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How Can Phishing Be Avoided?

Phishing is a means of gaining your personal information. It can be something as relatively harmless as your phone number, which can then be sold en masse with thousands of other phone numbers to telemarketing agencies, or something as damaging as your credit card number or other financial information. Here are a few ways you can avoid being phished, brought to you by ADS Guards, a leading security guard agency in Hayward

Be Careful on Craigslist

Craigslist has come a long way in boosting their security and protecting your personal information, but there are still ways for phishers to convince you to give it to them. If you post something on Craigslist and get an email asking if the item is still available (with no mention as to what the item is) and asking you to respond to a different email address, you are most likely being phished. Another popular Craigslist scam involves a person from another country claiming they have money for you, but want to have the item shipped and process the payment through a wire transfer to your bank account.

Never Respond to Suspicious Links Sent Via Email

Once phishers have your email address, they can create fake websites that are very similar to reputable websites that might legitimately ask for your personal information. When you get an email from your bank or other institution, always go to their website through your browser to see if the information is legitimate rather than clicking on links sent to you. Report suspicious activity to your email provider immediately.

Shred Personal Documents

Some phishers are looking for personal information that won’t necessarily harm you, while others are looking for details that could bring them financial gain at your expense, and therefore will go to greater lengths to get it. Often phishers will gather seemingly harmless information about you as a means of gaining your trust to get more sensitive information. This includes your address or phone number, which can often be found on bills, receipts, and invoices. Make sure you shred these documents before throwing them out.

Reporting phishing scams will not only help protect you, but help protect others as well. Another way to keep yourself, your business, and your property protected is by hiring a professional security guard. ADS Guards has been providing the Bay Area with residential and commercial security services for nearly 20 years. Give us a call today at 1-800-794-1550 to learn more and to receive a free quote.