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Important Emergency Contacts Everyone Should Have

When preparing for potential emergencies, it is incredibly important to have several people you can reach out to for help when you need it most. Aside from any private security you might have to assist you, here is a list of people you should be able to contact in a crisis situation.


A family member is, in most cases, a necessity to have on your emergency list. Your family will have the ability to verify your information or meet needs that may arise in many situations. Additionally, making sure someone in your family is reachable in the event of an urgent situation allows your relatives to focus on your problem rather than worrying when you suddenly drop off their radar.


A close, trustworthy friend is an excellent contact as well, especially if you live far away from your family. Having someone to act as a liaison between your family and whoever is watching over you in your time of need is priceless. Also, a friend can likely help take care of any tasks you may have while in trouble such as moving vehicles or taking care of pets.


Spouses are arguably the most important choice when selecting your emergency contacts. Thanks to certain legal rights afforded to husbands and wives, they can be even more helpful in dealing with medical problems or legal issues than other people in your life. They are also allowed more access to you in many situations.


Finally, a lawyer is a crucial emergency contact, specifically for legal issues. Whether you are at fault or not in your particular mishap, having a lawyer available to help as soon as possible allows you aid in a situation other people may have little idea about.

Though these are all great contacts to have on hand, depending on your needs you may also want to add armed security to that list. A security company can help protect your business or residential property in the event of an emergency.

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