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How Should Professional Security Handle Repeat Loiterers?

Repeat loiterers can be incredibly problematic for businesses. Though contacting the police and having them forcibly remove loiterers from the property might seem like the obvious solution, many companies prefer to handle loitering without police intervention. Professional security guards have a few tactics they can use to discourage loitering.

Connect Them with the Resources They Need

Repeat loiterers often return to the scene simply because there are specific structural features that aid them in their basic survival. These individuals may have found a warm, dry, and comfortable place to sleep and could be in serious jeopardy without it. Rather than aggressively removing them from the property, guards can actively engage with them to help identify their needs, share information about local resources, and assist them in finding feasible alternatives. Armed with a list of local shelters, soup kitchens, and other community resources, it may be easier to help these individuals find another place to move on to.

Treat Them Like People Rather Than Problems

Commercial clients often hire armed or unarmed security guards in Hayward to resolve these problems rather than contacting the police because they want to avoid loud and potentially disruptive scenes. Approaching repeat loiterers in a calm, friendly, and respectful way can help guards maintain greater control over these situations and give them a better opportunity to offer help before the situation escalates.

Take Fast Action When Problems Start to Escalate

Although contacting the police shouldn’t be a guard’s first choice for handling loiterers, it is still important to know when to call them. Loiterers with mental health issues or violent or criminal tendencies may warrant police intervention. When working with the police, security guards should be prepared to share photos, documentation of recent or past events, and evidence of theft, property destruction, defecation, or other on-site issues.

Communicate with Clients

If loitering becomes a persistent problem with considerable risks, guards should always consult with the unarmed or armed security companies in Hayward they work for. Agencies can then discuss potential on-site security upgrades with their clients to make commercial properties less appealing and less hospitable to unauthorized people. In certain instances, a strategic and all-encompassing security plan may be all businesses can do to keep their properties free of uninvited guests.

If your business is having difficulty putting a stop to repeat loitering, ADS Guards can help. We are a leading provider of commercial security in the Bay Area, and we also offer special event security Hayward businesses trust. For more information, please call 1-800-794-1550 today and one of our representatives would be happy to assist you.