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5 Ways to Improve Healthcare Security

Hospitals, doctors’ offices, and even administrative buildings are constantly looking for ways to improve upon security. Securing a healthcare facility must address a wide array of challenges, including protecting employees and clients, improving loss prevention, and safeguarding sensitive electronic information such as client medical records. Here are five ways a healthcare facility can strengthen security efforts.

1. On-Site Security

Perhaps the most obvious action a facility can take to improve security is to hire a Bay Area security company to provide on-site security guards. The physical presence of security guards can deter criminals, and security guards can intervene during conflicts, conduct regular walk-throughs, and assist during an emergency.

2. Video Monitoring/Recording

Another important measure healthcare facilities can take to increase security is to have a video monitoring/recording system in place. This will allow facilities to monitor the majority of their complexes using minimal resources. Video footage can also help during any kind of investigation or disagreement.

3. Access Control System

Installing an access control system that requires staff members to slide an I.D. card in order to gain entry to sensitive areas like medication rooms and client record rooms can help keep sensitive information out of the wrong hands. This would also provide a digital record of who, when, and what sensitive areas are accessed.

4. Document Shredding

Document shredding is a time-tested way to increase security at healthcare facilities. It might sound old-fashioned, but it works. By shredding old patient records, doctor’s notes, and even things like work orders, a facility can make it difficult for criminals to obtain sensitive information.

5. Computer Network Protection Software

By installing the latest network and protection software, facilities can monitor and safeguard computer networks. Programs like this will make it easier for facilities to defend against hacking and cyber-attacks.

These are just some ways healthcare facilities can improve and increase security. A secure facility makes for a positive and more productive work environment and increases client satisfaction. For more information on trained security guards in the Bay Area, reach out to ADS Guards at 1-800-794-1550. We’ve been a leading provider security guards for professional buildings and private events for over two decades.