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4 Benefits of Marked Patrol Cars for Security

If you need security for an office building that you manage, a construction site, or even your homeowner’s association (HOA), have you considered the power of a marked patrol car? Security companies such as ADS Guards offer on-site Bay Area security guards, as well as marked patrol cars which can monitor the area your building or location frequently to maximize safety. Here are some of the additional benefits of unmarked patrol cars:

  1. Authority – There is a certain level of authority that having a marked patrol car brings that can’t be matched. It gives sense of authority and professionalism, and oftentimes, when people are under this impression, they are more likely to respect the security personnel and the property being patrolled.
  2. Deterrence – Having a marked security car is an excellent crime deterrent. For instance, criminals casing homes are likely to skip over homes in communities that are known to be patrolled by a marked security car. The same concept applies to office buildings or managed parking structures. The presence of a regular patrol car can help to minimize the number of break-ins and crime simply because criminals do not want to risk getting caught.
  3. Happy Customers – If you own a store or manage a professional location, your customers will be happy to see that you take security seriously. This is especially important for locations which are involved in the sales of expensive merchandise. Customers are usually pleased to see a marked patrol car, providing an additional sense of safety which can help to put them at ease. In some cases, shoppers may even favor your location if they know it is safe.
  4. Peace of Mind – When hiring a regular security patrol in Hayward from ADS Guards, you can rest assured that your property is being watched over by trained and experienced security professionals. You can rest assured that any security issues or disputes will be taken care of in a professional manner and that the area as well as clients or residents are safe.

To learn more about security guard services in the Bay Area, reach out to ADS Guards. We serve Hayward, Fremont, San Jose and more and can help protect you, your property and your clients. For more information about our training procedures, click here and call us at 1-800-794-1550 if you would like to learn about our security services and pricing.