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5 Ways to Deter Vandals from Your Home

Residents have to spend millions of dollars on repairs each year because of home vandalism incidents. The Hayward security experts at ADS Guards understand how frustrating this situation can be. Here are 5 steps you can take to prevent vandalism from occurring to your home.

1. Request Assistance from Neighbors

One way you can try to deter vandals is to ask neighbors to watch your house when you are gone. You can ask them to patrol around the house every few hours and look for strange activities. Vandals are highly unlikely to attack a home if someone is standing guard.

2. Install Cameras and Alarms

Many homeowners install surveillance cameras so they can at least attempt to prosecute people who vandalize their homes. Surveillance cameras can catch and record activity that goes on while you are away. High-tech alarms are even better because they can scare vandals away before they have the chance to vandalize. 

3. Get a Dog

Keeping a dog in the yard may help deter people from causing damage to your home. Large, aggressive dogs with loud growls usually work for stopping vandalism because the vandals do not want to risk being attacked. 

4. Leave Television and Lights On

Another idea for preventing vandalism is leaving the television and inside lights on. The trick makes vandals think someone is home, which may stop them from attempting to vandalize. Not many people will risk getting in trouble if they think someone is in the home.

5. Hire a Private Security Guard

Finally, private armed or unarmed security guards can keep a tight watch on a property when no one is home. Security can stand guard and make mischievous people leave if need be. Residents of the Bay Area can contact their local security business to request assistance with monitoring the premises and preventing vandalism from occurring.

Though there is no foolproof way to deter vandals, taking a few extra measures can go a long way toward keeping your home and family safe. If you have questions about finding residential security services for your community, contact ADS Guards at 1-800-794-1550. We look forward to hearing from you.