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5 Ways Professional Guards Can Get Rid of Neighborhood Crime

Though police officers can be a great help in keeping a community safe from crime, having professional security patrolling the neighborhood can increase the overall safety in the area. Here are 5 ways security guards can help curb crime in your neighborhood.

1. Decrease Vandalism

Kids, angry neighbors, and even complete strangers sometimes commit acts of vandalism. The presence of a neighborhood security guard is often sufficient enough to deter these types of crimes. If vandalism still occurs, a guard’s training and knowledge can enable him or her to handle the crime that has taken place.

2. Reduce the Risk of Violence

Violent altercations, including domestic disputes and neighborly spats, can be dangerous and can cause rifts in communities. A Hayward armed guard can act as a neutral party to help cool hot heads before they turn to physical blows. Armed guards also help deter violent crime and keep the peace.

3. Deter Opportunistic Theft

One major component of theft is opportunity. Unlocked cars, bikes sitting on the front lawn, or open garages provide thieves with an easy opportunity to make a quick buck. When the risk of being caught by a patrolling guard is high, potential thieves will look elsewhere.

4. Keep Kids Safer

The unfortunate truth is that there are people who wish to do children harm. Strangers may offer kids drugs or candy or try to lure them out of their homes or away from a safe path. A security guard trained to watch for suspicious activities can help keep children safe in the community and serve as a safe adult for children to seek out when they need help.

5. Prevent Break-Ins

A home break-in creates a sense of violation and danger that permeates the entire neighborhood. A patrol guard in Hayward can restore the assurance of safety and peace throughout a community. Burglars will also think twice about the risk of breaking into homes in a neighborhood with security guard patrol.

If your neighborhood could benefit from the protection of professional security, get in touch with ADS Guards today. We are a leading provider of Hayward security services for residential areas, and we also offer armed and unarmed guards for commercial spaces and special events. Give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550 to learn more.