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5 Strategies Security Guards Can Use to Detect & Prevent Fires

Part of a professional security guard’s job is to prevent and detect fires in the workplace. Detecting and preventing fires can be done in several ways, but here are five methods that are among the easiest to put into action.

1. Ensure All Fire Alarm Systems Are Operational

It’s easy to assume a modern fire alarm system will be enough to prevent a building from going up in flames, but it won’t do any good if it isn’t operational at all times. Security guards can make sure smoke detectors, sprinklers, and other systems are in good working order. The guards also need to know how to activate these systems in case there is a fire

2. Keep Corridors Clear

People need to be able to evacuate a building in an emergency, which means all corridors need to be kept clear. On guard security in Hayward can move equipment and flammable materials to places where they won’t obstruct the path to safety or create any additional fire hazards.

3. Store Flammable Materials Safely

In some instances, it’s a security guard’s responsibility to make sure flammable materials are stored safely. They need to be kept in containers that are clearly labeled as combustible or flammable and kept away from any source of heat that could cause a fire. Most industrial and commercial buildings have spaces dedicated to storing these materials safely, but this may not always be the case, so security guards may need to be trained to know where potentially hazardous materials are able to be stored.

4. Make Sure Fire Suppression Systems Are in Working Order

Fire suppression systems and equipment such as extinguishers and sprinkler systems need to be in good working order and easily accessible in case of a fire. These systems are usually tested regularly and replaced as needed, but these regular tests don’t take into account damage that could happen due to unexpected accidents. Security guards should make a note of where all fire suppression equipment is located and contact the fire department if they suspect it’s damaged in any way.

5. Know Which Parts of the Building Are Occupied at Any Given Time

Knowing who is supposed to be in a building and when is a big part of a security guard’s job, but it’s also a good measure for helping people in the event of a fire. If there’s a fire and the building needs to be evacuated, a security guard needs to be able to reach those in the building and help them get to safety. To prevent arson, guards also need to know about any unauthorized personnel in the building.

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