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How Can You Avoid Credit Card Skimming?

New advancements in scamming technology have made it easier for your private financial data to end up in the hands of the wrong people. Skimmers can grab the data from your credit card by using the magnetic stripe, and they can do so without ever having to touch your card. The Bay Area security experts at ADS Guards want to share a few tips on how you can avoid becoming a victim of credit card skimming.

These malicious card readers are usually difficult to notice at first glance and are notoriously being used at ATM machines. Many criminals prefer to install them in ATMs located in rural settings because they receive less foot traffic. Always check the condition of the ATM you are about to use, and look for any loose parts that may indicate the machine has been tampered with. When entering your PIN, it is best practice to shield the keypad with your other hand in case there is a hidden card skimmer camera. You can never be too safe.

Although credit card skimmers are most prominently used in ATMs, they can be installed in any card-reading device, including those found on gas station pumps. If something looks out of place or the card reader and setup looks different than the ones on the surrounding pumps, play it safe and trust your instincts. If you have a debit card, run it through as credit to avoid having to enter your PIN number. Much like with ATMs, this can prevent your information from being picked up by a hidden camera. Consider purchasing gas with cash to ensure you’re not being taken advantage of by a skimming device.

Even if you take all of the possible precautions you can, you can still have your information stolen. Banks generally have strong systems in place to detect any possible sign of fraud and will notify you if any suspicious activity arises. By being proactive and responding immediately, you can play a key role in stopping these attacks before they affect you.

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