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5 Ways Professional Guards Can Help in Emergencies

Above all else, people want to feel safe in their own homes, places of business, while out and about, and at special events. No matter the location, security is important because everything goes smoother knowing someone is there for an added level of protection. There are 5 main ways Hayward security guards can help during an emergency. 

1. Handle the Unexpected 

Security will have everything handled if a problem, fight, or chaos ensues during an event. Security guards have gone through rigorous on-the-job training to prepare for several types of emergencies. They know how to deescalate a situation, take away someone who is being problematic, and calm those who may be upset. 

2. Spot Problems Before They Get Out of Hand

Security guards have been trained to spot potential emergencies before they turn into full-blown problems. They are constantly surveying the crowd and paying attention to the behavior of individuals, which helps them spot those who may have a weapon or a suspicious package. Trained security guards know the signs of someone who may cause an emergency. 

3. Assist with First Aid

When an emergency occurs, security guards are typically the first to respond because they’re already on the scene or in very close proximity. Luckily, the vast majority of security guards are Red Cross certified in CPR, AED, and first aid. Thanks to their training, they can do anything from helping someone who is choking to providing a tourniquet to someone who is losing blood. 

4. Deter Crime 

A place of business or an event is generally safer when there is security making its presence known. If criminals see professional guards on duty, they’ll look elsewhere for an easier target. Guards show a place is ready for any sort of emergency, and those who want to commit crimes won’t want to go through the hassle. Crime can occur at any time, which is why guards are needed to deter lawbreakers and make citizens feel safe in their own homes and places of business. 

5. Step in Before the Police Arrive 

Depending on the place of business, you may need armed guard private protection in Hayward, which can come in handy if there’s an armed robbery or other situation involving a gun. Situations can turn deadly in a matter of seconds, and police aren’t always nearby. Armed security guards then become the first line of defense. They can spring into action immediately because they are often near the crime. Security guards have been known to stop school shootings, robberies, and more.

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