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The Importance of Incident Reports

For those companies using a professional Bay Area security guard company, one of the major benefits is having security staff that is able to compose high-quality incident reports. These documents are written in a consistent, professional format and are always available to the company for use or review.

When are Incident Reports Useful to Businesses?

When a business is part of an investigation or litigation as the result of a robbery or other disaster, the recall of eye-witnesses alone may not be enough. Human memory is profoundly flawed, even at the best of times. In high-pressure situations, memory becomes even worse. A document completed by a professional and trained security guard immediately following an incident can be an invaluable source of information in the weeks or months that follow an emergency or disaster situation.

Incident reports are not only for large-scale incidents or disasters. They can also be used to track minor occurrences, including petty theft or repeated vandalism. They may be the best means by which to discover patterns or to build a case against pilfering employees or suspected robbers that are frequenting a business location or construction site after dark. The authorities can even use them to clarify investigations or as potential testimony in cases.

Why use Professional Reports?

Reports written in standard format with clear and consistent language and focus are excellent tools. Professional incident reports differ from notes generated by regular company staff in that they contain useful information, written by those who are trained to hone in on important details. These reports are frequently more concise, more direct, and written with greater care and attention to detail.

At ADS Guards, we train all of our security guards in professional techniques, including how and when to generate incident reports. These reports offer our clients the maximum degree of usability and pertinent detail, and can provide additional peace of mind. To learn more about our security services, contact us at 1-800-794-1500. We proudly provide armed and unarmed security guard services in Oakland, Hayward, Fremont and throughout the Bay Area.