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Reasons for Increasing Private Security in Bay Area Communities

Since a depleted police force can no longer keep up with the rate of crime sweeping through the Bay Area, private security is becoming a popular alternative. Middle and upper class residents alike are investigating private security options for their neighborhoods, frequently pooling their money together to hire Bay Area residential security guards. Residents of these small communities say they feel more at ease knowing that there is extra protection patrolling their neighborhoods for the following reasons.

Deters Crime

Private security companies do not replace police officers, but they can deter crime in residential neighborhoods. The marked security vehicles that private security guards use often scare off intruders before they attempt any crime. The mere presence of security guards patrolling an area several times a day also serves as a deterrent, as criminals realize that there are few to no opportunities to commit robberies or other crimes unnoticed.

Offers Extra Assistance

If robbers or delinquents are not deterred by the presence of security guards and attempt to commit a crime, these highly trained security guards can ensure they are not successful. Security guards are qualified to detain, question, and pat-down criminals until police arrive.

Provides Peace of Mind

The goal of hiring private security guards is to help a neighborhood be as safe as possible. Instead of being victims, residents in the Bay Area have been proactive by hiring highly trained security guards to ensure their safety and that of their neighbors. Having security guards keeping an eye out for crime in residential areas means that citizens feel safe and secure in their homes.

With the crime rate rising and police population dwindling, safety is a growing issue in residential and commercial developments, but by hiring Bay Area security guards, these neighborhoods will remain safe and secure. Give us a call at 1-800-794-1550 to learn more about how private security through ADS Guards can protect your business or to ask about a free estimate.