homework and projects. However, they also have to face certain security risks. Top security companies in Hayward are available to mitigate these 4 potential risks.

1. Guns

When you turn on the news, you might hear about another school shooting, which is becoming all too common at high schools. Students take guns to schools in book bags and start shooting in classrooms or other locations on campus. Security guards can monitor metal detectors to prevent students from getting weapons inside the school. 

2. Bomb Threats

Bomb threats have been an issue at schools for several decades. A person will call the school to make officials think there is a bomb in the building so the school will be evacuated. Sometimes, a student or someone else will leave notes indicating there could be an explosive. One of the things guards can do is trace a number or handwriting back to the student it was sent from so punishment can be delivered. 

3. Sexual Assault

There could be sexual assault cases with students and other students or with students and teachers. This is often a security risk that goes unreported until someone ends up pregnant or is so physically abused he or she is unable to continue in school because of the fear of assault. Guards can place cameras near bathrooms and other areas of the school where this kind of assault is likely to take place. 

4. Vandalism

When there is damage done to the school, it affects how students learn. Vandalism could be anything from breaking windows to painting on the side of a building. Cameras are ideal for capturing the students who perform these acts. If the school can afford it, a Hayward unarmed security guard can be posted in the evenings to monitor the premises.

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