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Preventing Credit Card Fraud When on Vacation

If you plan to travel, there are certain precautions you should take to prevent credit or debit card fraud. The staff at ADS Guards, a leading Hayward security guard company, has a few suggestions to help keep your information safe when on vacation.

Look Out for Fake ATMs

Clever thieves who frequent popular tourist destinations have managed to find ways to create fake ATMs for committing debit card fraud. These fake ATMs are often fitted on top of real ATMs and feature skimmers that capture your debit card number for fraudulent use. To spot a fake ATM, look for broken locks, open side panels, and machines that are not firmly secured in place.

Keep Track of Your Accounts Online

It is especially important to regularly check your credit card accounts online when you are on vacation. Your credit card information may have been obtained without your knowledge, and you will be able to quickly spot unauthorized purchases if you check your accounts frequently with your mobile device. If you notice any suspicious activity, call your credit card company immediately to report the situation.

Beware of Telephone Scams

You might receive a phone call in your hotel room from someone claiming to work at the front desk. This person may state there was a problem with processing your credit card and ask you to verify your card’s information again over the phone. If this happens, the person on the other end is likely a scammer. Hang up and go down to the front desk yourself to see if the call was legitimate. 

Securely Store Your Credit Cards

On the days you do not plan to use your credit cards, it is best to leave them in a secured location. Lock your credit cards up in your hotel room’s safe. If the room you are staying in does not have a safe, you may be able to have your cards locked inside the hotel’s safe.

For additional tips to keep your personal information protected, reach out to the security experts at ADS Guards. We offer residential and commercial security in Hayward, as well as security for special events. For more information, call 1-800-794-1550 to speak with one of our qualified representatives.