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Reducing Your Home’s Risk of Break-Ins

One of the biggest fears many homeowners have is a break-in, which can occur when they least expect it. Whether the perpetrators want to steal valuables or merely cause trouble, the thought of having your home invaded can be really frightening. Luckily, ADS Guards, a leading private Bay Area security guard company, has some simple tips you can follow to help keep your home safe from break-ins.

Make It Unappealing

Generally, intruders want to get in and out of a home quickly and without being noticed. Making it difficult to gain access to your home can be a huge deterrent for burglars. Make sure all doors are solid steel or wood so they are tougher to kick in, ensure all locks are up to date, and it is a good idea to keep all windows locked. Also, by keeping shrubs trimmed low and having motion lights, thieves may be discouraged from even coming in the yard because they are too easy to spot.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight

Make sure not to advertise the possessions in your home to potential intruders. Close your curtains or blinds so thieves can’t look in the window to see if there is anything worth taking. Likewise, keep all boxes of recently purchased items inside the house or in the garage until trash day.

Have Someone Keep an Eye on Things

Signs people are away from home such as stuffed mailboxes, the lack of lights on inside, or grass needing to be cut are what burglars look for to identify homes where no one is present to notice them. If you’ll be gone, ask a friend or family members to come by and collect your mail and leave the car in the driveway for a few minutes. Having lighting systems on timers inside the house is also a good idea.

Get an Alarm System

These days, alarm systems come designed to fit all lifestyles and budgets, which makes it easier to find the right one for your home. In a pinch, use the lawn signs from a home security company even if you can’t actually afford protection, as even the sign can be a great deterrent.

ADS Guards takes pride in keeping our clients safe. If you are interested in security patrol in the Bay Area, call us today at 1-800-794-1550 to request a free quote.