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4 Ways to Improve Security Guard Services

Although Bay Area security guards can eliminate a threat by simply being visible, business owners, event managers, and HOA’s want to ensure they’re getting the most from their security guard services. Consider the following 4 tips to improve your current guard services.

1. Double check guard qualifications. While the security guard company will verify the qualifications of their employees, you will also want to be sure they are providing you with security guards who are experienced in the type of security you need. Do not be afraid to ask questions of both the service provider and the potential guards.

2. Review security guard training and supervision. Ensure the security guards working for you have been properly trained and have a full understanding of their duties as they pertain to your specific business. You’ll also want to review how guards are supervised. If a security guard contractor provides inadequate training or supervision, chances are security guards will provide inadequate services.  

3. Evaluate your security guard services. Take time to review your contract, performance evaluations, security guard notes taken on duty, and anything else that can give you a broad look at how the security guards are performing and areas needing attention. Also, show up at times when you are least expected to see how guards perform when you’re not present. It’s also a good time to make sure security guards understand their current responsibilities.

4. Meet with the Contractor. Make it a point to regularly meet with your Bay Area security guard contractor whether on the phone or in person. Use these meetings to provide feedback, revise current policies and procedures, amend current duties, or address any changes in your security needs.

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