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How to Ensure Your Security Guards Are Doing Their Job

It’s a common problem with contracting security guards: How do you supervise their performance? With the nature of security work, this presents a unique challenge, because you don’t want to literally have somebody “watching the watcher.” However, there are several time-tested methods for security guards to demonstrate fulfillment of their duties, even if they’re the only people on the property.

Record Rounds on a Time Clock

The idea is to have guards carry a device around on patrol, and several patrol stations have a token the device records along with the time and date. The old-fashioned model was a locked time clock with slots for keys, which would be chained to strategic stations and, when inserted, would make a unique punch on the clock’s time sheet. Newer technology involves a scanner or key card taken around to various checkpoints with barcodes or magnetic strips at regular intervals during the night. Whatever the method, the basic premise remains the same.

When using this method to monitor the effectiveness of security guard services, Hayward business owners should make sure the guard can reasonably complete the round on schedule. You also don’t want the intervals to be too regular, lest an intruder be able to observe and time the guard’s rounds.

Use Security Cameras

Nothing ensures guards are where they should be like having them on tape. Most facilities have camera surveillance recording to stored video. In fact, when guards aren’t on patrol, it’s not unusual for them to be stationed watching a bank of monitors with camera views all over the facility. You can have a supervisor do random spot-check reviews of video footage in the morning.

Implement a Report System

Most guards are expected to fill out some form of report detailing the night’s activities. You can use this report to gain more detail simply by requesting it. When setting up the particulars of the expected contents of the report each shift, you can ask to include information such as which cars were in the parking lot, comings and goings of shift workers, license numbers of delivery vehicles, readings on equipment if applicable, and other data. All of this information would be difficult to fake and easy to check.

Appoint a Supervisor

In cases where guards won’t be working alone, such as at a concert venue, it’s much easier to check up on them. However, even for one-guard posts on the night shift, most security contractors will have a post commander, rover, or other position. This person drives around to different posts throughout the night, checking in with one-guard posts and providing backup if there’s an incident. Whatever method you choose, remember the guard’s first task is to fulfill his or her duties. The burden of proving his or her every step shouldn’t become so intrusive that it defeats the purpose of being there in the first place.

You trust security personnel to protect your employees and property, so you want to make sure they’re doing their job well. The procedures and technologies listed above allow you to monitor their activities while maintaining a sense of respect for their professionalism. To hire guards from one of California’s best security guard companies, Hayward businesses should contact the security experts at ADS Guards. No matter what your specific security needs, we have the experienced staff to serve you. Call us today at 1-800-794-1550.