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4 Ways to Protect Yourself in a Large Crowd

From block parties and concerts to parades and other celebrations, many events tend to draw large crowds. By the time January rolls around, the busy convention season gets started across California, and these events also attract a lot of people. Some people enjoy crowds, while others tend to avoid them because they do not feel too comfortable in large gatherings. Whatever personal feelings one may have about crowds, the fact remains that they can be risky for anyone. Staying safe in a large crowd boils down to the following principles.

1. Think About Security

Over the last couple of years, American activists have become more organized and dynamic, which means they are more prone to staging protests in public. Companies that are more prone to be targeted by protesters should think about the potential security risks and issues that may arise from public demonstrations near their offices and establishments. When protesters see uniformed security guards posted at commercial establishments, they often think twice before becoming agitated, resorting to vandalism, or confronting employees. Security officers in Hayward can defuse hostilities and protect company staff as they enter and leave the building. 

2. Practice Regional and Situational Awareness

Being in an unfamiliar place is always risky, particularly when it is filled with many people. Situational awareness involves becoming familiar with the surroundings and identifying evacuation routes as well as places that can serve as rendezvous points in case of disturbances, riots, or other emergencies. The thought process behind choosing these routes and places should be strategic. If a large gathering forms at the foot of Russian Hill in San Francisco, it would not make sense to try to run up the steep incline to safety. Situational awareness also involves knowing the quickest routes to emergency rooms and police stations. 

3. Pack Only the Basics

Petty criminals are known to operate amidst large crowds, which they see as ideal situations to ply their nefarious trade. To avoid being targeted by pickpockets, individuals should carry only essential items packed inside ankle pouches or small backpacks that would be difficult for others to reach inside. Examples of essentials include: photo ID, debit card, cash, prescription medications, important telephone numbers written on paper, and a feature phone instead of a fancy smartphone.

4. Plan the Day Ahead

It is important to work out a detailed plan that focuses on events such as arrival, departure, evacuation routes, meals, hydration, checking in with others, and identifying where law enforcement, Hayward armed security guards, and first responders may be posted. Risk factors should be acknowledged, and a worst-case scenario should be contemplated along with the proper actions that should be taken when things go wrong. Above all, the plan should include letting others know about your schedules and whereabouts.

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