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5 Pieces of Equipment That Are Crucial for Security Guards

The duties of a security guard in Hayward cannot be properly carried out without the right equipment. When professional security guards are assigned to their posts, they are equipped with the gear they need to perform their jobs effectively. The equipment they wear and carry depends on the environment, mission, and risk assessment. Similar to soldiers and police officers, security guards often rely on their equipment to provide protection, investigate situations, and stay safe. Here are five important pieces of gear security guard professionals often carry, wear, and utilize.

1. GPS Tracking Device

These are personal devices that may or may not work in conjunction with smartphones. They are small, discreet, and often carried by security guards assigned to riskier posts where they are expected to work by themselves. Should a guard get into a situation whereby he or she is not able to communicate and seems to be in danger, the tracking device could determine the outcome of the situation. These devices are also used to monitor several guards who are expected to conduct crowd control situations at concerts, conferences, and other major gatherings.

2. Tactical Uniform

The uniform is not supposed to make the security guard. It is designed to help the guard carry out his or her job. In this case, “tactical” means the uniform corresponds to a plan. In a corporate building, guards may wear uniforms that resemble office attire. A guard providing construction site security in Hayward might have to wear a hard hat and utility uniform. Adequate footwear is crucial to getting the job done. Shoes must always be comfortable enough to withstand long periods of standing and walking, and they must also allow guards to sprint if the need arises. 

3. Smartphone 

Although two-way radios will probably never be fully replaced by mobile devices, smartphones are increasingly being used for security guard communications as well as for other functions. One of the advantages of using smartphones for security work is that they can also replace the need for guards to carry digital cameras and notepads. However, these two items may still be included in a guard’s kit. To this effect, rugged Motorola smartphones manufactured for the security industry feature push-to-talk technology and special apps. 

4. Flashlight

Smartphones can serve as illumination devices in some situations, but their range is limited. A sturdy flashlight can come in handy not only for investigations and mobility but also as a weapon, and not necessarily in the blunt object sense. A powerful flashlight has the power to temporarily blind an attacker lurking in the shadows, and it may dissuade sophisticated intruders wearing night vision optics.

5. Sidearm

This is the one piece of equipment most guards providing private armed security in Hayward hope they never have to use. In some cases, it may be a semiautomatic pistol, a revolver, or a shotgun. All sidearms require extensive training before they can be carried.

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