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How to Prevent Trespassing

Not a week goes by in the Bay Area without local news outlets reporting on trespassing incidents. In late July, a federal judge in San Francisco held a hearing on a lawsuit filed against the developers of the mobile game Pokémon Go. The plaintiffs claimed players looking to catch digital creatures with their smartphones were trespassing on their property. Most trespassing Pokémon Go players do not have ill intent since they are simply playing an amusing game. However, these situations could result in issues of liability or property damage. Generally, individuals may trespass if they do not see any obstacles in their way. To minimize trespassing on your private or commercial property, take the following steps.

Install a Surveillance System

Video surveillance cameras and motion detectors can alert you to the presence of individuals who may want to trespass, particularly when they are actively monitored by a trained patrol guard. Hayward business owners and homeowners should post signs that indicate the presence of surveillance equipment because they tend to be more effective than posting warning signs that simply tell people to stay away from private property. The advantage of modern surveillance systems is that they can also be connected to smart home automation hubs so you can be alerted of incidents by means of smartphone notifications.

Hire a Professional Security Guard

Nothing dissuades would-be trespassers more than the sight of security guards standing their post or patrolling the property. Thrill-seekers, pranksters, activists, and criminals know better than to breach a guarded property. Another advantage of security guards is that they also deter the most sophisticated thieves, the type who carefully plan heists that go undetected. Hayward body guards can also be trained to interact courteously with people who are curious about what takes place within private property. 

Build a Tall Fence

Trespassers are less likely to breach private property if they encounter obstacles that are difficult to surmount. At the Mineta San Jose International Airport in Silicon Valley, security officials have determined the six-foot fences recommended by the Federal Aviation Administration were not sufficient in keeping trespassers out, and thus they upgraded their perimeter security with new fencing that stands 11 feet high and is capped with barbed wire.

Establish a Public Relations Program

If you have a problem with news journalists and photographers trespassing for the purpose of getting a scoop and beating each other to the deadline, your best bet may be to establish a public relations program that addresses concerns from the media. For the most part, journalists and photographers do not enjoy working the paparazzi beat. They prefer to get media releases, notifications, and invitations to press conferences. Business owners whose companies are often in the media spotlight stand to benefit the most from sensible and proactive PR programs. If you treat journalists well, they may even notify you and law enforcement about trespassing risks and incidents.

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