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5 Ways a Security Guard Can Help During an Earthquake

Unlike some other emergencies, earthquakes are impossible to prevent, but with preparedness comes a greater likelihood of survival and safety. There are five things professional security guards can do to achieve this.

1. Stay Calm Yet Alert

During an earthquake, a lot of panic may ensue. It’s important for everyone to remain collected and calm. Individuals in the vicinity may be looking to security for guidance, and if they see a relaxed but alert security guard, Hayward residents may be put at ease and allow the guard to better direct them to safety.

2. Encourage People to Stay Inside

While staying inside can at times be dangerous, it’s important to assess each situation and determine what may be the safest option. In some cases, staying inside offers the best chance of survival. To increase this chance, guards can advise those around them to use a solid table or desk to protect themselves from falling debris, watch for falling objects such as plaster, bricks, and light fixtures, and grab anything handy to cover the head and face to protect them from injury. It’s essential to stay as far away as possible from any windows, glass, and mirrors to prevent broken shards from inflicting injury.

3. Assist Others When Going Outside

If staying inside is a danger, a guard can assist others when leaving the building and ensure the exits are accessible and safe. If the event is outside, it’s best to stay outside. Guards can get others to move away from structures in the vicinity and safely make their way to an open area.

4. Watch for Live Power Lines and Gas Leaks

Earthquakes exponentially increase the likelihood of encountering a live wire. Live wires are extremely dangerous and should always be considered as such. Earthquakes also increase the chance of gas leaks in a building. It’s important for guards to eliminate open flames and use a flashlight instead of an electric light if needed.

5. Help After an Earthquake

Guards should advise others to refrain from running, as it could cause injury due to lack of visibility, tunnel vision, and shortened reaction time. Aftershocks may occur, so guards need to encourage others to proceed with extreme caution toward the nearest exit while protecting them from potential hazards. Professional guards can also listen and watch for signs of trapped people and assist them with first aid if necessary. Upon exiting the building, guards can continue to move and direct individuals toward a designated safe zone.

The number one priority for security personnel is safety, so they need to be prepared and trained to respond well in the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake. Companies who are looking to hire experienced, expertly trained security staff who know how to react with professionalism in a variety of circumstances need look no further than ADS Guards, one of the finest security companies in Hayward, CA. Call us today at 1-800-794-1550 to discover how our guards can assist with safety measures for your clients and employees.